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  1. Update: Intel Pentium III 1.4GHz/512-S Are Sold. All Mushkin Memory are Sold. However, I may have more forsale as I'm upgrading most of the workstations. Just Email me if you're interresting in any of the parts. Thanks Lexu8
  2. I've got a few Mint as new Motherboards and a few other items forsale! All Items are as new and tested to make sure all functions are works. Originally, these are back up parts that I bought for my workstations with Pentium IIIs Base. ASUS TUSL2's a full version Pentium IIIs with onboard Audio & VGA Video. (Please Note that, this is NOT a Cheap TUSL2-Cs version But a full and more expensiver TUSL2 Version.) ASUS TUV4X's also a P-IIIs/Celeron Universal Board. Both are tested with Pentium III-S Tualatin 1.4GHz/512/133 & 1.26GHz/512/133. Both, TUSL2 & TUV4X are still under ASUS USA Warranty. Iwill DVD266u-RN Dual or Single Pentium IIIs also forsale! I tested the DVD266u-RN with 2x1.26GHz/512/133 with 2x512MB Mushkin PC-2700 to confirm the fuinctions. I also got a few Mushkin High Performance PC-133 CAS 2-2-2 Memory, Afew Crucial PC-133 Cas 2 & Cas 2.5. etc etc. It time to Upgrade my workstations to Pentium IVs base and I want to sell these spare-back-up parts out! ASUS TUSL2 Mint,Tested for $100.00 Shipped. ASUS TUV4X Mint, Tested for $90.00 shipped. Iwill DVD266u-RN Dual P-IIIs Mint, Tested for $135.00 shipped. Intel Pentium III-S 1.26GHz/512/133 With Original Heatsink/fan for $115.00 shipped.(I've got 2 of each!) Intel Pentium III-S 1.4GHz/512/133 With Original Heatsink/Fan for $145.00 Each(I've got 2 of each!) Mushkin High Performance 256MB PC-133 Cas 2 @ $55.00 Each (I've got 4 Sticks) Crucial 512MB PC-133 Cas 2 @ $75.00 Each, 256MB PC-133 Cas 2 @ $45.00 Each. ***Please Note! I only Sell and Ship to the US Address Only. Sorry, I will NOT ship outside the USA.*** *** I accepting VISA, Master Card, Discover Card Through Paypal. For your Security and mine, Paypal's the only Payment method accepted. *** I may take Personal Check or USPS Money Order but Please email me first. My Email addresses & Paypal ID. Uanon@yahoo.com or Lex.ua@comcast.net Please email me if you're interesting in any item above! Make me an offer!
  3. But, have you look at the LBA #?
  4. Excellent tool. Thank you. I guess WD is a little better overall. I've always had maxtors (about 6- 7 years) and never had ANY problems. However I remember people having problems with WD, but that was about 5 years ago, when drives were 1.6GB. How about now? I've heard they all are offering only 1yr warranty. Wonder why.. All WD JBs are 3 years warranty and yes that including those WD800JBs 80GB 8MB. :wink:
  5. lexu8

    IBM 8MB 120GB model.

    I bought 4 of them from Newegg.com on Wednesday Morning and just received the package today. As far as the cost goes, I think $141.00 shipped is a very good deal that's why I bought 4 of them to try them out eventhough I do not like IBM ( got burnt by 75GXP & 60GXP's very bad! :evil: ) With 8MB Cache and 3 years warranty just like WD JBs :wink: We're at less got another brand to try beside WD JBs and Mator Ultra series with 8MB Cache. They're a little faster than WD 1200JBs and much quieter. Well, I only installed 2 of the 4 drives right now and very surprise that they're about as fast as the big brother 180GB 180GXP but run a little cooler. I've not bench and compare between the 120GB/8MB & 180GB/8MB But since the smaller one use the same 60GB/Platter that's should get very similar performance. :roll:
  6. lexu8

    Which 80GB ide drive

    From what I've read, there are two main choices: Maxtor 6Y080P0 or Western Digital 800JB. The Maxtor drive benches a little faster, but the WD has a 3 year warranty(Maxtor has 1 year warranty). Personally, I went with the 800JB. Could someone confirm this Please! On the Maxtor's Box said 3 Years Warranty and some said it's 1 years warranty? Which's correct? Though I'm using mostly Western Digital JBs and some Maxtors with 8 MB Cache and some are IBM 180GXPs. I know I've got 3 years warranty on those WD JBs & IBM 180GXP 180GB, But what about Maxtor :?: I Read most of the posted here on SR. and I still confused about Maxtor's warranty and model's line up. :evil: I called Maxtor's and even them gave me difference answers from difference person whom ever answer the phone. Now that's real confusing???
  7. lexu8

    Hitachi Deskstar

    I Finally received the last 4 60GXP RMAed Replacement From IBM/Hitachi today after a very long waiting. I thought, I'll never gonna get these drives from Hitachi since I sended in when it was IBM in December 2002 :roll: Yes, since the last part of December 2002 :!: To my very surprised and wonder, Hitachi sended me 4 Brand New Drives with Hitachi name on it say, "Hitachi Deskstar" 3 are 120GXP and 1 is 180GXP Brand new! This's the first ever from IBM/Hitachi 8) May be, just may be... Hitachi will try to be a player on the market after all??? Time will tell :!: Yes, it's Now Hitachi Deskstar Brand.
  8. lexu8

    Network question

    judgmentday, Sorry, I mis-read your post my mistake! I thought your're asking the other way around. Didn't read all the detail. :? Hope you've got problem fixed :?:
  9. lexu8

    Network question

    It might have something to do with: Your Computer 1 With Wins XP Pro and formatted in NTFS??? Your Computer 2 with Wins 98 formatted with FAT32? If so, that's the problems, Wins 98 or Me can not read NTFS that's why your computer 2 can't see your #1. :wink:
  10. honold, I think it's 3Ware 7000+2 you're using that's problems! I've got a few of those WD2000JBs but none look anything like that. Can you get and try a cheap Highpoint PCI Raid card and try again just to compare? I did have problems with my last 3Ware/WD800JBs awhile back and that the last time I Use 3 ware. Surprisingly though, High Point HPT374 IDE RAID card did much, much better on Western Digital JBs 8) ( or some of their Rocket Raid cards!) Take a look at some posted by "Giggy" I think he's finally found out that Highpoint PCI Raid card/ WD JBs works beautifully together :wink:
  11. lexu8

    Bizarre cable internet problem

    Sivar, Have you try get the tech to check if your cable's properly grounded? I've very similar problems at my house when I first got Cable modem a few years ago. it took 4 weeks to found out this very small thing. It's Sometime it was working fine and then it just went off with no reason! The signal light flashing, one light then two light then all light flashing none stop. Called AT&T/Excite Tech supports and they sended the tech to my house many time, each time they came Cable modem will works??? well for a few hours and then it stop again! :evil: Called again and upper level supports can't find any problem with signal??? Well, I was gonna cancel Cable modem and cable TV Both and the Cable TV's guy came by to pick up the digital box and then he said, I've got signal feedback from my cable??? :roll: Anyway, he went out and check with the main box, came back with a big mettal rod and grounded my cable! Wow, what a difference! My TV's pictures look a lot better, my cable Modem lit up and never have any problem since!( Well,untill AT&T / Excite broke up!) Just some thought! You may have the same problems and it may works for you. If you call again and ask someone to check if your cable, Cable TV & Cable modem's properly grounded? :?: It might help! Another thing is, at cable's main box some where... as per Cable TV's guy once told me that, it was loose at the main spritter? Hope this help and good luck.
  12. No, you will not going to see full 180GB, You'll only gonna see 167GB from WD1800JBs :wink:
  13. lexu8

    Bizarre cable internet problem

    DSL Cost more if you request higher speed, if yes if you ever gonna to get any higher speed as they advertised. :twisted: $39.95 per month for Cable with no limit speed :wink: $69.99 Per month for DSL With 600Kb/S or around 40KB/S Download speed. $89.99 for Gold package that they claim 1Mb/S, $149.99/Month for 1.5Mb/S :evil: You'll never get any where near that from the good Ole Telephone line. A friend just canceled his "Gold" package connection which he never get anything better than 40KB To 50KB/S Download. He could not get Cable Modem because Cable's not aviable at his new house. well, at less not right now. Here is Seattle, Washington area where cable modem are getting bigger and bigger everyday, DSL is soon will be History. None of my business associate that I know off still using DSL, they are all switched to Cable!
  14. lexu8

    Bizarre cable internet problem

    I strongly Disagree on these. Cable are far beter and faster than DSL. I'd have use them both and now only Cable Modem for both at works and home. I used to get any where from 5MB/S to 6Mb/S download when It was Excite or @Home.com but when AT&T Took over, download speed dropped to 1.5Mb/S, that's about 250 to 300KB/S in the real world! Still far better than DSL 650Mb/S to 1Mb/S, in real world DSL Download you would be lucky to get 50KB/S! I've try both Microsoft/Quest and Verizon DSL for business use and ended up with Cable Modem.) Now, AT&T/Comcast Download speed are up their connection and Download speed to 3Mb/S and I get better than 400KB/S Download speed for both Home and office 8) DSL still uses Phone line to carry wideband broadband and No way DSL Telephone line will ever do better than Cable modem. 1 1/2 Years with DSL is a long time, Too slow download & connection, too long for me and my works. Thanks to Cable Modem, My download speed are far faster. :wink:
  15. WoW! It's look like it big & got enought cooling to cool my S Class