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  1. Hi everyone! I am a long time reader of the forum, this is the first time i have really needed to post here. I touched a molex pin plugged backwards on my Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003. I have found a replacement PCB of the same serial number, my disk is , PCB no. 100687658 REV C, i have found the same number REV B. Is it possible to change the new REV B circuit board to fit my hdd? I'd have to change the hdd bios around, what other steps are necessary, i.e. how do i update firmware?
  2. Thanks Brian. I found a precise 1 to 1 match for the PCB, from hdd-parts.com. The pc is some kind of crazy confabulation, It's a workstation and all the usb and monitor cables go through a hole in wall to the table next door, so to check HDD's i have to walk into other room and crouch next to wall...it was early in morning and 2 HDD's were missing upon reboot, i think a flash drive on usb was blocking them from BIOS, i missed it. both disks are on same power cable so i checked the molexes and SATA cables 5-7 times, crouching and walking back to fiddle with BIOS settings and being dizzy and frustrated at 7.30 AM. I plugged in the molex that i had disconnected, and the PC was on, except it's become low noise lately! DAM.... the molex Y connector has no protection from touching pins if you try to plug molex backwards, so i figure i touched 12v to 5v pin and ground to ground for a millisecond, the pc switched off, drives are silent. backup and main drive. I will check the TVS diodes on the drive for over voltage with a multimeter. I have 40 days since last backup of my flying game with finely tuned physics programming and 40 3d geodes and crystals 3d files for making procedural things with. my game lol
  3. I have had the same problem sometime, on a Samsung sp1604n. I have run disc checking utilities included the manufacturers enhanced one, and the disc testifying with most extensive tests. I have tried a new IDE cable. The problem always occurs in the form of a partial or complete file index corruption. Last time that it happened in the 100GB partition was out for a month. I couldn't find any way of retrieving any of the data. It has happened about six times now. It always happens when my copy over large volumes of data. Usually it's just one folder with ex-amounted of gigabytes and subfolders. It's never really one file or another. Check disc always garbled half the data, as if it was re-assimilated from a fragmented partition any data gets mixed in with audio or video or databases. The NVIDIA nf7 might be partly responsible, I don't know. It's definitely something to do with the way the Samsung drive works. It's crap. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've already tried a new IDE cable. Badly typed by carpal tunnel syndrome doody