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  1. It is difficult to really benchmark complicated arrays with regular utilities and many times they show results that are wildly different as in this case. HDTech graph seems in line with the drive speed as tasted on storagereview. Judging by the decay of the graph, it seems to me that HDTech is NOT influenced by the RAID cache. ATTO on the other hand shows ridiculously high numbers indicating the cache is working just about right. Increasing the total length to 32MB, and queue depth to 10 might go beyond the cache and show how the drive itself is performing.
  2. cesmadj

    SCSI vs SATA?

    A SATA drive will not load CPU much, probably on par with SCSI. If you get a C2Duo based system (or Quad core even better), than CPU usage by HDDs becomes a non issue. If you need added insurance about SATA reliability get drives marketed as “Near-line storage†like the WD RE2 WD5000YS. You might want to read this article on the topic http://www.storagereview.com/500.sr Prices of SATA drives in the 500GB range are so low that you might also want to consider running two of them in a RAID1 mirror for the added safety. For a comparison of SATA to SCSI, read the article on the WD Raptor. http://www.storagereview.com/WD1500ADFD.sr The article is getting dated but will hopefully clarify some SATA vs. SCSI questions you might have. Finally, SCSI initialization and such adds seconds to the boot process, so a fast SATA drive will likely boot faster…
  3. cesmadj

    Mtron SSD

    I know you don't care , but I had a similar experience with a P3. However, there was a simple explanation. The guy used some form of Win2K lite... It’s might be a smart move for a workstation PC that only needs basic functionality without all the junk that windows puts in its registry and system folders.
  4. I'm more worried by their limited write/rewrite cycles. Putting a swap file on one would be unwise...
  5. cesmadj

    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    I think that you've confused "taboo" with "having figured out how non-useful it is." Well I will give you a quick and enlightening example. However, since I am also lazy this will be a non-scientific example. Set Photoshop to use drive X for scratch (empty 50GB partition at beginning of 2 drive software RAID0). 1. Open 120MB PSD file with ~30 layers. Run transform on 2 of them, Gaussian blur on 3 layers etc...¦ Record an action for all edits. 2. Reboot, run action on the same file and time the script. I got ~2min. 40sec. 3. Change Photoshop scratch to drive E (an almost empty 160GB drive). 4. Reboot, run same action on the same file and time the script. This time I got ~3min. 55sec. This is on a machine with 1 GB of RAM so Photoshop performance on large files is rather limited. Nevertheless, RAID0 DOES make it run Photoshop better. So stating that RAID0 is non-useful is simply untrue. I Don't have the time or wish to prove that RAID0 is useful in other scenarios as well. Wherever high STR is needed - like large game level loading etc, RAID0 will show improved performance and there is no doubt about it.
  6. cesmadj

    SCSI raid vs SATA raid

    Ah well, RAID0 is taboo here for a looong time. However, I have tried different RAID0 setups over the years and YES if properly setup they tend to shorten game level loading. I have not used RAID0 for gaming for a while, but I use it daily for scratch disk etc. and it does indeed speed thing up.
  7. cesmadj

    Time to chance a Laptop HDD?

    It really depends on what you use your laptop for and how fast is your current drive. The graph you posted shows an average read rate of ~22MB/s which is around half when compared to ~40MB/s of the new 7200 drives. However the fact that there is data on your drive might be skewing the benchmark numbers a bit so the difference in real life should not be that bad. If you have a newer 4200 drive then a jump to 7200 will make a very noticeable difference in subjective feel as well as boot/load times. If your machine has a 5400 rpm drive then the difference might not be that noticeable. If I were you and had the money I'd get a 7200 drive and my pick would be Hitachi TravelStar 7K100
  8. cesmadj

    Time to chance a Laptop HDD?

    If you want to feel a difference than get a 7200 rpm drive like the Hitachi TravelStar 7K100 or Seagate's Momentus 7200.1. On the other hand if you need more space then Seagate's Momentus 5400.3 is a fine choice and is one of the fastest 5400 rpm drives available. Here is a recent 2.5" drive review: http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/03/03/not...ope/page19.html
  9. cesmadj

    Gigabit Switch Recommendations

    Recently we got this switch Ether-GSH2402W at the office, so far so good… I got around 70MB/sec from the file server, but that is more likely the limit of it’s ageing RAID5, I bet the switch can do even better. The switch is not fully tested yet, however jambo frames, VLANs and a mini GBIC optical uplink work fine. The web interface is good and extensive, but you really have to know and understand a lot to configure every possible aspect of this device. Also, AFAIK most of the switches in this price range use the same parts and the only thing differentiating them is the interface and the brand name so I would not spend a lot of cash on a brand name or level 2 or 3 switches when you will never use its full feature set.
  10. Consider Samsung 244T. It has slightly better specifications than Dell 2405 like 6ms GtG. BTW, there is no such thing as too much desktop space so 2 x 24†monitors are always better then 1 (I use 2 x 24†Sony CRTs for DTP side by side).
  11. I'd buy the T7K250. It seems it's the best balancend drive of the 4 given choices.
  12. Put OS, apps and page file on the Raptor and buy a separate 7200 rpm data drive of your choice for data storage (see the leaderboard on the main site for your best options ). Yes you will be able to move the data drive to another system without trouble.
  13. cesmadj

    DVD backup - TDK Durabis

    DVD-RAM quality and life expectancy is far longer than any other type of DVD media. Also certification for the DVD-RAM logo is much stricter. Consider that media is certified to last over 100 years and 100.000 cycles. If configured properly the media also acts as floppy drive without the need of packet drivers (like Nero InCD).
  14. I have a server running off an older APC SmartUPS 1000. Since it is located at a place with very unstable power and long outages I thought about finding an add-on unit like Mad hatter suggested but could not find the part locally. As a solution a friend suggested I wire a high capacity dry car battery. Since it’s 12V it worked great. Now the server goes for about 6-7 hours on battery power. I think it used to dry out the original 1000Va battery in about 45 min. I’m not sure how long would it go with an original extension battery but most likely less… However, my knowledgeable friend warned me that the only drawback would be the fact that the car battery will take at least 24 hours to fully recharge when emptied by long power outages.
  15. cesmadj

    ok with all these reviews...

    I have a new Hitachi Deskstar T7K250. I can NOT hear it over some very quiet fans cooling the case and CPU. AFAIK, A WD Raptor will probably have higher idle noise than your other drive while seeking...