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    Seagate ES.2's and Areca ARC-1680

    i used to have problems with a 1220 with a WD5000AKS...swapped that drive out for a Samsung 501LJ and it hasn't given me any problems... i'm a bit worried as i'm moving the array to 1TB WDs this week...but hopefully it will be ok....
  2. gb115

    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    I've just bought 4 120 Gb Barracuda V's and not one of them is as silent as my 80 Gb Barracuda IV (in my view anyway). I've seen this opinion expressed afew times in this thread but people seem to have discounted it as faulty drives. I hope I haven't got 4 faulty drives. just to clarify, the noise when the drive spins up seems to be louder, with a louder whine while the drive is running (this is the noise I was hoping to cut down on). I estimate it as about twice as loud. given the distances that the noise dropped off at. I listened to all of these drives bare so maybe in the case they could possibly sound different??? I still doubt the 120Gb V is quiter than my 80Gb IV though. anyone else agree or have a view on this? P.S. I wish people would stop harping on about the rubbish performance etc. we can see the charts in the review. if you disagree with the review pipe up - if you just want to point out the obvious, shut up.
  3. gb115

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    seems a bit noisy this drive, was thinking about putting it in a Molex Silentdrive thinghy. hence... the temperature readouts seem a bit funny, as the power dissipation specs are really quite high, did they have these drives on some sort of active cooling? a 120 Gb IBM GXP quotes power dissipation at 6.2 Kw though the temperatures on the review come in a lot higher than the WDC's even though this has a power dissipation (IDLE of 7.25Kw) looks like if I want a quiet (ened) hard drive I'll have to go for an IBM + Silent Drive I'm not sure about the performance difference between that and a seagate - I heard those were really silent! though I have seen an aluminium hard drive enclosure with sound dampenign materials - I don't don't know if they're available in the uk though ( btw its not just ridiculous attention to detail the silentdrive specs state that they need a drive under 6.7kw power dissipation to function correctly. any thoughts on these things? alternatively I was going to butcher the silent drives and put Koolance water coolers in there as well G