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    Wireless Networking Advice

    The wireless network adapter installed into the laptop communicates with the wireless access point on the router. The router does the media conversion from 802.11(a/b/g) to ADSL and back again. It will also do media conversion from Ethernet to ADSL (allowing the PC to access the Internet) and from 802.11(a/b/g) to Ethernet (allowing the laptop to communicate with the PC through the router). This is completely invisible to the software running on the laptop and the PC, so you will not need to get a wireless card for the PC.
  2. rohan.beckles

    Partition Magic Sucks

    Sorry to hear about that, Frank. Like many other people, I have also used Partition Magic for years without problems (upgraded to PM 8.0, never used PM Pro) although maybe the latest versions are not up to scratch. As an aside, I've just had VMware 4.5.2 crash on me (running under Linux, with Win2K as a guest OS, on a real hard disc). It wiped it's partition table completely, even PM couldn't rescue it. Had to install Windows XP from fresh.
  3. rohan.beckles

    O&O Defrag, what the hell have they done?

    In my experience, defragging does make a difference. For me, it has been much more noticeable on file systems like FAT and FAT32. Extents-based filesystems like NTFS and Linux filesystems (ext2/3, XFS, JFS and ReiserFS) tend to keep fragmentation down to around 5% on average.