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  1. You can use IBM tool to manage the acoustic setting (AAM). Do a search for "IBM Feature Tool" in IBM site. The filename is: ibmftool-install.exe
  2. a bit out of topic: When you're using Partition Magic 8, use the DEFAULT cluster size for NTFS, or anything = 4096 or smaller. I tried 16k, and it keeps crashing within Windows XP.
  3. Don't know why you are so desparate to put your drive to the reliability database. It's probably only the site owner don't have time or forgot to put it up.
  4. LOL, I bet you have the DM9+ drive for less than 2 months huh....which I think will not benefit the reliability database much, since the short time doesn't tell much. I just got the DM9+ 80G drive a couple days ago too, pretty fast, on par with my WD800JB.
  5. BB88

    FAT32 vs NTFS on WD 80G SE

    Now that I have converted it back to FAT32. Will it be causing any problem/performance degration by all these conversion back and forth?
  6. BB88

    FAT32 vs NTFS on WD 80G SE

    What will be the best cluster size? Or it differes from systems?
  7. BB88

    FAT32 vs NTFS on WD 80G SE

    That's what I think too. I have defragged the drive. However, when I do a direct comparison in Sisoft to other drives/file system, mine is obviously slower than others when I'm using NTFS. When I use FAT32 to compare to other drives, my drive easily takes the lead, but in NTFS, I'm lagging by a great distance.
  8. I just convert one partition of my WD800JB from FAT32 to NTFS. I use Sisoft Sandra to run the File System Benchmark. To my surprise, the speed index drop from 35xxx to 24xxx. I'm using a SiS648 board: ASUS P4S8X. Does anyone has an explanation on this? Or did I do something wrong? Thanks
  9. ABIT: SR7-8X ASUS: P4S8X , A7V8X and A7N8X ECS: P4S7A, L4S7A MSI:
  10. but I don't know when it will go for retail.....shouldn't be long if it's here already.
  11. BB88

    Maxtor DX740

    Thanks. I only saw that SR said there are rumor about fluid bearing tends to generate more heat? Don't know if that's true.
  12. BB88

    Maxtor DX740

    The newest Maxtor DX740 series has 2 versions: 6L0x0J4 6L0x0L4. The "L" is with the Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motors. Did anyone ever compare the noise level, heat, and performance of the 2? Can you share your experience? Thanks