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    Invision vs vBulletin

    I've been looking at Simple Machines
  2. alanx

    What to look for in a flatscreen?
  3. alanx

    Wireless repeater?

    Ah. That look exactly like what they need. Since the other house is located in a 'known' direction, a "directional" signal booster would work just fine. Thx for the info.
  4. A friend has a Belkin 54g wireless router. The manual for this router claims "circular coverage of 250 feet or more". The router is located on a ground floor of a 2-story house and needs to stay there because of the wired connections in that area (cable + wired PCs). Their ex lives next door, which is roughly 300 feet across a small valley. In other words, there are no hills between the two houses. It would be nice if they could share the same internet connection. I have another friend who lives at a marina, and they say they are able to access a wireless signal by the use of a REPEATER. I know nothing about repeaters. Does anyone have experience with them. I'm looking for all pertinent info: cost, range, recommended brands, ect. The wireless router is curerently located on the OPPOSITE side of the house from the ex's house. I'm thinking if they put a repeater upstaris, nearest the ex's house, or even out on the porch, over-looking the small valley, that the ex might be able to receive a signal there. Both houses have notebooks which support the 54g protocol. Doable?
  5. alanx

    RAID-0 and Video Editing

    Thanks for the feedback on the system. I'm surprised to hear you had to RMA the PSU. Have an Enermax myself. Beautiful to look at. All rails rock solid. Guess every technology has its share of "infant mortality". Having a bad PSU would really suk, because you can't do anything without a PSU. Unless you have a spare in the closet. It would frustrate me to leave all those parts sitting on the living room table while I waited for a PSU RMA to arrive.
  6. alanx

    RAID-0 and Video Editing

    Not to get side-tracked, but that's a nice system. I notice your motherboard has the new LGA775 socket and 815 chipset. Perhaps you could comment on it. Using onboard video? Stability? Problems? You build yourself?
  7. Just to clarify, some laptops do come with 800MHz FSB and dual channel memory. Listed as "Gaming" or "Multimedia", they seem to fall under the category of "Desktop replacement" The are heavier and no doubt consume more power. I'm guessing they use the same 875 chipset as desktop PCs.
  8. Thanks for your insights, gents.
  9. Comparing and contrasting desktop vs notebook memory, especially Intel 875P chipset vs 855. Am I correct that 1. desktops have dual-channel memory whereas laptops have single-channel? 2. desktops run at 800MHz whereas notebooks runs at 400MHz? If true, does desktops memory therefore run 4X faster than laptop? Why? Power-saving?
  10. alanx

    Where is you MFT?

    What's the pro vs con of stopping the service?
  11. alanx

    Where is you MFT?

    The MFT itself or the space reserved for MFT expansion? (the pink or the green?) Where did you disable file indexing?
  12. alanx

    Where is you MFT?

    That makes sense. On a related note, I received my sales email from perfectdisk, and noted that one of their reasons for buying the product is: "PerfectDisk is the only defragger that optimally places the Master File Table (MFT) where Microsoft recommends for improved performance."
  13. alanx

    Where is you MFT?

    I noticed that my volumes created with W2K-Pro do indeed have the MFT near the beginning of the volume, along with the MFT zone, or "space reserved for MFT expansion." So maybe that earlier reference link was accurate fopr W2K NTFS, not WXP.