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  1. Lee anounced in the morning that he would retire. His political period is over.
  2. By Robert Fisk of the independent ( We can find this article at www.independent.co.uk ) Each day now, someone says something even more incredible - even more unimaginable - about President Bush's obsession with war. Yesterday, George Bush was himself telling an audience in Cincinnati about "nuclear holy warriors". Forget for a moment that we still can't prove Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons. Forget that the latest Bush speech was just a re- hash of all the "ifs" and "mays" and "coulds" in Tony Blair's flimsy 16 pages of allegations in his historically dishonest "dossier". Forget that if Osama bin Laden ever acquired a nuclear weapon, he'd probably use it first on Saddam. No. We've got to fight "nuclear holy warriors". That's what we have to do to justify the whole charade through which we are being taken now by the White House, by Downing Street, by all the decaying "experts" on terrorism and, alas, far too many journalists. Forget the 14 Palestinians, including the 12-year-old child, killed by Israel a few hours before Mr Bush spoke, forget that when his aircraft killed nine Palestinian children in July, along with one militant, the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon - a "man of peace" in Mr Bush's words - described the slaughter as "a great success". Israel is on our side. Remember to use the word "terror". Use it about Saddam Hussein, use it about Osama bin Laden, use it about Yasser Arafat, use it about anyone who opposes Israel or America. Bush used it in his speech yesterday, 30 times in half an hour - that's one "terrorism" a minute. But now let's list exactly what we really must forget if we are to support this madness. Most important of all, we absolutely must forget that President Ronald Reagan dispatched a special envoy to meet Saddam Hussein in December 1983. It's essential to forget this for three reasons. Firstly, because the awful Saddam was already using gas against the Iranians - which is one of the reasons we are now supposed to go to war with him. Secondly, because the envoy was sent to Iraq to arrange the re-opening of the US embassy - in order to secure better trade and economic relations with the Butcher of Baghdad. Thirdly, because the envoy was - wait for it - Donald Rumsfeld. Now you might think it strange that Mr Rumsfeld, in the course of one of his folksy press conferences, hasn't chatted to us about this interesting tit-bit. You might think he would have wished to enlighten us about the evil nature of the criminal with whom he so warmly shook hands. But no. Strangely, Mr Rumsfeld is silent about this. As he is about his subsequent and equally friendly meeting with Tariq Aziz - which just happened to take place on the day in March, 1984, that the UN released its damning report on Saddam's use of poison gas against Iran. The American media are silent about this too, of course. Because we must forget. We must forget, too, that in 1988, as Saddam destroyed the people of Halabja with gas, along with tens of thousands of other Kurds - when he "used gas against his own people" in the words of Messrs Bush/Cheney/Blair/Cook/Straw et al -President Bush senior provided him with $500m in US government subsidies to buy American farm products. We must forget that in the following year, after Saddam's genocide was complete, President Bush senior doubled this subsidy to $1bn, along with germ seed for anthrax, helicopters, and the notorious "dual-use" material that could be used for chemical and biological weapons. And when President Bush junior promises the Iraqi people "an era of new hope" and democracy after the destruction of Saddam - as he did last night - we must forget how the Americans promised Pakistan and Afghanistan a new era of hope after the defeat of the Soviet army in 1980 - and did nothing. We must forget how President Bush senior urged the Iraqis to rise up against Saddam in 1991 and - when they obeyed - did nothing. We must forget how America promised a new era of hope to Somalia in 1993 and then, after "Black Hawk Down", abandoned the country. We must forget how President Bush junior promised to "stand by" Afghanistan before he began his bombings last year - and has left it now an economic shambles of drug barons, warlords, anarchy and fear. He boasted yesterday that the people of Afghanistan have been "liberated" - this after he has failed to catch bin Laden, failed to catch Mullah Omar, and while his troops are coming under daily attack. We must forget, as we listen to the need to reinsert arms inspectors, that the CIA covertly used UN weapons inspectors to spy on Iraq. And of course, we must forget about oil. Indeed, oil is the one commodity - and one of the few things which George Bush junior knows something about, along with his ex-oil cronies Cheney and Rice and countless others in the administration - which is never mentioned. In all of Bush's 30 minutes of anti-Iraq war talk yesterday - pleasantly leavened with just two minutes of how "I hope this will not require military action" - there wasn't a single reference to the fact that Iraq may hold oil reserves larger than those of Saudi Arabia, that American oil companies stand to gain billions of dollars in the event of a US invasion, that, once out of power, Bush and his friends could become multi-billionaires on the spoils of this war. We must ignore all this before we go to war. We must forget.
  3. 9-11 is not an independent accident. We should focus on the long history between US and middle-east. 1) Why US was attacked ? 2) Why are there so many people in the world who hate US ? Did US people think about this seriously? Don't believe TV, Newspaper and even Bush as the real truth. Try to find there are some other aspect of the problem that I didn't know. The people in US might think US is innoncent and doing well in foreign policy. But there are so many hidden facts to US people that US commited numerous bad things to other nations. Mass media and politicians never talk about these things. Why anti-Americanism is so widespread ? Just because they are axis of evil ? - then US is virtue and Bush is CRUSADER ?
  4. AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! ( I'm greedy )
  5. providing Fast downloading speed programs preferred.
  6. I have much storage space. so I'd like to get many Movies and Musics and Programs. Then, What P2P program is good for me? ( I accept multi-choice answers also. ) I'm P2P newbie. So, Please help me.
  7. June

    The Netherlands Vs. Children!

    Not go away. But at least it can reduce many side-effect, I believe.
  8. June

    The Netherlands Vs. Children!

    Look at the reality. How can we eliminate prostitution? By the Police? Black market cannot be eliminated because there will always be demands. Then taking alternative method would be better at least. Regulating it strictly will make prostitution 1) expensive 2) done in worse condition. I also feel sad to say like this. I hate the reality, too. But we should admit that it's true.
  9. June

    The Netherlands Vs. Children!

    1. Legalizing Prostitution 2. Legalizing Guns I am sure eliminating prostituion is impossible forever in human society. Then, it would be helpful to legalize prostitution in limited places with strict regulations. since It can prevent inhumane violations which is being done in many places. However, I don't think legalizing Guns would contribute anything to our society. Some people say it would prevent many crimes or it protect us. But My opinion is different. - It's a matter of society. If the society is unhealthy, having guns cannot reduce crime rates. Rather, it can help criminals to kill other people easily. :evil: I live in a country where it's almost impossible for ordinary citizens to have a gun. However, the crime rate of my country is not high among the countries in the world. If most of people have guns, maybe I feel uncomfortable to live here fearing to be shot from other people wheter it is intended or not. :wink:
  10. June

    Job Application

    I cannot believe that McDonalds hired him. If the same situation happened in my country, he definitly dismissed and his paper would be thrown out to the bin. Well, cultural difference. :wink:
  11. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...people_kan_dc_5 Gnutella Developer Gene Kan, 25, Commits Suicide The cause of death was a perforating gunshot wound to the head, It was a suicide." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- feel sorry for his death, he contributed so much to Gnutella and P2P technologies.
  12. June

    Happy 4th of July!

    Women Soccer team or Men soccer team ?
  13. Good history lecture, Ken !