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  1. Can you fit these things inside standard desktop computer cases??
  2. EvilNewbie

    OCZ Octane SSD Review

    Why is there no mention of the "instant on" feature... is it hype? I notice all the reviews don't talk about it which is a bit weird...
  3. EvilNewbie

    OCZ Octane SSD Announced Discussion

    Well for instance the 240GB OWC drive is smaller than the 480GB OCZ for around the same price. The 480GB is using 2X nm NAND whereas the 240GB uses 3X nm NAND but the 2X nm NAND supposedly has as much write cycles as the 3X nm NAND from Indilinx controller... so it seems the OCZ Octane has "more" to write and so "lasts longer" as in last more years than OWC's drive? It also has "fast boot" which is nice but I am not sure if it is really as "fast" as it claims... I would be using the SSD for boot and playing online Diablo anyhow... occasionally doing work on it with MS Office and stuff... so it seems that OCZ Octane can do all that and "lasts" longer?
  4. EvilNewbie

    OCZ Octane SSD Announced Discussion

    I am thinking about going for this drive instead of the OWC SSD... it seems this drive should "last" longer? Any comments about that?
  5. I know it uses 25nm flash... compared to the OCZ and OWC drives which uses the 32nm Toggle Flash... would the Corsair SSD have a lower life expectancy because of the smaller die?
  6. EvilNewbie

    Debating which SSD to go with...

    Patriot Wildfire has said they have had zero issues and use the same Sandforce controllers... makes me think that maybe the Sandforce controller isn't really the issue? But then Patriot only recently released their SSD...
  7. EvilNewbie

    Debating which SSD to go with...

    I was looking at the Patriot Wildfire 240GB which uses the same Toggle NAND as the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS... anyway, I found it on NewEgg for like $495 which seems like a good deal.. my problem is this... I plan on building my own computer and waiting for the AMD Bulldozer 8170P chips to come out which will be sometime at the end of this year or early next year... should I buy the Patriot Wildfire now? I am a little worry about buying it now and not knowing if it is broken before I start building... I hear good things about Patriot and since it uses the same similar components as OCZ max iops, I figure it would be better (in the sense that they are not OCZ)...
  8. EvilNewbie

    The Hard Drive Giveaway Thread!

    So who is the last winner?
  9. The point of a wireless dock is that you don't have to connect it... it does so automatically... if I want to access my flash drive, I just have to walk up to my computer, sit down, and open the folder... rather than adding more steps (like plugging it in) that are otherwise unnecessary and ironically, inefficient use of time... I have a car and all I have to do is touch the handle and my car opens because the key is in my pocket (ie I don't have to look for my key or put my key in to unlock the door). Old and reliable... that's nice.. what works for you doesn't work for most people otherwise everyone would be driving a 1970 Yugo... I am glad you didn't get any of those SSD because the old and reliable hard drives still works and saves you money too (please don't tell me you bought an SSD)... I have people around me with newer models of their phones and they are satisfied and if given the opportunity to choose between an older phone or a newer phone... well.. that's their choice... and none of it is the wrong choice... that is unless they talk to you... 3 years old, I am sure the guy with the 6 year old phone thinks you are an idiot too... Should you install solar panels in your home? Well if the cost is worth it over a long period of time.. but if it isn't doesn't that mean we should stop all R&D on improving solar panel efficiency? Does it mean that we stop selling solar panels because most areas won't be able to use it? No, we still sell it and we didn't abandon R&D because it wasn't worth it because one little house doesn't want to use it and claim its stupid... Thats nice that they can reach 300m in ideal conditions but it doesn't apply to real world conditions and that is what we are talking about right... the "real" world... and in the real world, you be lucky to get more than 30 feet.. after all, we don't put our routers so that we can access the internet out on the lawn... Typical attitudes when you don't know anything... it doesn't matter what side of the ear you put the cell phone as it only matters if you leave it in your shirt pocket directly over the heart and even then there is only a minute (as in pretty much none) that there will be any issues. I don't have time to debate to you about chemicals and pollution because you are the biggest hypocrite... do you drive, do you work, do you eat, do you sleep, you are basis of this pollution so don't preach about something you don't practice... by the way, buying electric cars isn't saving the planet, its just killing it slower...
  10. You think I have ten foot arms to reach my keyboard? Is that your reasoning that I need physical ports instead of wireless ports? You are right people go for the newest stuff out there like LCD TVs, tablets, LED light bulbs, solar panels... you know the useless stuff that nobody should invest any money into because its useless... Wifi networks don't go very far even when I lived in an apartment I don't even get more than half a dozen networks and guess what... my network function just fine despite those pesky interference even while streaming video... Lets just do things the most efficient way as possible... lets shut down all the stuff people do that are terribly inefficient but convenient... I like living in the stone ages... I use telephones everywhere including the hospital, nobody died yet.. the amazing thing, people with pacemakers also use them as well... and they are still living... useful according to you? I see... well then life should be so much better because we have someone who claims to know exactly what is "useful" and what is not... stop the presses, we found the only person on this planet who thinks too much of himself... on the side note... yeah, I like 4G and my GPS works just fine, I had more problems with tall skyscrapers with my GPS then any 4G... maybe we should knock down those skycrapers...
  11. You don't know what you are talking about... inductive charging have been out for a long time and it doesn't take genius to figure out how to power such devices should wireless usb be natively supported... wifi routers don't extend that far unless you are living in an apartment which isn't necessarily my problem that you live in an apartment... pacemaker blah blah blah... people are dying from pacemakers and wifi signals all the time... it seems you don't like the technology because YOU don't like it... unfortunately, we don't based everything on what you like...
  12. I don't need faster speed since I mainly use small files... I hate having to disconnect and connect USB devices to my USB ports constantly... so no, its not an idiotic idea with zero benefit... I have several devices which could be of great benefit from wireless USB such as webcams, flash drives, to other USB devices... just because you don't use it doesn't mean other people don't...
  13. Even though Thunderbolt is a lot faster... I rather have wireless USB technology...
  14. EvilNewbie

    The Hard Drive Giveaway Thread!

    So who won the hard drive?
  15. EvilNewbie

    The Hard Drive Giveaway Thread!

    Is it too late to join? Cause I would like those drives as well