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    Drive testing methodology

    Another suggestion.... don't overlook the server jockeys. Not everyone is a gamer or home PC enthusiast. Reviews on 15k RPM SAS disks, and other disks more often found in servers, are verrrry welcome. Perhaps more tests on RAID controllers? And, any info related to long-term reliability on any disk, server or home PC, is golden.
  2. Really? It shows you how far behind the curve I am. The servers I buy for work are... well... servers, and we buy the boring, tried-and-proven bread-and-butter models instead of bleeding edge. At home, my primary machine is (if you can believe it) a Celeron 1.2 GHz that I built IIRC sometime in 2002. I have an E6750 Core2 Duo 2.66 that I built in January but I've been "living" in my Celeron box for so long and have so much installed, it's taking a long time to gradually get everything moved over. I've been kicking myself with both feet for 4 months for not putting an SAS drive in the E6750 (every PC I've had for 20+ years has been SCSI) because the 7200 RPM SATA is so DOG SLOW compared to the servers I work with everyday with 15k SAS. When I came to Storage Review to read the reviews on new SAS controllers, by happy coincidence I saw the review of the VelociRaptor and really got excited. If it's as good as they say, and if WD ever releases them without the IcePAK, I'm going to try them in a few servers, too.
  3. I noticed that-- at full MSRP. Very un-like NewEgg, who usually has good prices. I'm sure the price will come down after the initial "gotta have it at any price" crowd gets their fill. At least I hope so because I really want one, just not at $299.99. Also looking forward to seeing a followup SR article benchmarking the retail version, so we know if WD was accurate in saying the engineering sample SR tested was only 90% optimized.
  4. It's May 22. Anybody heard when these things might actually hit dealer stock? Note to Eugene: Thanks for the review. I haven't been this excited about a hard drive in.... can't remember when. Can't wait to see how the retail version stacks up against the engineering sample. Also, as a 20+ year die-hard SCSI fan, I'd love to see this drive benchmarked against a group of 10k and 15k SAS drives. I've been spending extra for Seagate Savvio drives (the HP servers I buy use 2.5" disks). If the Velociraptor is made available without the IcePAK, and if it makes strong competition for the Savvio, I may opt to try it out in a few servers instead.