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  1. hddmaster

    Samsung SM863 SSD Review Discussion

    The review states "The capacity of the drive comes from eight 120GB Samsung 2bit-VNAND chips" 120GB simply looks to be the usable capacity of the SSD divided by the number of VNAND chips. Isn't reality that these chip have a capacity greater than 120GB and some of the raw capacity is lost to over-provisioning? That statement is misleading.
  2. hddmaster

    20,000RPM Raptor?

    HMe has it right with #3. Its all about power. The "key suppliers" could care less about performance enthusiasts. They design for the big OEMs first and foremost. Since the OEMs have already designed the power and cooling in their servers for 20Watt 3.5" drives, they can't deal with the higher power a >=20Krpm drive with large platters would take. They only alternative would be to use small 45mm or less platters and the capacity would not be attractive. Now that flash is becoming more viable, 20krpm drives become even less attractive since they'd be the same capacity, have fewer IOPS and be almost the same price.
  3. hddmaster

    Atlas 15K "beep" and reset!

    You bought a drive off ebay with no warranty and an unknown history and you're going to draw your conclusions about SCSI drives based on that?
  4. hddmaster

    Building office PCs, tough HD choice

    Not to mention the name brands tend to do a much better job making a quiet system which is important in an office environment. I'm sure people are going to love the loud fans that are probably in those cheap 600W power supplies.
  5. hddmaster

    How to keep HDs in sleep mode

    Can't you use windows power management? Or does it not allow rules to be set for individual drives?
  6. hddmaster

    Best and reliable web hosting?

    I use PowWeb. Cheap, reliable tons of storage for web and email. They offer POP3 and Webmail among many other things.
  7. hddmaster

    Does mechanical storage have a future?

    Just keep in mind that people have been preaching the demise of the hard drive since flash was invented over 20 years ago. It still hasn't happened. Thanks to HD TV and related content, hard drives will be around for a long time still.
  8. hddmaster

    OS Stability Report

    Ha, if I installed Windows 2k or later and only installed one piece of software it would be as stable as the rest. (Mainly making this comment because DOS6 is above windows). Not really an apples to apples comparison when comparing a lot of these.
  9. hddmaster

    Atlas 10K V -- temps and temp behavior

    First, are the drives you are comparing all of the same platter count. More platters = more power = more heat. Also, the V was Maxtor's first fluid bearing SCSI drive. Fluid bearing motors burn more power so that could also be causing the difference in temps.
  10. hddmaster

    Seagate announces 750GB Barracuda 7200.10

    What company in their right mind would be making a 960GB drive when 1TB is so close?
  11. hddmaster

    Cheetah 15K.5 announced

    Most likely just shipping limited number of qualification units to OEM customers. Seagate usually ships to distribution before shipping production units to OEMs. I don't see why that would change in this generation. The OEMs still have a long qual process.
  12. hddmaster

    WinXP, 1GB RAM, What Size Page File?

    Nothing like having Windows decide to clean up your swap file during the middle of an online game like UT2003-4... Frame rates drop to the floor. Setting the minimum to the max page file size prevents this as well as preventing fragmentation of your page file (as others have already stated).
  13. hddmaster

    SCSI Drive Temps

    Well, they have a 5 year warranty and the datasheet says 55C so they should last that long at 55C. Certainly if you can run them cooler than that, it can only help reliability.
  14. hddmaster


    My guess is that if a single raptor out performs a single Atlas 15K II, then RAID-0 isn't going to change the situation that much. Also unless you have PCIe or PCI-X for your SCSI RAID controller, you'll never be able to get the 198MB/S the two Atlas 15K IIs are capable of.
  15. hddmaster

    Putting Maxtor to the test. . .

    Your rant really should be directed at pretty much the entire US retail market. The whole thing stinks as far as quality. But in the end it is the consumer's fault. We are the one's who should be making informed purchases. Don't rely on the government to improve business practices, they are after all funded by big business. They only thing corporations understand is money and we the consumers are the one's with the money they want. Unfortnately people buy so much stuff that they don't have the time to research it all and make a proper decision... Now I'm not saying that was your problem this time. You bought what by all accounts should have been a decent drive (but with a short warranty). You got unlucky. But really the HD companies are just catering to what customers wanted for years, the cheapest cost per gigabyte. Very few customers after paying extra for the longer warranty models that most HD manufacturers offer. If people did, they'd get the message.