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  1. The easiest way is to get a KNOPPIX cd (download from their homepage) and boot with it. then from there use the tools to create the partition and filesystem. There are tools for Windows to do this also. But since you use the 64bit Vista, you will run into several problems.
  2. I am going to investigate how to manage a companys network devices. It is a part of my thesis for school. The company has a quite complex network with several LANs. Most switches are from HP, mostly ProCurve 2626. The routers are from Juniper. With the switches HP is kind enough to give a CD with a 30 days trial version of ProCurve Manager. What other good software do you recommend for me to look into? Freeware, opensource would be neat but does not have to be. If you suggest something, please motivate. I would like to compare the ProCurve manager with other similar managers.
  3. DJ_Farid

    Let me Paypal you a Beer !

    Good thing that you got it fixed. This thread got me curious about one thing though. I have never owned an external drive, this is why I am asking this. I though that if you have an external disk plugged in with USB, it would not show up in BIOS at all. Some people here suggested to look in the BIOS to see the disk. Also all the talk about setting BIOS to auto detect primary and secondary IDE. Does these things matter with an external USB disk? Does such a disk show up in the BIOS usually?
  4. DJ_Farid

    Let me Paypal you a Beer !

    Usually you can get it off with your fingers. If not then you can use a small screwdriver or whatever small you have around.
  5. DJ_Farid

    Let me Paypal you a Beer !

    What kind of USB cable do you have for it? How long is it and where do you plug it in? Did you plug the External Maxtor in the same USB connector, and it worked? Try booting with a knoppix CD and see if it detects the drive. Also you could plug the disk internally directly on the mainboard just to make sure that the disk is not broken.
  6. DJ_Farid

    Let me Paypal you a Beer !

    What kind of case is it that you plugged it into? Where do you connect the cables coming out of the case? It is some kind of external case that you have the disk in, right?
  7. DJ_Farid

    Help helping change BIOS settings

    Thanks Datestardi and others! That screenshot is almost the same as her bios. The second row is called something else on her computer, but it contained the same settings inside. That screenshot made it possible for me to understand what she was describing on the phone, and guiding her to change the machine to boot from CD. Thanks!
  8. I have a friend that lives far away from me. She is a noob when it comes to computers. She does not speak english. She would need to change the boot order of her computer. Her computer boots from the harddrive right now. It needs to be changed to try to boot from CD first and then from the harddrive. I know that her mainboard has this feature since I built this computer a long time ago. I would remember if it required to boot from a floppy when I installed Windows XP on it. The computer is an AMD from around the year 2000. I do not remember the model of the mainboard. I tried to assist her yesterday over the telephone. No success. It took me 15 minutes to make her understand how to use the arrow keys on her keyboard to navigate the bios screen... She read aloud what was on her screen without understanding a word of what she read. I have seen several different bioses over the year, but I couldn't make out where that setting is hidden in her bios. She read "AMI BIOS v1.20 1998" on her screen.. Do you have any tips&tricks on how to help her? Do you know if there are some sites on the net with screenshots of different bios settings?
  9. DJ_Farid

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    What I can't take is the whining noise that some drives do. This one does not do that, and will hopefully never do it.
  10. DJ_Farid

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    I think I hit the jackpot! My new drive is nice and quiet :-) The drive is noticeably faster than my Samsung SP161N. SMART reports the temperature 38 C when I just surf the web, but the surface of the disk feels hot to the touch. I guess it is not a problem. I am very happy with the disk so far. 1) How have you mounted it (is it suspended?). 2) How is the idle noise? Does it have some minimal whine? 3) Where is it produced? jj 1) Not suspended. It is mounted on the normal rack that is screwed in the case. 2) No whine at all. I can have the roof of the case open and have my ear 10 cm on top of the drive, and not hear any idle noise. My fan in the PSU sounds louder than anything from the drive. There is a sound of moving air coming from my PSU. Not loud at all. I can hear the seeking clicks if the room is completely quiet and the case roof is open. The seeking is barely audible if you do not concentrate vary hard and try to hear it. I don't think that is possible to hear the seeks if the case is closed with my setup. 3) Singapore
  11. DJ_Farid

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    I think I hit the jackpot! My new drive is nice and quiet :-) The drive is noticeably faster than my Samsung SP161N. SMART reports the temperature 38 C when I just surf the web, but the surface of the disk feels hot to the touch. I guess it is not a problem. I am very happy with the disk so far.
  12. I am on the lookout for something that silences my harddrive. I have no experience with these products, only my hom made duct tape things that I have made in the past There are different kinds of solutions. Some seem to block the airflow around the disk, while some act as a heatsink. Some racks keeps the disk in place with rubber bands. Which products do you recommend, and why? Are there any systems that should be avoided for the sake of the disks health? Products that I have in my local (good price) shop: Sunbeam (rubber bands) Sunbeam PCI HDD Silencer ( I don't think I have free PCI slots, but anyway) Sunbeam HDD silencer cushion Scythe Silent Box (Seems too expensive for me) Nexus Disk Twin mCubed Vertical Silence (Seems too expensive for me) mCubed Silent Brackets Cooltek Disk silencer Many products that do the same thing but differently. Which one should I go for? I have okay airflow in the case.
  13. DJ_Farid

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    OK. I ordered the Seagate yesterday. Hopefully it will be one of the quiet drives.... Is there a way to see anything from the serial number? My new drive is going to have 3QF0L1JL.
  14. DJ_Farid

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    After reading this long thread, I still can't decide. Is this a good buy for a single disc workstation? Is the noise going to bother me?
  15. DJ_Farid

    How do I get better sound from computer?

    Thanks both! I will add the Squeezebox to my wishlist. Hopefully santa clause will get me one. I have ben looking at similar solutions. But all seemes to be of bad quality and complicated to use to browse my large mp3 collection. The Squeezebox really looks neat. It would probably cost atleast the double here in Sweden, if it can be found here. I admit that the RCA cable I have now is not the best cable you can have. But a new cable costs the same as the Live. I know that there is something that I hear (or lack hearing) with my setup that I have now. I really do believe that it is mostly due to the cable. I don't have a word for it. It could be the capacitance getting too high, or most probably just a combination of many factors. I don't think that it has to do with grounding. That would sound different, I think. This is an highly pessimistic article about interconnects: He tests 1 meter cables, and can see differences in the cables. My cable is probably not as good as his examples, and is 4 times longer... When I changed my speaker cables the thing was that I went from semi crappy to good cables. Nothing else. I doubt that there is an audible difference in very good cables and very good cables. I can't do much more about the room accoustics (unless I kick my girlfriend her sofa out). There is a door opening between the computer and sterao. That is the reason why my computer is so far from the amp in the first place. I could probably move the computer to the other side of the room if santa comes with a Squeezebox to me