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  1. Reliability? I have 3 SSDs and no issue with reliability--they are very reliable as far as I'm concerned.
  2. I don't use the Toolbox, not needed. TRIM runs automatically for me.
  3. All my SSDs are Intel second generation. There is no noise with SSDs, they are silent. Are there issues with other brands of SSDs?
  4. I'll add another reason, Quiet! Someone mentioned durability, I've not had any problem with any of my 3 SSDs for what must be over a year.
  5. Thanks for posting that Intel info about Superfetch. However, nothing said about Prefetch and that still leaves me wondering...
  6. Not sure what you mean with Superfetch and Prefetch, but neither are turned off in my system with Windows 7--both are on by default.
  7. Cavicchi

    SSD drive in PIO 4 mode?

    I tried checking the DMA box but it doesn't hold, goes back to PIO 4 mode. I have the same type of SATA cables for all three SSDs, and port 2 is in Ultra DMA 6. There is something odd here because ports 0 and 1 show up twice--look at the picture. Why should there be duplicate listings when only one of the two has a drive connected? I have one drive in each port 0,1, and 2.
  8. When I look in Device Manager under IDE ATA/Atapi controllers I see 2 listings for ATA channel O and 1, while ATA channel 2 shows one listing. I have 3 SSDs in the computer in ports 0,1, and 2. Only port 2 shows the drive in UDMA 6 mode while the others show PIO 4 mode. Why and what can I do about it? I have the latest firmware from Intel installed. The main drive is in channel 0, at least it should be. I have a SATA DVD burner in port 5.
  9. Cavicchi

    Bootmgr is missing

    I got the error using one SSD to install Windows 7. I bypassed the error message using F12 to boot from DVD burner--one SSD installed--and installed Windows 7 on it. The error message no longer appears, but I can't boot from Windows 7 or Vista disk--goes straight to desktop. I now have 3 SSD installed without any problems, just that boot from CD thing. So, while I have Windows 7 installed on two SSD, I will erase one tomorrow. I don't know why I got that bootmgr is missing when having just the blank SSD for Windows 7, but that issue is over now.
  10. Cavicchi

    Bootmgr is missing

    Two different problems: 1. With Windows 7 on SSD #1 I can't boot from DVD. I set CD as first boot and it goes straight to desktop. 2. I was trying to install Windows 7 on a SSD #2 with SSD #1 not connected and got the bootmgr is missing error--never got to DVD. I formatted SSD #2 and forgot where but I saw it was bootable No so I changed it to bootable Yes--this I believe was in Windows. I mention that because it may have screwed something up. I used Boot Menu (F12) to run Windows 7 and Start Repair but it didn't find any Startup problem. I tried another hdd to install Windows 7 but that also got the bootmgr is missing. I can get to Windows 7 Install screen by using Boot Menu (F12) but I don't want to install it when there is a problem getting that missing bootmgr message.
  11. Cavicchi

    Bootmgr is missing

    I tried to install Windows 7 on another SSD, leaving the working one disabled, and get bootmgr is missing and can't do anything. I have the drive as primary and even had just that blank drive installed. I tried two different hard drives, SSD and mechanical, same problem. With the working SSD loaded with Windows 7, I can't boot from CD/DVD it goes straight to desktop with no error message. The DVD burner is working so I don't know what is going on. I had the CD as first in boot order but still goes straight to desktop. Anyone have a clue what is going on here? I tried another BIOS update but still same problem.
  12. Cavicchi

    Booting from USB Flash Drive

    I used the front USB port and worked perfectly updating my BIOS.
  13. Cavicchi

    Booting from USB Flash Drive

    I have the Gigabyte EX38-DS4 MB that has a Q-Flash utility built in and that is what I would use to update BIOS. According to the manual, Q-flash updates the BIOS without going into DOS, so it appears you are correct that I don't need boot files on the USB flash drive. Oh, I also have HP's USB Disk Format Tool. So long floppy, and hello USB flash drive.
  14. I have the Patriot Xporter XT USB Flash Drive and Windows 7 64-bit. Do I need to copy boot files to this drive to make it a bootable drive? What I mean is when updating the BIOS, do I need boot files or just the BIOS files when BIOS is configured to boot from Flash Drive? I guess it comes down to whether this Flash Drive is already a bootable device or it needs boot files? Here is a link to the Flash Drive
  15. I ran the SSD Toolbox and for Word 48 Trusted Computing Feature Set Options Bit 14 it says Must be set to 1, but I have 0. Does anyone know what that means, how I can correct it? I have Intel SSD X25-M G2 160GB and running Windows 7 64-bit. I noticed in Windows 7 that Superfectch, Prefetch, and ReadyBoost are all enabled.