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  1. Whats going to benefit me more? I have the option of getting a nice Cheetah 15.3k or getting two 7200rpm 8mb cache SATA hdd's. Im looking for performance increases in loading times for my OS and games. I've read the thread before this with people arguing over loading times of raid 0 for games etc. I'm upgrading my Cheetah X15-36LP because its seeking is just too noisy (think its on its way out) ...... I know the Cheetah 15.3k isnt gonna be quiet but it will be a big improvment on the old generation Cheetah .... Cheers
  2. As the top says, got one of these for sale. Specs are: £45 o.n.o. .... Cheers (sorry about the mistype of Fujitsu )
  3. Looking for a Cheetah 15.3k 36gb u320 if anyone has one they want to get rid of? Thanks
  4. Cruel

    Cpu Benchmarking

    Prime 95 will do the trick, tells you how many seconds it takes to crunch through number blocks using the torture test, they incrimenting from 1024k in length...
  5. I've used one of these before and they run very hot, I just put a nice silent 80mm YS-Tech in front of them and it ran ok
  6. Well I've just bought one of these along with an Adaptec 29160n u160 SCSI PCI controller. So I benchmarked it in Windows XP with Sandra (running it with only 2 gigs used - two games on it) and I got 43000 .... very happy, so I installed Windows XP onto the hard drive and filled it so that 24 / 34 gigs were used..... my score went down by 10k to 33,000 hmmm Not being happy with this, I defragmented the hard drive with O&O Defrag using the COMPLETE/Name method that restuctures the file system to improve performance, no change... still got 33k So I was wondering, is it usual to lose performance from a drive, even though I have 10 gigs free and it is not fragmented?