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  1. The clear window is a little smaller than I imagined. Still cool!
  2. bokchoy

    Disabling TCQ on Nforce4 motherboard

    Thanks for the reply, I'll leave it as it is. I also purposely avoided installing the firewall for that reason too. Regards
  3. Asus A8N-E WD Raptor 74GB I'm trying to disable TCQ on my WD Raptor 74GB, but I did not install the Nforce4 IDE drivers because of some reports of weirdness (and also similar bad experiences with my Nforce2 setup) - therefore I'm just using the Windows drivers. The rest of the Nforce drivers I have installed (latest ver from the nvidia website) I searched everywhere in device manager to disable it but there isn't even a SATA controller listing (and there's nothing listed under the Raptor). Everything works fine..but I read some reports that TCQ will hinder performance in single user setups like mine. Should I install the nvidia IDE drivers?
  4. bokchoy

    Worth upgrading HD in older laptop?

    I finally had some time to look around some more - would it be worth it to get a Momentus 5400.2 ? I'd probably be looking at a $30-40 difference between a 40gb Momentus 5400.1 8mb vs. 60gb Momentus 5200.2 8mb. Looking at the datasheets the newer 5400.2 uses slightly less power especially in reading & writing, but that's about it.
  5. bokchoy

    Worth upgrading HD in older laptop?

    Hi - I'm probably going to keep it just for backup sake. It's not going to be worth enough for me to sell it, but thanks for the interest Thanks smc - I had an inkling it will probably sputter past 32gb, but I'll just have to make multiple partitions which would hopefully get around the limitations.
  6. Hi all Considering upgrading the HD in my Dell Latitude C600 , it has a Hitachi DK23CA-20 (20gig) 4200rpm drive which currently benches about 17mb/s in HD tach. It's painfully slow. However the controller is max ATA/33, so I don't know if upgrading to something like a Seagate momentus 5200.2 would be worth it. I'm hoping for at least a 50% performance upgrade, but if the max speed is limited to around under 33mb/s for the majority of the drive, would I be expecting too much?