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  1. Hey,

    im running 2x WD 100gig 8meg cache drives in RAID 0, on a Promise TX2 RAID card.

    they RAID fine, and have had for the last, oh, 18 months.

    but recently (within 2 months), ive had the RAID crash twice.

    which sucks balls, because both times, it has been full of anime/apps/isos etc etc, not to mention my mp3 collection (all 50gig of it), e-books, text documents with important stinker on them and yeah.

    this was all backed up on a nice DVD+RW, which, sadly, was stolen, along with my entire spindle of blank DVDs. (bastards.. you shall pay............)

    so yeah.

    its always the one drive, that just decides, randomly, to drop out of the array. the drive still shows up when i go into "view drive arangements", but, it just wont be part of the array that it should be.

    is it a faulty drive, or a faulty RAID card.

    ive tried swapping IDE cables for it.

    its always the same drive, on the same IDE channel. i ran various utilities to check the disks for integrety and the like, but to no avail. they always come out clean, with no bad sectors etc etc.

    this is really really REALLY starting to piss me off.. really piss me off big time.:angry::angry::angry:

    solutions anyone? :D:D:D

  2. downgrade to 2k? you mean upgrade.

    XP is a n00bie operating system. all the "functionality" and "user-friendly" stinker pisses me off.. its all just a waste of time.

    in essence, winXP is a slightly tweaked win2k with a shitty looking skin pack.

    im running win2k adv server on my machine, as well as having 2 machines running windows 2000 pro and 2 running XP pro. the XP machines have been nuttin but trouble, but my stupid sisters like the thing.

    n00bies and their operating systems.

    as for the activation? kazaa has the answer.. or astalavista.box.sk

    if you bought it legally, then activation is happy fellowing nothing. if you were stupid and burnt a copy without knowing there was a crack.. then ur stupid..

    win2k is the way to go. its more stable, less annoying, and has an all round better feel to it IMHO.

    all OSes run out of time. its in MS's best interests to have it run out, so that you hafta go and buy a new one. if XP runs out in 5 years, so what? most people now dont kep their computers for 5 years, let alone not upgrade their operating system.

    XP isnt without its merits tho. its bootup time is faster (install 2k, then XP, then uninstall XP, and 2k should boot same time as XP :P)

    the built in driver base is kinda helpful when u just wanna happy fellow around with a digital camera and other USB stuff..

    use whatever you want is what it really comes down to. hell, use NT4 or win3.11 or DOS 6.22 for all i care. as long as it does what you want it to, shuttup and quit whining..

    i should stop drinking now.


  3. that means 15oC above ambient :D

    soo.. if it is about 30oC outside your case.. or just the air inside your case, the drive is going to be approx 45oC. thats what it means.

    also. the 15oC is what storage review found. may be different for you.

    ie. my Glacial Igloo 4300 (p4 heatsink with nifty clip).

    their website says its 0.34 C/W

    www.dansdata.com says its 0.49 C/W (i think its .49.. check later)

  4. ok.

    Asus P4S533

    Promise TX2 Fasttrack ATA100 RAID

    P4 2.0a @ 2.667

    2x512meg Corsair XMS3000 cas2 running 400mhz cas 2

    2x100gig WD 8meg cache drives (WD1000JB)

    problem. THEY SUCK IN RAID!

    i am getting about 42000kbps average for these drives with a stripe size of 16, 32 and 64kb. (HDtach score.)

    please help!! i dont want to have wasted AUS $800 on these drives, to have them be beaten by my Seagate BARA IVs! tell me i didnt, once again, buy dud RAID drives!

    is there something that im missing with the TX2 card? says that it will run on a 66mhz PCI bus, but mine is running default at 33mhz. could this be the problem?? in that im only getting half the performance that i should be getting?