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  1. PLanning to get another 320GB seagate but realise I can only get Made in China ones locally. Never heard Seagate has factory in China till now, so I google. According to this article,;type=business these 7200.10 chinese made are probably manufactured in this ex-Maxtor factory by the same ex-Maxtor workers. Performance is important but reputation in reliability is very important. Even though New Seagate are backed by 5yr on warranty, I will stay away from this brand for now, maybe I will be back a few more years later. There are a few things I dont like about this new seagate. as a manufacture, seagate should keep posting detail specification on their hdd pdt. it seems a few important performance parameters are missing from the spec, ex. # of platters, # of heads &Avg. Sustained Transfer Rate. These are important factors for choosing a new hdd. Lastly, Seagate didnt merge with Maxtor, Seagate literally dissolved Maxtor. many ppl are out of work worldwide. Personally, I am not buying another seagate in the near future. Its clear that hitachi T7K500 is what I am getting next. Average transfer rate is not as fast as 70MB/s but very close.
  2. stuppid

    Upgrade hdd in External USB Box.

    boy, aint I lucky?! i didnt read about the danger of clipping by mounting diff brand (or maybe same brand) hdd on certain enclosure. without knowing the danger, I mounted a 7k250 with "valuable" data into a IOGEAR ION box. It couldnt read the data in 7k250. It didnt cause any damages either.
  3. I have a Western digital Dual option USB external Drive. It has 160GB in it when I bought it. I am wondering if I can open it and remove the smaller and install a bigger drive like 320GB ? Have anyone done it? Can I still format it as FAT32? I know the original 160GB hdd was formated in FAT32.
  4. stuppid

    HDD Enclosure for 24x7 Operation

    aft readin whiic's post on thermodynamic, I have no problem with heat. Well... if we need to be specific, next time I open up the enclosure, I will weight the aluminium heatsink and measure the % of overall contact surface and calculate the effective heat transfer rate!
  5. stuppid

    HDD Enclosure for 24x7 Operation

    better find an enclosure that has power management built-in. Not alot of them has it. esp those cheap ones. I have WD dual option (last year model. silver and grey color) which will put the hdd to sleep(spin down completely) periodically. I am sure its better than those cannot spin down. I like it has no fan but 2 large heatsinks inside the case. I have no problem with heat.
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    Upgrade hdd in External USB Box.

    I retract my statements. Compuapps Swissknife V3 - Crap out in the middle of formating. on/off button on the enclosure now doesnt work as intended.
  7. stuppid

    Upgrade hdd in External USB Box.

    ok. Found a nice freeware that will format FAT32. Compuapps Swissknife V3.
  8. stuppid

    Upgrade hdd in External USB Box.

    Thanks for the replies. Out and bought a Seagate 7200.10 320GB. Open up the WD Dual option drive is a piece of cake. Remove and install the new harddrive. FAT32Formatter downloaded from WD will not format the drive. so I use Winxp Disk Management program to format it as NTFS(for now). Running test now. Looks fine. However HDTach gives me an error... it exits before outputing the result. NB: WD Dual option has 2 very big heat sinks installed on the sides of the harddrive to keep it cool. WD is cool!
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    7K250! Click of death?

    check the power cable to the drive. loose connectors will cause power loss to drive. give the power cable to the hdd a little (just a little or u will break)something) shake, if the drive power cycle, its the connector. power it down, unplug from the hdd , use a little flat screwdriver to bent the 4 metal contacts on the power plug.
  10. best is to run hitachi diagnostic program. see if it picks up any problem with the drive. hdd will develop bad sectors (soft or hard) which will alarm the diagnostic program. reformat hdd will get rid of soft error. replacing the hdd for hard errors. bad memory or bad controller will also cause BSOD. to test your controller/cables, the easy way is copy a large file (600-1G divx) from one folder to another. then use "fc /b file1 file2" in cmd(command prompt in windows) . if u found mismatch in files. u have a problem. d/l memtest86 to check memory.
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    Laptop drive reviews?

    based on the spec sheet provided, I am speculating, 7k60 vs 7200.1 7k60 has Areal density(AR) 50Gb/sq inch 7200.1 has AR 80Gb/sq inch even by the mediocre performance found on most seagate drive(longer average seek time, AAT), 7200.1 will definately faster with higher substained transfer rate(porportional to Max media transfer rate,MMTR).. 7k60 Max media transfer rate(MMTR) 512Mb/s 7200.1 MMTR 645Mb/s (error +- 10%. A theoretical value based on AD and 7k60 MMTR. since 7200.1 has no datasheet right now.) takes hitachi 7k60 60G vs seagate 7200.1 100G, they are both 4 head with 2 platters and rotating 7200 rpm, the heat generated with be about the same. i am sure Seagate 7200.1 will be more expensive when available. ds23 vs 7k60: dk23FB-60 has AD 68Gb/sq inch and MMTR 400Mb/s AAT 5.6ms 7k60 has AD 50Gb/sq inch but it rotates 7200rpm so MMTR 512Mb/s AAT 4.2ms based on the figures, you will feel the differnce from dk23 to 7k60, just like what the dell forum regular said. in conclusion, based on datasheet speculation, 7k60 is definitely faster than dk23 but less than the % increase from 5400 to 7200(or 33%) 7200.1 maybe 20 % faster than 7k60
  12. maybe they are not used to fill out those form.. speaking of personal experience, hitachi warranty services are the best so far. fast turn (around less than a week). no question / error code asked. what u need if fill in those form online and wait 12hours for RMA #. put it on the box. and send to post office. I have been dealing with hitachi since the changehand couple times.. Its by far the most user friendly RMA process i have experience. (cf. MAXTOR, I sent a couple of email to maxtor RMA center in canada, no reply for 3 weeks....) another plus. hitachi hdd are the fastest among the competitor. i m getting another 2.5" hitachi since it blew seagate momentum in performance.
  13. stuppid

    Partitioning For Speed?

    1 more thing. using partition practice you can localize your disk access to certain disk area. If you disk really has manufacturing defects, the failure will show up eariler within the warranty period.
  14. stuppid

    Partitioning For Speed?

    one thing i want to add. folder can be used to organise the look. it never question when to put the data. if u partition a large >200G disk as one. you are relying folder for you organised task. Partition can be used to LOCALIZE the actual access accoding tothe nature of file. In linux, there is a suggested practice to create a SWAP partition so u can place your swapfile to localise swapfile activities to this part of the disk or better yet, another physical disk ;iinsteadof mixing o/s files and swapfiles. MSWindows never has such practise. just place the most dynamic/disk extensive stuff on 1st partition/beginning of the disk and localize it there. place the less active stuff on the last partition / end of the disk. if u have 2 disk. always use the fastest access disk as the 1st disk and the o/s should lie here.
  15. stuppid

    Partitioning For Speed?

    Gilbo your worries about NTFS MFT seems incorrecct. I always reinstall my drive c(1st partition ntfs) by reformat it when reinstalling o/s and it seems it clean out old entries-if my memory serves me right.. anyhow you can do "delete/recreate" the 1st primary partition I am SURE it will clear out the old entries. never create 2nd partition as EXTENDED+logical drive partition . always create as primary. everytime you update your windows or install/update programs, your Program files and winnt\system32 areas will always grow .... even some program decides to grow and keep purging old and adding new data every time u use it. for one... my Xnews folders get very fragmented with saving and discarding headers. so if i keep Xnews folders in a relatively small partition. I can degragment it easily and faster than placing it on a big full of data partion. long time ago, it was said NTFS is designed to miminize fragmentation. we all know about the truth is far away from the telling. i use 14G/180G combination on my system. and I do alot of bt/s and newsgroup stuff. lots of stuff get create and deleted/moved frequently. so I do need a temporay partition /drive for assmble multiple parts. edit/cut/encode video/audio. my partition method save my disk from horrible defragment problem. well at least it delatys my next win2k re-installation date.
  16. stuppid

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    maybe my ears are immune my 6 mths old 200G 7k250 has stopped the meowing. seldom I hear the Click-cha-cha sound(head park on ramp?! ) but absolutely no Meow sound. Oh... its still fast as hell.
  17. stuppid

    Partitioning For Speed?

    if ur using windows(2k/xp/2003 for that matter) there is a tendency to do fresh reinstall every now and then becos windows get slower and slower day after day..(you can defrag, but it doesnt help much.... no???? read on.....) also 160G is alot of space for windows system files + programs files. there is better way to optimzie ur disk for performance and better yet, to prolong the perfomance. I have heard some suggest multiple partition on single drive is stupid. if you have only one single harddrive on your pc, multiple partition can benefit you. You are to contain intensive disk activities to the beginning of the drive and the least activities to the end of the drive. My advice is to make 2 partition(say, drive c and d). 1) Drive C for - windows system files ("WINNT", "document and settings" folders, + ie cache ) - temporary files. like Photoshop Scratch disk, bt incomplete files, winrar r01,r02,r03 , video clips editing...etc. 2) Drive D for - "Programs files" (install all programs,like office2k, games.., here) - "My documents" and personal data, stuff like doc, xls, mp3, jpg, mpg, divx, rm, mov, zip, rar, ........ even software installation files, etc. Stuff in winnt and "document and settings" folder contains files that are dynamic, the most frequently access, and the most Fragmented. (esp when ur task is to do service pack, IE , program installation, service pack, IE, service pack. so placing it on the 1st partition of your disk will benefit. choose a small parition for drive C. Defragmenting a 160G is a long task so please keep your drive C partition big enough for windows but not too big. for win2k/winxp 20 G is more than enough. defragment a 20G disk is fast and fun, I am sure u will love it. Also if u use BT, u should use Drive C for all your new BT incomplete download. remeber to move the completed download to Drive D after it finished, it will keep ur drive C and D data fragmentation to the minimium and BT will d/l alot faster.
  18. stuppid

    Need A New Hard Drive

    command queue FEATURE
  19. stuppid

    Need A New Hard Drive

    for a balance READ / WRITE performance go with Hitachi 7k250. If my memory serve me right, raptor has the fastest access time but both read and write suffer. and nothing beats a 7k250. The current line of SATA hdd perform the same as PATA. This may change if you have have SATA hdd that supports the new Command Queue feather and a SATA controller supports it. thatI have been using 200G 7k250 for 2 months. the meow noise is less frequent and less noticable. 7200.7 beats a raptor. I have been using my 7k250 200g for 2 months and I am still very happy with it. The meow noise is getting less frequent. I got mine for US 150 for 200G its a steal.
  20. Download and run diagnostic program from hdd manufacturer, ie. Data Lifeguard Diagnostics - DLGDIAG from Western digital. it will tell u if u need rma or software error.
  21. stuppid

    Bad Sectors On Toshiba Hard Drive

    some bad sectors can be fixed. I have one 9G 10k DMVS IBM SCSI which developed a few bad sectors. SMART Test failed. I 'nuke' it(wipe disk operation). SMART Test Passed. I have another seagate st380001a 80G 7200 IDE which behaves the same. I emailed seagate, and got a response from them stating that the drive DOESNT need to be RMA now that SMART test is passed. Try Zero wipe your hdd as Led Zeppelin suggested since you dont want to send the whole notebook to toshiba. Zero wipe can fix if ur hdd is healthy, but it has the risk of masking some serious hardware problem. try "Boot and Nuke" its free. backup ur data 1st.
  22. hard drive spindle motors some kind of brushless motor.
  23. i m not kidding. the 1st time I see a fluid ball bearing hdd is on a seagate. and I found there is a little hex Screw next the spindle shaft. I joked with my friend that hex screw is actually the drain plug for the fluid. just like ur car needs maintenance, this hdd also needs fluid change on the regular maintenance schedule.
  24. I dont really care it meows (aka self-fitness routine) or EEEEEE-CLICK-Click(aka Head parked on ramp) as long as its a NORMAL healthy feature. only 2 things in life thats important for a Harddrive. Speed and Reliability. I wouldnt want a super quiet drive which needs RMA.
  25. stuppid

    Smart Raw Read Error Rate On 7k250

    differet hdd manufacturer have different SMART implmentation. so really cannot really trust these value. I have a seagate st380021A 80g. the 1st day I owned it i ran SMART test. and the raw read error some arbitary number (71?? i forgot. ) with nominal 100 threshold 45. a lot of other values also lies arbitary in between the Max and the threshold value. during 2 years of extensive use. raw read error dropped 1 point. on the contary 7k250 has a lot of SMART value @ normial 100. I only found the hdd temp useful and accurate on both hitachi n seagate. so dont take them seriously.