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  1. The idea is excellent, I don't see why there are so many complains about it. Sure there will be some issues at first. Personally I am surprised someone took that long to announce a product like this. It is ideal for someone looking to maximize the potential of his old laptop or netbook that has only 1 storage port. When it comes to pricing, I wouldn't expect it any cheaper right now, but eventually it should fall at sub-$200.
  2. Well if your laptop had the Operating System preinstalled, it is likely that those partitions are there for the purpose of restoring the laptop in its original state without doing a re-format and reinstallation of the OS. The partition you want to delete might either be important (thus you might be unable to delete it without ruining the current Windows installation) or it might be locked from ACER to prevent this from happening. You can probably work around this, if you reinstall Windows on your own (fresh installation, wipe up and repartition the entire HDD) and then install Linux above that for a dual OS. But it requires a lot of work to do.
  3. orion24

    WD new Black line

    Local seller e-shop listed this drive yesterday at 270.29 Euros ( http://www.e-shop.gr/product?id=PER.303057 ). The price is nearly the same as with the WD4001FAEX model ( http://www.e-shop.gr/product?id=PER.304687 ) and is better than what I expected. But still, there are cheaper models that will do fine for pure storage in my rig. The only thing that holds me from going with them is that I'm getting kind of "demoralized" if I don't use high-performing staff.
  4. Is it possible that the old black was a re-branded Hitachi with minor tweaks and that this one is the real?
  5. orion24

    WD new Black line

    I've been rather demoralized by the development race in HDDs, but after the laugh last years WD4001FAEX gave me, I've been rather pleased to watch the review of the new black edition drive. Even though still far from what I'd want to see, as this is the first performance upgrade from WD after 5 years old 2TB Black edition. I'm currently out of storage and will want new large drives soon. But I don't know if these drives will fit in my system. SSD is for the OS drive. A RAID-0 array of 2 1TB Velociraptors is for the gaming drive and the rest are pretty much for pure storage. Maybe these drives would be an overkill for storage and I might opt for other 4TB drives. It will depend on the price difference.
  6. OK now, I've heard Windows 8 has native support for 4K drives. Do the "Advanced format" drives work as "native 4K" drives under Windows 8?
  7. 1 - No problem if the HDD has finished it's job (that is usually 1-2 seconds after the OS reports the file transfer is finished) 2 - Again if the HDD is not writing or modifying anything there is no loss (except the one in the main RAM) 3 - No problem at all. But the less it moves, the better. 4 - Same as 1 and 2 Both hardware and software are designed not to avoid, but to limit problems like those. Eg the OS usually prefers to disable the HDD write back cache by default (less performance) just in order to limit the data loss probability in case of a power failure. Personally I loved it the way it was with AT and MS-DOS. You just pressed the off button and it was turning off without ifs and buts. And it was your responsibility to make sure floppies and HDDs had finished their job. But it was too easy at the time. You always knew what was running in your PC and when. Right now there are so many background staff silently going on that it drives me nuts. BTW, using an external HDD, the main thing I'd be worried about is overheating. Not only does it have no fan, but it is inside a tight case as well.
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    LOL. I was just checking the storagereview frontpage. It seems I forgot to do it for a few days.
  9. orion24


    ? Storagereview did review this drive and I missed it?
  10. orion24


    Yeah, it annoyed me as well. Same goes for anything that automatically starts playing with the sound on, or popping a new window right in front of your face.
  11. orion24


    http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/wd4001faex-4tb-review,review-32604.html AHAHAHAHAHAHA. LOL. Maybe they should have called it ultra-black edition instead
  12. orion24

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    Mid next year is your guess? Every year since 2009 I've been saying to myself that the release should be right around the corner. As of now, I've quit guessing and I will not be surprised even if they never release them at all (and dumb the high performance parts, maintaining only the WD "Green", "Red" and just one of the 7200 RPM lines). If their 4TB black is really a Hitachi rebrand, what can I say? That they never actually researched their own successor to the 7200RPM 500GB platter? And shall I also assume that they did not send the 4TB black HDD to reviewers? If it really is a Hitachi rebrand, it would explain why
  13. orion24

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    The Thailang flood is a joke, they used it for HDD price fixing. We won't see the HDD market we had in the past again, it seems. HDD makers have merged in 2 major companies and they can very easily issue price fixing. The SSDs have affected them for good, but if they don't resume the development in the pace it was in the past, then SSDs will catch them up capacity-wise as well
  14. The last part I'd expect to be damaged from "shaking" is the PCB, unless you had static electricity on your hands. It's a bit surprising shaking caused a problem to it in the first place. What kind of shaking was that?
  15. orion24

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    Speaking about cooked, I forgot about the fact that the air inside also plays part in transferring the heat outside the drive. With out it, the only cooling way would be via radiation, that is far from enough. And apart from the goose, you would have the whole thing cooked.