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    SSD Reviews?

    yes, it is very strange that Eugene acts as if SSD's do not exist, or that het does not care about them..... As for testing, HMTK, he can easily get some samples as others do, so your reply is very very strange..... Jeff
  2. jeff_rys

    Overwhelming X25-E Performance

    hi Sasfan, could you fill up the drive (saturate the cells) and then do the test again? thanks Jeff
  3. maybe they ran antivirus program you get for free on the internet? The problem with those free antivirus programs (like Avast), they do not remove the virus, they remove the file, at least so it was for me. I had a virus in my Outlook, in my adresses and the whole file was gone. So restored it, bought Bitdefender and that one only deletes one record. If i where you, never ever use a free antivirus program. Jeff
  4. jeff_rys

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    6 6 6, allow me to disagree. 1)although i use 6 OCZ Core V1's on a Adaptec 5805 controller since june 2008, i must say that this setup works great in a Raid0 config. Back then no Intel or Vertex what so ever. 2) Thanks to the card cache, no stuttering. Anyway not only Intel X25-M or OCZ Vertex (SLC coming soon) are great, but as i posted somewhere else the PB22-J from Samsung (MLC) also is. 3) Take 4 SSD's of those mentionned above in a Raid0 setup with a Raid card and BLOW your Velocity's away. Jeff
  5. jeff_rys

    Crucial 64GB Solid State Drive

    i think you could use this: Jeff
  6. jeff_rys

    Muslim intensions in Europe

    Yes Jgrge3, you are right about the mexicans, but at least they are not so "agressive" religion wise. Obama wants Turkey as a member of the EU, so 70 million moslims (not all radical) will have the possibility to live in europe. Obama is forgetting that the sooner europe is "invaded", the sooner the U.S. is next. Mexicans come to the states for a better life, muslims com to europe for the same (at first), but once they are with many, they want control over the country. Jeff
  7. If all the disks are from the same batch, then pretty good. one is a Maxtor Atlas, the other Hitachi Ultrastar. Both still under warranty. Jeff
  8. Well Abbas, i you can recover your data, good for you. I have 3 computers at home. The one used as a server has a Raid5 with 3 15K Scsi drives. One died on me, on tuesday. Nothing to worry....i have a Fujitsu spare somewhere i pulled out of a machine when in good condition. So i put in the supposed good drive to replace the broken one. No hot spare here, so shutdown, replace, and restart. Suprise, suprise, then Fujitsu does not work anymore. Sometimes you have that when a drive is put away for 6 months. BUT, a second failure occured. Now how are the odds for that to happen. So, bye bye data. One days work gone thanks to the back-up. So i guess you are a lucky guy, recovering the data. Jeff
  9. Well Scott, although we are not friends, so it seems, i must admit that your knowdledge is......impressive. The only thing i can say is.....keep them coming. Jeff
  10. jeff_rys

    SSD's = Defrag is a thing of the past?

    he Scott, "So, if you have a raid 5 array and are stupid enough to ignore the SMART warnings, and not smart enough to access it in read-only mode to get data off, sure, you could have problems predictably in the future." I can understand that i make mistakes, which i will admit off course. We are all here to help each ohter, but your words above are not correct so it seems. Here is the text on Anandtech: IN THE NEAR FUTURE Intel will be releasing its own SSD tool that will let you query two SMART attributes on the drive: one telling you how close you are to the rated cycling limit, and one telling you when you've run out of reallocating blocks. The latter is the most important because Intel fully expects these drives to outlast their rated limits. Meaning that the SMART feature is not on there drives YET. Jeff
  11. jeff_rys

    SSD's = Defrag is a thing of the past?

    Yes Scott, Intel is probably the best value for money SSD. Just saw the specs on the Intel site. Jeff
  12. jeff_rys

    SSD's = Defrag is a thing of the past?

    Yes Scott: "Are you ignoring the drive that is cheaper, and a lot faster, than that one while being large" if it was me i would be the Memoright 64 gb. So 2 of them instead of one 128 gb. As for Intel, cheaper then the Memoright that's true. My Cores costed me €308 a piece and i am happy with them. Jeff
  13. jeff_rys

    SSD's = Defrag is a thing of the past?

    Even more ignorant misinformation. SSD's don't die like physical hard drives. With a hard drive, when it dies you basically lose EVERYTHING unless you go to a data recovery expert. With a SSD that dies due to writing too much, it simply enters read-only mode and disallows writes. Long before that happens SMART will have alerts and warnings that any decent OS or RAID controller will detect. All drives can completely die if the connectors or chips on them break. But a SSD is SIGNIFICANTLY safer storage than a physical disk unless your data is precious enough to pay for a data recovery expert, which will know how to get stuff off a broken hard drive but getting stuff off a SSD requires more knowledge and expertise that just isn't around these days. Hard drives often die within a few months to a year of use, and if they make it past that time will last for 10 ish years provided they aren't started and stopped too often or twisted axially violently or subjected to too many G-forces while they are turned on. Solid State drives, other than a few specific models that have had serious issues with quality, will simply work and last until THEY TELL YOU that they are dying, before they actually die. So, if you have a raid 5 array and are stupid enough to ignore the SMART warnings, and not smart enough to access it in read-only mode to get data off, sure, you could have problems predictably in the future. Thanks Scott, i did not know that. Now i feel more confortable using Raid0 with SSD's of course. Neverteless, many companies claim that there drive will probably last for only 5 years, so in fact SSD's are very expensive if they do. Jeff
  14. jeff_rys

    SSD's = Defrag is a thing of the past?

    ok, reply from Diskeeper Support: "Thank you for the mail. Please note Diskeeper can defragment the free space on all the versions. It does it more effectively on the higher versions. Also along with this the data is also defragmented, which would reduce the erase write cycles of the SSD’s. We can enable the low free space defragment engine and run Diskeeper in short time frames to consolidate the free space fragments and reduce the impact on the SSD. I would recommend waiting for another month, when the new Diskeeper 2009 is released, it would have the functionality to detect the SSD state and consolidate the free space only. " Jeff
  15. jeff_rys

    Solid State Drives - what to buy ?

    True, OCZ gives serious problems when you put this in your laptop.....unless you use a MAC.... I had to put my 6 Cores in Raid0 to avoid hang-ups using Raid50...... But maybe OCZ will find a solution and fix the problem some have. Although i doubt they will take back a few million SSD's. Jeff