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    Where to get Seagate 15k.4 FIRMWARE?

    I have 3 ST336752LW s that I'm trying to use for uncompressed video on an SGI... I can't access them in any way because of the IBM firmware. Seagate doesn't seem interested in giving me the firmware. does anyone happen to have any that I could try? I'd really appreciate it. my email is my username at yahoo.
  2. someone got 511MB/s with 12 74GB drives on SGI IRIX with xfs (obviously) sw RAID with a dual 600MHz Octane.
  3. cp5184

    An Overview of Testbed4

    I'm surprised I have to do this, maybe when the test bed was being prepared Tyan didn't have these boards, but check out the Tyan K8WE and the K8SE. I'm not sure if they've got NCQ support on the integrated SATA controllers, but they certainly fit all your other criteria. spilled milk at this point I suppose.
  4. the first thing I would look at, is wether the workstations are set up to use jumbo packets.
  5. cp5184

    Snafu In The Tiki/faq

    so there was a baldur's gate map load benchmark? what were the numbers? does RAID 0 help when you're playing a game, and loading a level?
  6. cp5184

    Hdd With The Quitest Idle Noise

    try the 18GB barracuda ES 2. it's got a 36GB platter that doesn't use a large portion of the inner sectors, it's one platter 7,200 RPM with only 2MB cache, but it's got great seek times, and it's quieter then the ATA barracuda IV, and it's SCSI. I want one so bad. 2 bels (20 dB)
  7. cp5184

    Hdd's Raid And Performance Question

    sounds like what you want, is a 7,200K drive with 80, or 100GB platters, and 8MB L2. that or a 74GB Raptor. the smaller raptor losses out to the max throughput of larger drives iirc, but somehow just by changing the firmware and whatever else they did, WD made the 2 platter Raptor's max throughput jump incredably.
  8. http://www.storagereview.com/php/tiki/tiki...3513a33598babcd "So, how do you tell what games might benefit significantly? It isn''t easy unless you have some knowledge of how the game works internally. For example, Interplay's "Baldur's Gate" series, as well as games based on the same engine (Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale to name a few) benefit from RAID 0 because the levels that they load are essentially huge bitmaps. Because the hard drive is reading one large data file in a linear fashion (as opposed to the heads having to move rapidly back and forth to access many different files), sequential transfer rate is all but the only factor effecting loading speeds. Some other games benefit to a lesser degree. " I'd have agreed with that too, until I saw http://tech-report.com/reviews/2002q4/ideraid/index.x?pg=9 Jedi Knight level load time? normal 19.92 RAID with 2 drives 19.94 raid with 4 drives 20.74 and windows boot? normal 45.06 RAID with 2 drives 52.96 raid with 4 drives 47.66