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  1. thy.flesh.consumed

    F/S Dell 6Channel Cerc Raid PCI-X + Hard drives

    I know the items are sold, but out of curiosity, is 2810sa backwards compatible with 32bit slot?
  2. thy.flesh.consumed

    MX510 precision

    The motion glider should be in the middle for optimal performance. If you slide it to the right, windows will extrapolate the mouse motion and you get jerky mouse movement like you do when mouse moves several pixels at a time. If you are absolutely sure that you've tried everything on your PC, then get your mx510 to a new computer, set motion glider to middle position, uncheck "enhance mouse precision" and try both ps2 and usb ports with NO drivers. If the problem persists I'd say you got a defective mouse.
  3. thy.flesh.consumed

    wd2500jd noise like silenced bell appearing random

    Go to silentpcreview forums and look the whiny 3200JD thread in the silent storage forums. My bet is you're having exactly same problem, listen to the mp3 recording to be sure.
  4. thy.flesh.consumed

    Up 24h/24: Seagate 7200.8 vs. Hitachi T7K250

    I don't really like hitachi so I'd say go seagate. I have 250Gb pata 7K250 and it constantly meows, and every once in a while it produces a very loud click which is extremely similar to how the drive sounds when it parks the heads, but I don't know it for sure. In any case I'm weary of such loud clicks in the middle of nowhere, a drive shouldn't park its heads while working. I wish I wouldn't have bought hitachi now. The only good thing is it was very cheap after MIR.
  5. thy.flesh.consumed

    Looking for New strorage Drive

    Whoa, that's some extreme overclock you got going there... Anyway, there are plenty of hard drive options out there, just browse newegg, zipzoomfly and monarch, they have a lot of choice for hard drives and prices are relatively low. You mobo should have at least two sata ports, which I'm guessing are taken by the raptors, if you mobo doesn't have more sata ports then yes, you would need a PCI SATA controller should you wish to buy a SATA drive. BTW, I'm selling 320 SATA WD over here if you are interested
  6. thy.flesh.consumed

    Seagate 7200.8 Uh Oh

    Strange, I got 400Gb in one of my PCs and it's been working 24/7 for the last 30 days, no problems... I've never heard of BB restoking returned/used stuff. In truth, the only retailer I know that restocks returns is FRYs.
  7. thy.flesh.consumed

    Putting together a new pc and having a problem

    Look up the beep codes for you mobo, what does one continuous beep mean, and go from there...
  8. thy.flesh.consumed

    GeForce 6800 & AMD64 2800+ combination

    It's fine. If you want to play games though I'd suggest picking up another 512 stick because doom3 swaps like crazy on 512Mb.
  9. thy.flesh.consumed

    New 500Gb Hitachi drives announced

    Yuck.... 7K500 will be using 5 platters. They have the 125Gb platters as evident from T7K250 drive which uses only two platters, why not use four platters instead of five? So I'd rather stick with 400Gb Seagate which uses only three, should be much quieter.
  10. thy.flesh.consumed

    2 versions of 250GB Hitachi 7K250

    I've asked newegg once about this, they said it's just two different shipments. It was long ago though, if they indeed had two different shipments I would expect they would have sold one already.
  11. thy.flesh.consumed

    The 7200.8 thread

    No program is available. Hitachi Feature Tool says AAM is not available on 7200.8.
  12. thy.flesh.consumed

    In defence of WD

    Power surge most likely will take out only HDD PCB. The platters themselves will probably be intact so as long as you find another PCB you should be fine... As for WD replacement I've personally received a re-certified drive from them and I also don't consider it "new".
  13. thy.flesh.consumed

    WD 200GB or Segate 200GB?

    If WD is fluid-bearing then go with WD (it won't be much louder than seagate), otherwise I would suggest Seagate.
  14. thy.flesh.consumed

    How to place "my music" outside my documents?

    I don't see a problem.. Don't delete the folders, just the content...
  15. thy.flesh.consumed

    300GB Maxtor 16MB 1 month old already whines

    I don't think you should be concerned. It's the bearings or motor that whines and it's not that uncommon - every drive can develop whine, even fluid bearing ones as I have learned myself. It is regrettable because the whine is extremely annoying, but it's nothing life-threatening.