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  1. Does anyone know whether either or both the 3Ware 9560SE and Areca ARC 1220 controllers permit on the fly expansion of RAID 5 or RAID 6 arrays? I currently have four Western Digital WD5000YS drives that I've been using standalone, but plan on buying four more and using them in a RAID 6 array of eight drives. That leaves me with the dilemma of how to transfer approximately 1.5 TB of files from these drives to the new array while at the same time being able to incorporate the existing drives into the new array. Ideally I would take the four new drives and build a RAID 6 array, then transfer data from one or two of the old drives, then place the old drives into the array and rebuild across the added drives, repeating as often as necessary. Yes, I have a backup of the most critical files (maybe 700MB) stored on another system.
  2. Eli Johnson

    RAID 6 vs. RAID 5 + Hot Spare

    I'm not really looking for the better perfomer. I was just curious about whether RAID 5 plus a hot spare might offer any advantages over RAID 6, whether it's in performance or some other aspect. As it stands, I'm planning on using RAID 6.
  3. Eli Johnson

    RAID 6 vs. RAID 5 + Hot Spare

    Care to elaborate?
  4. Eli Johnson

    RAID 6 vs. RAID 5 + Hot Spare

    So one advantage that RAID 5 would have is better write performance? Makes sense. Can I assume the read performance of RAID 6 should be better given the added spindle?
  5. I'm setting up an 8 drive SATA array that will either be configured RAID 5 plus a hot spare or RAID 6, with each incorporating all 8 drives. The chassis and controller both will have an 8 drive capacity, so all bays and connections will be utilized. In either case, I likely won't keep an additional cold drive on hand, so consider that if there's a drive failure it will likely be a few days before I receive a replacement drive. What would be the advantages of one setup over the other? The way I see it, I may as well use RAID 6, but maybe there's some reason to use RAID 5 with the hot spare.
  6. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for a 2U chassis that will hold 8 SATA drives and use discreet (rather than multi-lane) SATA connectors. I'll be using an Areca 1120 or 1220 controller. Two that I'm looking at: Chenbro RM21508B CI Design SR 208 Very similar in design. They both have room for one additional fixed hard drive, which I would use for the system drive.