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    Raptor 150GB : Clicked to Death

    Thanks guys. Warranty cover is indeed in place. I have started the advanced RMA process. I am a very happy bunny as believe me the drive I'm using at the moment is nowhere near Raptor speed although I'm sure a modern drive would be considerably better. Cheers, Fairy
  2. fairyliquidizer

    Raptor 150GB : Clicked to Death

    Guys, My system disk was a Raptor 150Gb purchased in February 2006. I am still searching for the purchase details however should it be covered by Warranty. For around a week I was getting crashes/blue screens/random reboots which appeared to be due to my video drivers but I wasn't sure. Finally the system rebooted and the BIOS wouldn't recognise the system disk (raptor). The Raptor from this point on was just Clicking a lot but doing nothing else. (not bootable/visible from BIOS). I have got my machine back up and running using a 6 month old disk image and an old 160Gb drive Maxtor Diamondmax (or whatever they are called) 9. The new drive is slow and will need replaced. Should the Raptor be under warranty (it is not the X version)? If not under warranty, are there system drives of around the 150/160GB size that are fast? I have just been made redundant so don't have money for a new Raptor. Thanks, Fairy
  3. fairyliquidizer

    320Gb SATA Drive

    Thank you very much. I had just been looking at the WD3200KS which looks like a good choice for my needs. I know that it's irrational (like all the "I don't buy Maxtor" people) but I can't bring myself to buy a Hitachi after the experience I had with the IBM 65GXP so I'll skip that. I think your recommendation of the WD3200 is a good one and I am going to go with it as the drive seams well balanced and is after all only going to be a backup repository. Thanks, Fairy
  4. fairyliquidizer

    320Gb SATA Drive

    Hi! I'm looking for a 320Gb SATA drive. I'd like it to be quiet, cost effective and perform well (in that order). Performance isn't the most important aspect as it is for saving Acronis True Image stuff to (it will be my Secure Zone). I fear the new Seagates appear to have seak noises even worse than my Raptor X and that will just annoy me (the RaptorX is only acceptable because I use a headset when gaming!). So I want the biggest drive that offers good bang per buck and although 250Gb is better value having considered my needs I think 320Gb is the sensible minimum size for my archive disk. So to cut to the chase could you guys give me some advice? I can't wait til the next Storage Review roundup until I buy. Thanks, Fairy
  5. fairyliquidizer

    Drive Spin Down for Peace of Mind

    cool thanks. Now to buy a big, cheap drive
  6. Are there any drives/setups that I can use as a backup repository only on either my desktop or media server which will spin down entirely to silence/near silence when not being accessed? Basically I fancy the convenience and speed of an internal SATA drive but without adding to my noise levels when not in use. I have a feeling my Maxtor Diamondmax 10 may spin down when not in use but this may just have been a geeky dream. The intention is to use this drive purely as a secure zone for Acronis True Image backups (image and file). I see this as a cheap and high performance alternative to my usual option of USB enclosures. Fairy
  7. fairyliquidizer

    Perfectdisk and Layout.ini Question

    can anybody explain the difference?
  8. Hi! The Perfectdisk help files are not enlightening me. If I select "Let PerfectDisk manage" under Advanced Options will it optimise the prefetch/layout.ini files or do I need to select "Let PerfectDisk manage all the layout.ini files"? Which setting is recommended? "Let PerfectDisk manage. - if selected, PerfectDisk will optimize the location of the files needed to start your computer. This will decrease the time necessary to reboot your computer. If not managed by the Operating System or PerfectDisk, your computer could become unbootable if a file needed to boot the system is moved beyond the BIOS limit of your computer. On Windows XP, this is a subset of the files listed in the layout.ini file (i.e., only those needed to boot the operating system). " OR "Let PerfectDisk manage all the layout.ini files (Windows XP only) - if selected, PerfectDisk will defragment, and place all the files listed in the layout.ini file in order, starting at the beginning of your disk. This list contains all files loaded by Windows from the second you turn on your computer until about 1 minute after the desktop appears. This list not only contains the files needed to boot, but also the applications you routinely start after the system has booted." Thanks, Fairy
  9. fairyliquidizer

    Buying Advice Sought

    I had to buy it to stop my head "thinking" about it. I'm trying not to think about the money (which I had, I don't buy anything on credit) but I usually go for bang/buck (which the Maxtors are usually very good at and I avoid Deskstars as my 65GXP had a short life and a painful death and wasn't the quietest). Now that I've crossed the line and committed I have to admit that as an enthusiast I would be lacking if I'd never done the 10k RPM Raptor thing. :-D Fairy
  10. fairyliquidizer


    I think he means he's using the MS rather than the nVidia ones. Personally I think it's a driver setting that wont be found in the MS drivers (but I don't know). Personally I use the nVidia drivers and the current drivers are excellent much better than the early buggy drivers and cause no problems on my nForce 3 mobo. Including DVD ripping.
  11. fairyliquidizer

    Buying Advice Sought

    I think you are right. The benefit doesn't justify the cost and my DM10 seamed very fast ... however I'm going to be silly ;-) I've always wondered what a Raptor feels like in use so I took the plunge. The tests show that the transfer rate doesn't drop much on the Raptors. I'll soon know if they are all hype or make a noticable difference. Thanks for your advice and sorry for ignoring it. I just had an urge to try one. Fairy
  12. fairyliquidizer

    Buying Advice Sought

    Hi! I needed more space on my data drive so my Diamondmax 10 300Gb is now the data drive and the 160Gb Diamondmaxplus 9 is now my system drive. The +9 takes much longer to boot and seams less responsive especially during game loads. Is this to be expected? I am thinking of buying a faster drive and am toren between: 150Gb Raptor at £205 or another Diamondmax 10 300Gb (6V300F0) at £79 I really cannot decide. What would you do? Does the performance benefit warrant the price? Thanks, Fairy
  13. fairyliquidizer

    Maxtor MaxLine III 300GB - 7V300F0

    I have the SB300S0 on my MSI Nforce 3 motherboard and it's great. Have moved it to data disk usage now, but am missing it as the 160Gb Diamondmax9 that I am using as system disk now seams VERY slow.
  14. fairyliquidizer

    Lost Some Disk Space: Help Please

    Fixed it using Testdisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/index.html?testdisk.html. The partitions hadn't been properly deleted. I must have forgotten to resize or commit changes this time.
  15. I used to have an Ubuntu linux partition and I used the Ubuntu install tool to resize my C: drive so that could go back to Windows 100% and have been happily using Windows on it since until I was planning on putting a large amount of data on my PC and checked my partitions: I'm missing almost 100Gb!!! How can I repair this? I don't mind if it's a new partition or the current one but I need it back. Ideas? Fairy