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    Seagate Achieves 16TB HAMR HDD

    They likely use 8-9 platters which is good that they can seemingly handle a drive with 16-18 HAMR heads. But yes, a capacity bump needs to come NOW. Do 20TB with 5 Disk should be their goal.
  2. fallbreak

    Seagate Achieves 16TB HAMR HDD

    Where does Seagate say they built 40,000 drives? That seems like a lot of 16TB units. Or is this total HAMR drives built so far?
  3. 9 Disk! Wowsers.. The designs looks very similar to WD HelioSeal products, no?
  4. Why no mention all these new 10TB drives are helium based?
  5. So what's inside? You didn't open it up like the Seagate 1200.2.....
  6. Performance data is here: http://www.hgst.com/tech/techlib.nsf/techdocs/9FE5F7F0917244B888257E58006C9906/ Performance Data buffer (MB) 256 Rotational speed (RPM) 7200 Latency average (ms) 4.16 Interface transfer rate (MB/s, max) 600 Sustained transfer rate (MB/s, typ.) 157 (read), 68 (write)* Seek time (read, ms, typical) 8.5**
  7. Appreciate your review for the external SMR drive.
  8. fallbreak

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    The product manual link with much more detail is here: http://www.seagate.com/www-content/product-content/hdd-fam/seagate-archive-hdd/en-us/docs/100757960c.pdf Still wondering - and this review underlined it even more - why Seagate sells these also as single 8TB USB3 external drives. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178682
  9. So, seeing the sneak peek of the RAID stuff - then I really would like to see performance of those 8TB SMR USB3 drives they sell on Newegg. They must perform just absolutely horrible?
  10. Any news when the review will be up?
  11. Sweet. If possible, USB 3 speed would be nice to know, too. I expect them to not shine so bright.
  12. Looks like Seagate's 8TB SMR drive can be bought in USB 3.0 enclosures. Curious to see the performance for random tests. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178682&cm_re=8tb-_-22-178-682-_-Product
  13. PMR. You don't really want SMR in your drive. Performance takes a dip, especially anything random. Maybe fine for archiving but that's it.
  14. Little birdies tell me the OEMs have little interest due to the price structure presented to them. Also, there is no 9.5mm/2TB 2nd source available yet.
  15. I want to have access to a ~50GB Lotus Notes database on a portable device. The database is in NSF format and contains about 150k documents. I would use the search functions a lot to find and locate files. Means a lot of (random?) I/O My laptop is a X201, sadly a bit dated. USB3 is not built into the X201, I'd use a Seagate USB3 Express Card. I want to explore these options, happy to hear any other suggestions: a) 64/120GB SSD via USB3 64/128GB USB3 memory stick (I/O questionable) c) 64/128GB fast SD Card via the built-in card reader (I'd love this if the I/O performance would be good enough) d) copy the file onto the HDD (not possible) So, I assume random access is vastly better on a SSD vs SD card vs USB memory stick. AHappy to hear any thoughts, suggestions, etc..THANKS!
  16. Budget is about $100 so no real showstopper. A decent 128GB SSD with USB3 enclosure can be had for less. Would then plug it into the I almost want to explore SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SD card, but can't seem to find the Card Reader. Since the X201 laptop has USB2 only, can I assume the card reader won't be faster, either?
  17. Thanks for your reply brian. 1) It's a 55GB single database file. The storage device only sees the "file.nsf" Contains 150k email conversations, including all kinds of attachments. 2) Correct, data integrity is not really an issue, I can grab the file from a back-ups pretty much anytime again (however, super slow connection to that server -> the reason to have the local access. 3) I will be the only one working on this file. Lotus Notes would do the indexing, lots of searching manually/and with built-in search functions - eventually found items wound then be copied to the main machine. I have worked with large files like this in the past and the more raw I/O power the better/faster. The snappier the better.
  18. The Datasheet is online MrS. Soon, they certainly will post also the full Product Manual. That amount of detail is industry leading IMO.
  19. fallbreak

    LaCie Fuel 2TB Announced Discussion

    Nice to see how Seagate is implementing their M9T 2TB 9.5mm drives in a variety of solutions. I really like this drive.
  20. fallbreak

    LaCie 6TB drives

    Nice catch! Thanks for posting!
  21. Yes, I am aware that Seagate is pushing the 6TB Air (maybe they really should call it that..haha) since the CEO promised it in the last investor call. He is used in many environments for HDD production (seal checks, etc..) and lots of it is used for assisted servo track writing. Not everywhere and not by everyone but the companies know the price, availability and handling of this gas very well. Yes, the He drives are supposed to be overall quieter. The air turbulence inside drive which generates the majority of the noise floor just isn't there, He is so much lighter. However you might hear icky pure tones better or more distinct. Anyway, acoustics should not be a problem and a benefit that comes for free. I don't know the design exactly, but the 2nd cover welded on the top gives some extra protection as well. Most interesting for me is the long term reliability of these drives. And not just that He will leak out slowly. As for the HDD industry, I think it is great such technology is finally applied and actual available drives exist, it is a bold step for them to go He. Ad for the storage industry, we will see ow they will be able to address the clould's 'cold storage' demand. Cheap, slow, power saving, huge capacities. He drives are certainly in the opposite direction.
  22. Really the next step should be 6TB with Air.
  23. Do we know if this has both read and write caching enabled? I came to the conclusion to not call anything hybrid anymore with only read caching.
  24. Oh my.... pretty bulky, heavy and thick. The design of the enclosure doesn't help either. Looks like someone had a bunch of 15mm enterprise targeted drives around and didn't know what to do with them..