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  1. Pete84

    300GB Atlas 10K V

    WOW, how did you come by such a monster??
  2. Pete84

    New Nvidia Card Anytime Soon?

    ATI and nVidia have their own bridge chips, the nVidia one capable of bridging an AGP core to the PCIe bus and also converting a PCIe core for the AGP bus. So no.
  3. How about ski zee ? There is no "u" in SCSI, ski zee is a pronounciation of the letters . . . my 25C
  4. EDIT only 1 drive left: Seagate ST336704LW 10,000 RPM 36.4GB U160 SCSI
  5. Well, these drives have served me well, but I am in need of some extra cash. School has cut down on my hours at work, so my loss will be your gain All items are working pulls, garunteed money back non-DOA. [1] Adaptec 19160 controller $35+shipping [1] U160 80 to 68 pin adapter Image for both items $5+shipping [2] Seagate ST336704LW 10,000 RPM 36.4GB U160 SCSI drives $15+shipping each [1] Seagate ST336706LC 10,000 RPM 36.7GB U160 SCSI drive $15+shipping [1] Seagate ST318451LC 15,000 RPM 18.35GB U160 SCSI drive $15+shipping Image for the 2 drives [1] 4 connector, terminated MSI cable $5+shipping [1] 2 connector, terminated Adaptec cable Buy anything, get this free!! Image for 2 cables Heat PJM84 I prefere to ship USPS, but shop around to find the best rates. Shipping is postage + packaging, when applicable. ISP email is
  6. Pete84

    SCSI 320/160/etc

    The heat from SCSI drives is an issue for me. I have two 10k and one 15k drives in my case, and it has a lot of cooling [6 80mm fans] but the case temps have soared with the drives now. The flat ribbon cable is most likely a part of that, but there is more heat being dumped into the case, so be warned.
  7. Pete84

    Format SCSI disk

    I can see it in Device Manager, under the "Hard Drives / Disks" tab, is that what you mean? Thanks!
  8. Pete84

    Format SCSI disk

    I finally got around to seting up my SCSI disks and controller, and have so far put a Cheetah on it, but have not been able to format and assign an drive ID for Windows for it. I am able to test the drive with HD Tach and it is listed as "This device is working properly." In HD Tach, there isn't a alpha designation in front - just (). How do I get the drive recognized by the system? Thanks, sure will be nice to get this going right!
  9. Pete84

    19160 Code 12

    I was able to get my Adaptec 19160 card into my system and load windows, got the windows supplied drivers installed, but when I restarted, the controller was not functional. The status in Device manager is a code 12, here is a link to the screen shot. How can I get it to work? Thanks!!
  10. Considering that those IDE -> SATA convertors are not a straight line design, but have the board sitting flush with the hard drive, it should fit in your case.
  11. Pete84

    Seagate 300GB IDE @ Best Buy

    The Maxtors have 16mb of cache though, you have got to love that.
  12. I just got done working the truck at my local Best Buy, and noticed that there were two 300 GB hard drives on the shelf. One Seagate and one Maxtor. The latter had a 16mb buffer, and when I go in tommorrow to pick up my schedule I'll try to get model numbers and such.
  13. wow. wish i had the money.
  14. Pete84

    AMD readies Athlon 64 price drop

    Nice guide there, very well laid out.