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  1. Just for fun, i have a link for you, in case you have more hdds to wipe out: TheNail.
  2. I prefer Hitachi drives too with all the IBM years of know-how and innovation behind them, but i have an IBM Deskstar which is close to failure now and i wouldn't want to bet again on the technology which almost made me lose my data... Until they make at least one batch which can stand 5 years without a high-failure rate, i'm not gonna buy any drives from that brand. TheNail. edit: And yes, the Seagate drives are more reliable.
  3. My 5-year-old computer could load battlefield 1942 faster than any other computer at a LAN i went to last year. The difference? I had 512MB while the rest mostly had 256MB of RAM... and it's just PC133 RAM So buy more memory, your hard drive can't go any faster that's for sure. TheNail.
  4. Even if reliability is not a factor, everyone hates to lose 300GB of stuff, and reliability rhymes with Seagate... I'd go for the seagate over any other drive these days. I have 2 300GB 7200.8 drives right now. TheNail.
  5. Nicely informative article at Anandtech about SATA II and its misconceptions. TheNail.
  6. nail000

    hard drive is beeping at me!

    My guess is that hard drives don't have any sort of speaker, last time my hard drive beeped at me, it was actually the read/write heads scratching the platter, peeling data material off the discs little by little... *sheds a tear* My recommendation, professional hard drive recovery. CBL Tech gives a free evaluation if you send your drive, they'll tell you what they can get back... unfortunately they couldn't get anything back from my drive... *sheds another tear* So if you can't access your data right now, unplug the drive asap because you're peeling your data off the discs. TheNail. edit: Oh it's a code?
  7. nail000

    Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250GB failure

    I haven't had time to use it yet, it's just sitting in my unpowered main machine, cuz i need the other 300GB to partition and install Windows... i'm using my first 300GB seagate drive to keep the data i haven't lost, so partitioning it is out of the question right now. I'll post how it handles in a week or two, as soon as i install windows and deactivate the power saving mode (if it's enabled... haven't even had time to check it out) If power saving is activated on your drive and you want to deactivate it too, here's a topic explaining it. TheNail.
  8. nail000

    Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250GB failure

    yeah Aforce, I knew the heads weren't going back to the plastic thing where they rest when the drive is offline so they were most likely bouncing around in the drive. My second 300GB seagate drive finally arrived... I hope this one survives 'til my next computer purchase, in 2 years TheNail.
  9. nail000

    Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250GB failure

    Oh and also, i bought myself a new case, an Antec SLK3700-BQE (without the PSU) so now a 120mm fan is directly blowing on the (soon to be) multiple drives i have in it. however f@k|n lame that misadventure was, i'll now have dual 300GB SATA Seagate drives. <dream> In about 2 years, when LCD display technologies will finally give great gaming AND movie graphics (the latter being impaired by the new Overdrive technology), the drives should be cheap enough for the 1TB drives to be available. I'll then go for a nice little 4GHz Athlon FX dual core, with 4GB of ram, ditch the 2 300GB drives and buy myself a nice big 1TB drive (a Seagate drive if they continue making such great drives). Growl. :] </dream> 'til next time, have fun. TheNail.
  10. nail000

    Burn testing a hard drive?

    If you REALLY wanna test a drive, do the SpinRite week-long test, that'll get your drive to its hottest, make sure a fan is directly blowing on the hard drive tho cuz i think i blew my Maxtor 250GB because of the heat (it was in a corner of the case that doesn't get any airflow). TheNail.
  11. I agree, drives never do that noise on purpose, backup your data and return the drive. TheNail. edit: The parking area is not located on the discs, it is on the side in a sort of plastic retainer so the heads can't be scratching against something that doesn't move.
  12. nail000

    Maxtor MaxLine Plus II 250GB failure

    Welp... i sent the disc to CBLTech for recovery, and they retured it, saying that the recording layer had been scratched too much off the surface of the discs so the data is unrecoverable. FADIUVGFAIUEFGH!"$%/$&%/&?*T% Q/R hard drive! I bid you good day.
  13. nail000

    New SSD disk from Gigabyte

    no you don't get it... it will still be powered by the computer when it's turned off. The battery is just for when you need to UNPLUG the computer for extended periods of time. edit: stinker someone beat me to the punch...
  14. nail000

    Which option shall I take?

    As for me I'm a 1 game user, when i buy myself a new system in a year or 2, i'll probably consider buying myself Gigabyte iRAMs stack em with 8GB of RAM and install windows and games on it and keep a ghost handy on another drive just in case I shut down my computer for a long period of time... (which actually probably happened 3 times in the last 2 years) TheNail
  15. nail000

    Which option shall I take?

    I agree too... but if I were you i wouldn't buy 2 raptor drives... too noisy. I'd buy 1x 74GB raptor drive and I'd install OS pagefile and games on it, without partitioning it, anyway when you reinstall your OS you have to reinstall all your games as well, and i'd keep the 2x 120GB drives for long term data storage... but NO RAID! If you really want max speed and don't care about the noise, I'd go for 2x 36GB raptors in RAID 0 but I will never stress this enough: NEVER KEEP IMPORTANT DATA ON RAID 0 ARRAYS. I'd just put OS and games and stuff like that on it (no partitioning), while keeping all the important data on the seagate drives (not in RAID 0). So that way if your RAID array fails, you just reformat the ARRAY and reinstall your OS. Whichever option you choose, I recommend whatever HDD cooling you can find, you don't need expensive cooling but as long fan blows on them, it's ok. TheNail