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  1. Let me also add that this doesn't seem to be an isolated issue:
  2. For some reason "enable write caching on the disk" can be checked, but below it I see "this device does not allow its write cache setting to be modified". I have AHCI enabled in the BIOS as well as Intel Matrix Storage Manager installed. Is there something I'm overlooking? Motherboard is a Supermicro X7DAE (5000x chipset) and I have two Raptor X's with two Seagate 500gb 7200.8's.
  3. isochar

    Remote access behind NAT?

    Forward the port for the remote access software to the server.
  4. isochar

    need some help detecting a SATA drive

    Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management and prepare the drive...
  5. Do any of the vendors allow you to replace your unit with a brand new one? Every policy I seem to encounter is a refurbished replacement... :/
  6. Had you read the thread, you would have seen that two posters have already done so and recommended the workaround... (PS. It is
  7. There's a bug with version 10. If you look at the task manager, you'll see doscan.exe chewing up the cycles. This is caused by a pre-configured schedule scan at boot-up. If you go into the configuration menu, on the left-hand tree, you will have the chance to delete all the scans. Problem solved.
  8. isochar

    How hot are your 7200.8s?

    Link to those coolers?
  9. isochar

    How hot are your 7200.8s?

    My 7200.8 400gb IDE unit is cool to the touch. According to speedfan it is 35c, but so are my 15k.3s... so I do not believe that to be accurate.
  10. Could you point out which vendors have it instock?
  11. isochar

    The Newest SCSI's

    Seems there are a lot of assumptions in there, but I'm no expert. Perhaps MaxtorSCSI could confirm whether your assertions are true...
  12. isochar

    The Newest SCSI's

    I personally appreciate the catering towards the workstation market, of which I am a part of. The performance numbers so far look great (waiting for the Atlas 15k II), but I wish they could've kept the noise & heat at or below levels of the 15k.3.
  13. isochar

    Fujitsu MAU3147

    Might want to wait and see what the Atlas 15k II has to offer...
  14. isochar

    Fujitsu MAU3147

    If you erase "even" then "however" should go too. Only comment/complaint is that the Seagate drive wasn't shown with the desktop mode on in the desktop benchmarks.
  15. Someone care to sort through theInq's poor wording choice(s) and clarify this?