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  1. Forget setting any Terminator-Jumper on the U160 Drives. On the one end the Controller terminates and on the other end the Active LVD Terminator. It maby can making conflicts. Try always install the drives on the cable | Terminator -> Highest ID (ID:6) -> ID:5 -> ID: 4 and so on...... Dino
  2. Right, i also think like you. :wink: Or you may own an XP Pro license, and simply not want to put up with activation bullcrap.
  3. Sorry, but not i have made this. The forum server. Dino :oops:
  4. The f*ck XP-SP1 has now my cool running , as Dynamic, X15-36LP lowered to write 8,5MB/s. Read is ok at 58MB/s Sure ? YES I AM SURE :evil: . Dino
  5. The f*ck XP-SP1 has now my cool running , as Dynamic, X15-36LP lowered to write 8,5MB/s. Read is ok at 58MB/s Sure ? YES I AM SURE. Dino
  6. I heared the new Seagate Cheetah X15 will come. What du you think about the drive ? :?: Dino
  7. Hello all, searching a Board for AMD XP CPUs with more then 1 PCI Bus and more then 2 64/66 PCI Slots. :?: :idea: Thx all in front Dino
  8. Long time ago in a far land(Austria in Europe) i have worked in a company. I learned programming in this company. We had 2 Servers (486DX-33Mhz) in the best PC-Case i ever seen. The looked like two tombstones. Black with a socket, inside UPS. I don't know the brand of this tombstones. But i know the have won a design price. The brand was 3 Letter with a blue planet and one ring (maybe NCR or NCI) like the saturn. Anybody know this server-case :idea: or if not i need a better looking PC-Case ? :?: Dino (Sorry for my english)
  9. I hope you mean X15 36LP. And don't forget the new X15 (the 3rd) is in the start hole. Dino
  10. 40MB/s, the problem is not solved. The X15 36LP must have rates approx. 58-63MB/s(depends on controller). Dino
  11. dino

    80 to 68 pin adapter

    I have done this with 15K IBM i bought cheep. Important: The adapter must be designed for LVD. :!: Then all is OK. Dino
  12. Yes, that is true. The caching of a NT-based system is very effective (i use XP). Forget RAM-Disk. I have tested it with a Backend-Database (200Mb) on NT4.0. I put it in a RAM-Disk because i thinked the random access time would be better. Nothing. Maybe 1-1,5% faster. And don't forget the NT-Based Systems need the pagefile for stability. The write data in it, before the write it, for example, in a file. If the System crashes and you boot again the data will be restored from the pagefile. Better you spend your money in a little bit faster HDD's and the advantage is yours. :idea: Dino (Sorry for my english)
  13. Hi, the Mylex AcceleRaid 170 is a single channel U160. It can handle transferrates up to 160.000.000Bytes per sec. (Not 160MB/s). If your HDD's together are not faster (Peak) then approx. 160MB/s you don't have a problem. A Seagate X15 36LP can transfer up to approx. 60MB/s. In some burst scenarios more. If you have 2 of these Drives all is OK. 3 Drives, and the controller is a bottleneck. Dino
  14. I worked very long on NT4.0 WS. Best MS-OS ever build. But it was not more up to date. The i used W2k. I missed the performance. Ok had better features than NT4.0, but i thinked W2k is just anything between NT4.0 and ?. Then came XP-Prof. I was impressed (I used the same Hardware). It is fast (if you give it enough RAM) you can make ALL with it. I am developing DBs. Unfortunatly i bought me SCSI-Contr. and Drives. The problem was i use XP and Win 98SE on the same computer. Win98 for Internet, Mail, and Internet Games on FAT32. XP for developing DBs, Grafik, DVD, Programming and other things. If i have XP and Win98 on the first HDD i must use Basic-HDDs. But otherwise XP is much faster, better than W2k. Now i must have W2k again. Because i use XP(W2K) and 98 at 50-50%, and i hate it to change the boot-device on the controller. I can't wait for XP-SP1. Then i can kicking the between Nt4.0 - "W2k" - XP. Bye dino