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    Ok this is doin my head in. 80pin/40pin? wtf

    Ah this gets interesting. I found out what the 39-40pins are for. I havent yet found out what that extra 40th wire that doesnt have a pin do, or if its there. Why would any1 include a 40th wire that doesnt do anything? Surely that would add to costs? Also it becomes more confusing because some of the pins are ground, that means the connecting wires are ground. So why would an 80wire cable have a pair (an extra wire for ground); to reduce crosstalk? Might have to find a white paper or something.
  2. StorageHobo

    Ok this is doin my head in. 80pin/40pin? wtf

    Cheers guys. U really cleared this up for me. I can sleep better now. U really dont what this means. I seen pros, ppl I really respect call them 80pin and just sometimes I had the feeling that the tech world produced something I was totally unawares of. I felt like I spent the last 10 years living in a cave. Totally out of my depth. Thanks a plenty. PS I'll try and figure out why its 39pin rather than 40pin. Although it doesnt bother me as much as the 80pin fiasco.
  3. I really need this cleared up. Im going insane. I been to a number of tech? forums. Visited sites like cdrinfo (which I really like, dont get me wrong). Googled, even thats stressing. I was normal b4 but now, Im starting to question my existence> I dont get it!!!! Is there such a thing as 80 pin ide cable???????? I always believed there was only such a thing as 40pin40wire and 40pin80wire cable. But NEVER 80 pin????? I even corrected a number of ppl on other forums over this, but it looks like a pandemic. Sometimes it seems that Im the only person one this planet who thinks theres no such thing as 80pin ide cable. Even cdrinfo, my trusted site calls dvd/ide cable 80pin even on their latest reviews. And when I troll back its there all over the place. I feel like the last man standing in invasion of the body snatchers. Its like aliens have invaded our tech communties and pertutrated this 'fact'. Hell even Im believing in it. That is until I come to my home, my storagereview. If any1 can save me its u guys. Please tell me Im not going insane. *lays down in foetal position and sucks thumb*
  4. StorageHobo

    Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 40gb Failing

    Well I just left it for a few minutes then booted up from cold again. No weird noises and normal spin up whine. Checked my "spin up retry count" from active smart again. It just went up by another notch to 214. But still under the 223 threshold. So I decided to push my luck. I repeatedly shut down my machine and booted up from cold and checked my smart attributes every 3-4 boots. The attribute went up 2 notches everytime!!!!!!! Now my "Spin up retry count" is at 229 and I get no more "imminent failure" messages and most of all no weird noises!!! Whats more its never gone down, its just going up. Hmmmm, my old baby is now making a miraculous recovery. And using my headphones as some kinda stethoscope I can hear no weird noises still. Well I just thought I'd share with u what I changed. I was running a 450 Mhz P3 rig with an old BX mobo. Its not overclocked and the fsb was running at 100 mhz. The max HD transfer is ata33. I removed the p3 and replaced it with a celeron 400 in the hopes that a 66mhz fsb might prove more stable for the HD. I also moved my other HD to one of my 5.25 bays and left this one in the 3.5 bay. I changed the PATA ata33 cable for a ata66 cable that came with the ata66 HD. Finally I cleaned out some dust from my system. Thats all hope u can find something useful from this.
  5. Been running my 54098U8 maxtor for years now. Ever since I activated power saving feature, just APM not ACPI, my maxtor "spin up retry counts" went down from 250 to 212, bypassing the 223 threshold. My other older maxtor is fine. Cooling is fine too. Every time I shut down my machine then start it back up again I hear these little beeps and repeated attempts to spin up the drive from the motor whinning noise, until I can boot in successfully. This has been getting worse. All the other smart attributes are ok. Active smart 2.41 trial gives me error messages saying my drive is about to fail, that I should back up my data immediately. So I went ahead and bought myself a cheap maxtor 80gb and now just waiting for it to arrive. I was opening up my case and re-organizing my components in preparation for the arrival of my new drive, then something strange happened.... My drive can now boot up from cold with no adverse sounds. I took a look at my active smart readings and the attribute went up from 212 to 213. This was strange! Its always been going down? I was still getting the smart imminent failure warning.