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  1. There is scant information on the net and most of it is conflicting, some people are selling it on Ebay but it's model number is: WD1500ADFD and I thought it should be WD1500ADFS??? anyone know definitively if it exists and how new it is?
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    The Samsung SP2504C hard disk drive is a 250GB SATA 300 monster. It is on test at Hardwaresecrets. It has a relatively small buffer - 8MB, a 7200rpm rotational speed, support for NCQ, two 125GB platters. This Samsung is one of the fastest out there - it hasn't been compared directly to the Raptor yet to my knowledge. It is 75% faster than the Maxton Diamondmax 16 250GB, which is a contemporary model. FYI, they were using Diskspeed32 as benchmarks tool. It is more expensive than most, but it is worth it.
  4. Because every benchmark shows a performance increase with it turned off, do a head to head comparison with ncq on and off in the performance database
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    smaller raptors getting new features?

    Sorry, didn't mean to excite you
  6. gundersausage

    smaller raptors getting new features?

    Good.... because I'd hate to beat you with my penis and risk the charge of assault with a deadly weapon
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    smaller raptors getting new features?

    The specific number is 7%.... not 7-10%.... is English your 2nd language?
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    smaller raptors getting new features?

    Then it is 7% not 10%
  9. gundersausage

    smaller raptors getting new features?

    Why would it be 10% slower if the platter size is the same?
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    smaller raptors getting new features?

    74GB Raptor with 16MB cache??? where did you hear that? No other site has mentioned it, let alone a retail outlet advertising it?
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    western 200gb or Hitachi 200gb

    Don't buy either I say. Get a Seagate with their now standard 5 year warranty. Also one of the quietest drives I have found. 200055[/snapback] Isn't the Seagate a dog in the speed department?
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    Stupid Question How do you Pronounce SATA

    It is not pronounced, it is spelt out........ S A T A
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    ATI RX480 new overclocking chipset champ!

    An impressive debut! another serious competitor means cheaper, better boards for us in the long run.
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    AMD readies Athlon 64 price drop

    Full run down of price drops, 754 3400+ in the sweet spot
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    AMD readies Athlon 64 price drop

    The socket 754 3400+ is fantastic value.... same clockspeed as the 4000+ and I reckon dual channel is worth about 3-5% and 1mb cache another 3-5%.... just throwing money away on the 4000+ for not a lot of performance
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    AMD readies Athlon 64 price drop

    Are the prices on that page the current prices or the projected prices after the price drop?
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    The Death Of Raid

    "RAID helps multi-user applications far more than it does single-user scenarios. The enthusiasm of the power user community combined with the marketing apparatus of firms catering to such crowds has lead to an extraordinarily erroneous belief that striping data across two or more drives yields significant performance benefits for the majority of non-server uses. This could not be farther from the truth! Non-server use, even in heavy multitasking situations, generates lower-depth, highly-localized access patterns where read-ahead and write-back strategies dominate. Theory has told those willing to listen that striping does not yield significant performance benefits. Some time ago, a controlled, empirical test backed what theory suggested. Doubts still lingered- irrationally, many believed that results would somehow be different if the array was based off of an SATA or SCSI interface. As shown above, the results are the same. Save your time, money and data- leave RAID for the servers!"
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    What Asus board is better?

    I'd go MSI, they are the best Athlon 64 motherboards going at the moment, nice sexy black pcb too
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    Hitachi 250 GB SATA died again what now?

    Wait for the Seagate 7200.8 with 16mb cache mmmm
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    Delayed Write failed and slow performance

    I had this problem with a Radeon card on both Intel and AMD motherboards, go to control panel - system - advanced - performance - settings - performance - memory usage - and uncheck adjust for best performance of SYSTEM CACHE, AND CHECK PROGRAMS Dont know why but it causes a conflict with radeon cards
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    High End Speakers?

    Iluv my Klipschs, if you are an audiophile you should'nt be listening to crappy downloaded music anyway
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    quiet + cool + performance hdd

    Wait for the Seagate 7200.8 with 16 MB cache memory to come out... mmmmm
  24. gundersausage

    Fastest Processor

    Hands down best bang for buck processor at the moment is the Athlon 64 3000+, you can get a cheap Abit KV8 Pro motherboard and overclock the bejesus out of it
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    Recent Mysteriously-lower Hd Performance - Help

    My hard drive performace dropped dramatically a few weeks ago, I reformatted and it was back to full speed, maybe you have a virus?