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  1. An example of power consumtion data being incorrect would be just about any WD drive that has been around a bit... Since WD change their drive internals with each new platter generation, but dont always update their model numbers or spec sheets their data often appears grossly incorrect (might as well be looking at a completely different drive).
  2. blakerwry

    Using a 1Ghz epia for software raid

    Oh yeah... 95% of the time... I would increase this to 24/7... no reason to shut down the server except for hardware upgrades.
  3. blakerwry

    Using a 1Ghz epia for software raid

    Linux RAID4/5 will probably be faster, however the NIC drivers might be slightly slower or not support jumbo frames ;-) just my experience. Be aware that an AthlonXP or Duron, especially if underclocked/undervolted will probably run faster and just as quiet as a VIA if done properly. has a thread of motherboards which let you do this... haven't checked it in a while though. However stock speeds on a slower AthlonXP and a good cooler can certainly be silent as well with the right cooler. I would suggest you try Windows first and run some tests, then switchover to linux and see what you get. Your main concerns should be network speed and array write speed. It sounds like you are expecting to use PCI gbit cards, which run cheap ($15-$20), but will probably only give a final result of 20-30MB/sec. If you went with CSA or PCI-E gbit you might be able to get another 10-20MB/sec out of the server. Which is another reason to consider an AthlonXP.
  4. blakerwry

    Bring back the FAQ button!

    feel free to play with the photoshop version... apache seems to think it is a plain text file, so you may need to right click and save as... if anyone knows the fix, let me know.
  5. blakerwry

    Bring back the FAQ button!

    Blank: Faq: Reliability database Photoshop version
  6. blakerwry

    Intel Desktop Board D850EMV2

    Is that a joke? or did you not see the link on the page that stated processor support for that motherboard?
  7. Do both 16x PCI-e slots on that board have 16 lanes, or is it a mix of 8/8, 16/2, 16/1? Each board can be different so you may want to consult your documentation.
  8. Do both 16x PCI-e slots on that board have 16 lanes, or is it a mix of 8/8, 16/2, 16/1? Each board can be different so you may want to consult your documentation.
  9. Last time I looked I could get decent PC3200 cheaper than I could get comparable PC2700... only by a buck or so, but that should sho you there is basically no cost difference. I usually stick to name brand but mid priced RAM like Crucial, Kingston value ram, and maybe Corsair value select.
  10. blakerwry

    Ethernet slooow

    At best over 100Mbit you'll transfer 1.2Gbytes in about 2 minutes, at worst maybe 10 minutes. I assume there is definately something wrong with your setup and would suggest you double chek that your two network cards report 100Mbit connectivity, full duplex if possible. Also, you might try disabling AV and firewall protection in addition to monitoring CPU usage and HDD LED activity on both machines during the transfer to try and isolate the issue.
  11. blakerwry

    BX Chipset Work With A 200 GB HDD?

    You're asking for data corruption there, the bx chipset wont be able to access more than the 1st 120GB, if the OS tries to access further it could likely wrap around and delete the beginning of the disk by mistake... on the best case it may only mark those clusters past 120GB as bad and unusable in the file system. Meaning that if you move the drive to a new controller you'll have to reformat the partition to regain those clusters.
  12. blakerwry

    RAID ECC Errors

    It may be possible to use a newer/bigger drive like the 7k250. 3ware could probably let you know if their controller would accept such a substitution.
  13. blakerwry

    Gbit connects at 100Mb

    yup, my Realtek 8169's allow me to force Gbit.. same for my Intel and 3com.... What card doesnt allow you to force gbit?
  14. I ran into a similar symptoms on a SiS based board when I enabled/disabled legacy USB support in the mobo BIOS.... dont know why, but the promise and SIIG controllers I tried would no longer recognize drive's attached to them when the setting was set one way (dont remember which).