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  1. I am building a new rig and soon my old IDE drives will be available! I am thinking of using the old IDE drives for backups and like to buy a firewire enclosure - I have the following questions: My proposed setup 1. I will buy 2 external hdd enclosures with IEEE (at least two ports on each enclosure) 2. Connect the first hdd enclosure to my computer (thru IEEE) and use the other IEEE connector to connect the 2nd hdd enclosure Can I do the above setup? Will the computer see the IEEE connection as one drive letter? Are there any limitations as to how much external hdd enclosures I can daisy chain? Do I need a power supply for each hdd enclosure? Any other ideas???
  2. vsk

    Silence Your Hd For 5cents

    Suspension is not new - Lot of discussion can be found in Here - However I do not prefer suspension because It is prone to movement for which the HDD may not be designed! - Many may disagree! For suspension of my HDD I use EARS grommet. To start with pick a silent HDD like samsung SP1614C sata drives and use appropriate grommet! This works for me I cannot hear my HDD at 2 feet!
  3. bfg9000, Thanks for the insight! I have decided NOT to enable hyperthreading in my w2k prof installation.
  4. Chewy509, Thanks! The bottom line: Do your recommend hyperthreading to be enabled
  5. I am aware that intel does not recommend hyperthreading in w2k pro! But has anbody done this installation? Any experience to share??? My rig: ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe CPU Pentium 4 - 3 Ghz 800 mhz 1 GB memory
  6. Thanks sgrossklass I am happy that nothing is wrong with my HDD!
  7. I just setup a rig with P4C800-E Deluxe and samsung SP1614C 160 GB X 2 RAID 0 and I can't even hear the HDD spinning! This is definetly quite. I am yet to install the OS but my first impression is this is a good silent choice. This also comes with 3 year warranty!
  8. I have a samsung SP1614C 160GB x 2 SATA drives in RAID 0 configuration in my ASUS P4C800-E deluxe mobo. When I use CTRL + I the reported capacity is 149.99 GB on each for a total capacity of 299.99 GB - Is this correct?? Where has the 20GB gone??
  9. Windows system file conflicts - I want my database and video partition to be prestine! Once I have it working I do not want any other software running in this partition so that there are no Window file conflicts! It has been my experience that sometime when you start installing new software some files are overlayed and the old software behaves differenlty
  10. I have the following setup: 1. P4C800-E Deluxe 2. 1024 memory 3. ATI 9800 PRO AIW video card 4. sata samsung SP1614 150 gb x 2 hdd I am planning to have w2k os professional edition. Here is my partition info (proposed): 1. NTFS primary partition - active - W2K Professional 1: My regular installation - 20GB 2. NTFS primary partition - W2K Professional 2: Video editing apps - 12 GB 3. NTFS primary partition - W2K Professional 3: Database Apps - 12 GB 4. NTFS Extended / logical - Data 1: Regular Data - 40GB 5. NTFS Extended / logical - Data 2: Video & Lossless Music - 200 GB 6. FAT32 Extended / logical - To house norton ghosts - 15 GB My idea is that if I have SEPERATE w2k os in a partition for say video and database (2 and 3 above) I will not get into any conflicts - Is my assumption true? Any suggestions are welcome. Is this a good idea???
  11. Sorry the url was wrong.. the correct url is mentioned below I quote" I have attached the HDD to the ICHR5 sata connectors in the mobo. Did setup raid 0 vol in BIOS - CTRL + I clearly identifies the RAID 0 strip and mentions the 2 hdd. Something like FIRST screen shot shown HERE"
  12. I have the following setup: 1. P4C800-E DELUXE ASUS MOBO 2. 1024 CORSAIR MEMORY 3. SAMSUNG 150 GB X 2 SP1614 SATA HDD I have attached the HDD to the ICHR5 sata connectors in the mobo. Did setup raid 0 vol in BIOS - CTRL + I clearly identifies the RAID 0 strip and mentions the 2 hdd. Something like FIRST screen shot shown here Did a makeboot from OS disk. I am doing a CLEAN INSTALL of w2k professional and did press F6 to install the VIARAID makedisk floppy that came along with mobo - Since I am not using promise connectors did not install promise drivers. Then the OS asked me to put in my OS disk. Once the disk was put in I get the message as in first screen shot something like SETUP DID NOT FIND ANY HARD DISK DRIVES INSTALLED IN YOUR COMPUTER....blah blah blah Can somebody walk me thru this installation??? Thanks
  13. Oops $26 for one connector This is damn expensive! I have this for $6 Here Yes I can use two of this for a 10 minus 1 connector - I am still hunting for the 10 minus 1 combined connector.