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  1. genRelativity

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    I decided to check the progress of our UD team and I find this?!? As e_dawg said, you guys are all traitors! You had me believing that it was more for the cause and not the stats as I see now… Well I’m going to continue to contribute (Five – P4s) to (UD) since we still have a long way to go. The truth reviled: SR team is really just a bunch of stat junkies. You sure fooled me two years ago…
  2. genRelativity

    Wow, so I guess the ASUS P4T533 is a dud....

    I have two of these boards, and have not had a single problem. This is the first time I have even heard anything bad about them. Perhapes my boards are of a newer Rev.?
  3. genRelativity

    SR's UD team: summer calling!

    Well, you guys have convinced me. I joined last Friday. I currently only have one machine (1.8ghz) running the UD agent. How big of a role does HD space play? I currently only have 1 gig allocated. In defense of my theory, I would have to say that it wouldn't be much of a risk to UD at all. Such a small portion of the whole is one any individual computer, that it would be very hard to de-compile and reconstruct the algorithm. Not even to mention that if they are using some form of data encryption, it would make it nearly impossible. Don't judge me wrong though. If legit, I think this is a very admirable cause. I had a younger brother that died of cancer. The reason any of this is an issue to me is because I don't want to contribute to weapons research in any form. I believe that all life is precious, and I am completely against the killing of any human lives. Besides, we already have enough firepower to destroy our planet and ourselves many times over. - genRel
  4. genRelativity

    SR's UD team: summer calling!

    Before I setup my computers, I have a question. Does anyone realy know for sure that our CPU time is going towards the research against cancer? I know this is out there, but they could be using it to increases the effectiveness of nuclear bombs for all we know. (Not that they need to, but you get the point.) If someone can squash my theory, please do.