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    Maxtor Maxline 3

    i read the anandtech review too. even with ncq they only had one benchmark where it did ~10% better. many times ncq actually did worse by a few percentage points. maybe in the future ncq will be better but now it seems to be no difference or a slight negative.
  2. i stopped this test as it would have taken hours to complete and in fact had already taken an hour or two. i think these tests confirm i need a new hard drive.
  3. actually i am downloading winbench as we speak. 20 mins left as i am on a modem. will post back with some results.
  4. i've had it at least a few years(when i got my pc 1ghz was the fastest cpu iirc) so i fear you my be right. i'm pretty sure the warranty ran out. it's about time to get a new pc anyways...
  5. i'm trying to figure out how to raise my minimum hard drive speed. i've already done most of the basics(turning on dma, proper udma modes, etc) but as you can see from below something seems terribly wrong. the drive is rated udma 66 but something is holding it back. my cdrw only has a 40 pin cable so that may be limiting it to 33MB/s if i understand things correctly but my main concern is getting the minimum speed up to an acceptable level instead of a paltry 0.1MB/s(which may be really 0 for all i know). there shouldn't be huge gaps inbetween transfers since the drive is a diamondmax plus 40 ultra ata 66(2mb cache, 7200rpm, 9.0 ms average seek time). the only thing i can think of is perhaps my power supply isn't up to snuff and the drive constantly has to wind down due to lack of power. some my basic system stats - 750mhz athlon slot a(iirc, it's the first athlon that came out), 128mb pc133 ram, win98 se, gf1 ddr, sblive! value, 250watt psu, and my motherboard is a ms-6167, chipset amd 751, southbridge amd 756. i have attempted to run maxtor diagnostics but i couldn't complete any of the tests which is pretty weird considering all of them were supposed to take under 30 mins. one test that was supposed to take 90 seconds i let run for 2 hours in hopes it would finish and tell me something useful. during all the tests it seemed like the drive just stopped but my system was still responsive(i could quit the tests). i just defragged the whole drive recently without any problems using the built in win98 defragger and i use this pc everyday to play games and surf the web without problems. the only thing i have noticed is slow hard drive performance.