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    Acer laptops

    Acer TravelMate TM4151LCi looking at this right now. how is the customer service and warrantees n stuff? thanks
  2. RaioNz

    Help on finding MAPower Dealer

    yeah newegg has some but not the one in the link [] thanks anyway
  3. Hi, Would anyone know where I can get this http://www.mapower.com/Product.asp?CateID=73&LineID=10 ? thanks -J open to other suggestions for a sata to usb2 enclosure. thanks
  4. erm.. how is that a good idea when a sata enclosure (which includes the transfer stuff inside the case) cost less than that? thanks -J
  5. If you get a USB2-SATA cable or enclosure, the speed will be around 20-30 MB/s (mine is), if you need fast speeds there are also Cardbus (aka pcmcia) SATA cards that will get you more speed - however if it is a 3.5" drive you need external power for it. Also looks like some of these Cardbus SATA cards may not support hot-swap/plug. If you find a firewire 800-sata enclosure/cable with ext. power and have fw800 in your laptop, that would be hot-swap and quite fast. 215875[/snapback] Right now Im not trying to move stuff INTO the laptop but wants to access the drive from the laptop hence the enclosure. any recommendations? thanks
  6. ok now i found a couple of those external enclosures for sata to usb the qn now is i came across several that the reviews mention some of them have problems being recognized by different computers so is there a highly recommended external enclosure? i hav a sata 160gb thanks
  7. Three likely source of problems like this is:1. Processor overheating - check the processor temperatures, 2. Voltage instability, PSU problems - check voltages with a voltmeter/multimeter, 3. Motherbord faulty - for example.. leaking/bulging capacitors or overheating MOSFETs (voltage regulator section).... Hmmm... 215807[/snapback] the only thing i know how to check for is the bulgin cpacitors how do i go about checking the volts? as in where do i touch the terminals of the voltmeter to?
  8. I have the exact same problems. I hav an antec 350W PSU so I didnt think PSU wld be the problem. even when I restart you only hear fans whrring. no beeps nothing. I have to totally off the machine n wait for awhile before trying again. When it freeze seems to be random. It even froze while I was in BIOS. Whats the problem? thanks
  9. I did not provide enough information. But what Im asking is how can I have the sata drive as an external harddrive?
  10. im switching over to a laptop and trying to figure how i can get stuff from my sata to the laptop/ thanks
  11. RaioNz

    laptop suggestion

    This probably isnt the best place to check out laptops. but it'll be great if someone can p point me to a 'lap top' community. anyway, am looking for: -no gaming intended -most intensive app will prob be adobe photoshop. no CAD no programming -mp3, some movies -browsing. -requires bluetooth, wi-fi, dvd-rom only basically looking for a laptop that looks good and is to be used for 'entertainment' i detest dell. thanks
  12. RaioNz

    Unknown errors

    The freezing thing is the more critical problem now as it freezes when im in the middle of doign things I have not added any new hardware so power cannot be an issue I have disabled all power saving options. i formatted the harddrive and was reinstalling windows when it froze on me, so is this almost definately a sign of hardware issues? i assembled the computer myself but never managed to get the harddrive light to light up [] one thing that stands out when it freezes is that the keyboard does not respond when i hit the num lock key. i have replaced my keyboard but i still encounter keyboard error occasionally. pls advice.
  13. RaioNz

    Unknown errors

    iI disabled the hibernate option already, no luck will try the diagnosis tool when i get back after class but the suddenly freezing thing is happening more frequently now?? is it a symptom of anything?
  14. RaioNz

    Unknown errors

    When I leave my computer on for long period of time (eg: when i sleep) it goes into a comatose mode similar to a standby or sleep that doesnt wake up. At first I thought it was some cranky harddrive shutting down power option so I off it. Now its getting worse. It restarts by itself and freeze once on me. Please advice thanks
  15. RaioNz

    Barebones Vs Oem

    alrite, hav u actually tried using those refurbished ones.?