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  1. New Netopia R7200-T Router - $80.00 shipped Sony 21" GDM-F520 Monitor - $1,075.00 shipped Retail Soundblaster Audigy Gamer-$65.00 shipped 4-Corsair (CM616DR256) 256MB RDRAM-$75.00 each shipped Retail Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad-$45.00 shipped Custom PC Power & Cooling (Intel) 475XE Power Supply-$155.00 shipped Retail 2-Yamaha 3200SZ CD-RW (IDE/SCSI)-$150.00 each shipped OEM Plextor UltraPlex PX40TSI 40X SCSI Internal CD-ROM Drive-$75.00 shipped Retail Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card-$55.00 shipped OEM Modem Blaster V.92 PCI-$15.00 shipped 2-256MB Mushkin High Performance DDR PC2100 ECC Memory- $55.00 each shipped 1-256MB Corsair (CM72SD256R-2100) 256MB DDR REG ECC Memory-$55.00 shipped Sony MVC-CD300, Sony LCS-MVC3 soft carrying case, Sony NP-FM50 Battery Pack - $510.00 shipped DR1478@SBC.COM
  2. Unfortunately, that review appears to be written and conducted by a five-year-old child. Anyway, I have both the UL3D and LSI's 1650 Elite controllers. The ATTO line is a hybrid firmware/software implementation that uses your CPU's processor. Because of this, ATTO recommends at least a 500MHz processor, which I am sure you have... During bootup, the onboard firmware of the ATTO controller handles the RAID functions. While in windows, Windows2000/XP handles the functions. The ATTO line is excellent and much overpriced. Keep in mind that ATTO had compatibility problems when used within an AMD and dual processor platform. The ATTO UL3D can be used as the boot device but ATTO does not recommend it. However, I used it as my boot device and had no problems. The new ATTO UL4D can be used as the boot device within Windows 2000 but currently is NOT supported in XP. They are working on that... This is the reason why I decided to not purchase the UL4D. Another frustration is that ATTO charges almost $300.00 for a DRIVER that allows the RAID feature. The ATTO line only supports RAID zero with the PC and RAID zero and one with the APPLE. I really like the ATTO line and recommend two Seagate X15's striped. This will virtually saturate a 32-bit/33MHz PCI bus. In addition, the ATTO UL3D is a 64-bit/66MHz PCI device when coupled with a 64/66 PCI slot will yield some killer performance gains. That is it!
  3. dr1478

    SCSI 15k RAID0

    Two things: TCD Labs have stated many times that HD-TACH is hit and miss with SCSI RAID configurations. I had the same concern prior to receiving this response from them. Second, almost all RAID controllers that implement the I960 chipset are not high performers. In fact, the performance is poor. Have you tried Iometer, or even Atto for example? Also, with your present configuration (striped), the amount of cache is irrelevant.
  4. dr1478

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    Well, I have both the SB and Phillips and I hate the fact that the Creative Labs installs all that crap from its CD and the only way to disable it is to uninstall it. It obtrusive. Its all bloatwear. One you install it, your screwed...
  5. dr1478

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    The boxes are the same there buddy... It comes in a really big box.
  6. http://www.computerbits.com/archive/2002/0...0/bair0402.html
  7. http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/989/
  8. dr1478

    Raid controller choice

    The adaptec RAID products are famous for being underperformers. They are more suited for stability rather than break-neck performance.
  9. dr1478

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    Lets change gears guys. What is your opinion of the Philips Acoustic Edge sound card? Id was using this sound card to demo Doom III.
  10. Circuit City has the Western Digital (special edition), 8MB 7200RPM 80GB hard drive for $99.00 after rebate.
  11. dr1478

    Large professional monitor, advice wanted

    I have the GDM-F520 and it is the best 21" available. If your looking for an LCD, take a look at the Sony SDM-X202/B.
  12. Retail 21" Sony GDM-F520 monitor-$1,171.00 Pricewatch $1,464.00 http://www.ita.sel.sony.com/support...ecs/gdmf520.pdf Retail Soundblaster Audigy Gamer-$66.00 Pricewatch $84.50 http://www.soundblaster.com/products/audigy/ 4-Corsair (CM616DR256) 256MB RDRAM-$83.00 ea. Pricewatch $118.00 ea. http://www.corsairmicro.com/main/pr.../cm616dr256.pdf Retail Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad-$40.00 Pricewatch $49.99 http://logitech.com/index.cfm?page=...19&languageid=1 LSI Elite 1650 U160 SCSI RAID Controller w/32MB ECC memory -$570.00 Pricewatch $712.00 http://www.lsilogic.com/products/st...id/elt1650.html Custom PC Power & Cooling (Intel) 475XE Power Supply-$151.00 PC Power&Cooling $215.00 http://www.pcpowerandcooling.com/pr...ndex_hp_atx.htm Retail 2-Yamaha 3200SZ CD-RW (IDE/SCSI)-$171.00 ea. Pricewatch $243.95 ea. http://yamaha.com/yec/multimedia/cu...rods3200SZ.html OEM Plextor UltraPlex PX40TSI 40X SCSI Internal CD-ROM Drive-$71.00 Pricewatch $101.00 http://www.plextor.com/english/prod...plex_40max.html Retail Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card-$49.00 Pricewatch $69.99 http://www.pcsound.philips.com/_acoustic706.html OEM Modem Blaster V.92 PCI-$11.00 Pricewatch $21.00 http://creativelabs.com/products/pr...gory=7&nav=spec 2-256MB Mushkin High Performance DDR PC2100 ECC Memory- $59.00 ea. Mushkin $98.00 ea. http://www.mushkin.com/cgi-bin/Mush...products/990772 1-256MB Corsair (CM72SD256R-2100) 256MB DDR REG ECC Memory-$52.00 Pricewatch $103.00 http://www.corsairmicro.com/main/pr.../cm72sd256r.pdf DR1478@SBC.COM Shipping not included. Prices are between twenty and fifty percent lower than Pricewatch
  13. dr1478

    Cheetah 15K.3

    Interesting. This week, Dan and Mike of Hypermicro, stated that they had no idea when they are going to get them in. If they do, they will probably have under twenty or so pieces. All of the X15.3 are currently being shipped to OEM’s. Hypermicro probably will not see any large quantity until late September. This is what Seagate has to say. Either way, I will have two shortly… dr
  14. dr1478

    Cheetah 15K.3

    Looks like there is a formatting problem with old PHPbb... I'll try again: The whole STxxxxxxLW hard drive story is a bit puzzling at best. As you know, there are currently three models of the Seagate 15K hard drive: ST318452LW; U160, widely available ST318432LW; only available at Harddrive.com for $240.00 ST318453LW; U320 15.3, not available at of this writing. The drive that Harddrive.com is selling is the first generation U320. For this being the case, you will see that the performance specifications is less than acceptable and in many cases, less than the standard ST318452LW U160 flavour. The story behind the ST318432LW is that last year, Seagate only released these first generation (depop), U320 drives to OEM's. As always, some of these first generation drives made it into the retail channel. Hence, Harddrive.com. Because these are first generation and the fact that the performance is less than stellar for an U320 drive, I recommend that you do not consider these for a purchase. Currently, the ST318453LW 15.3 is slated to be released on 09/01/2002 to OEM's. However, the ST318453LW is available, but EMC and Compaq have gobbled up all of them. I assume that only the "A" list SCSI resellers may be on the receiving end for a few of these, when this first shipments takes place. If not, expect to see these in quantity in approximately four to six weeks thereafter.