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    Raid-1 on different drives

    Well I'm pretty safe with backups in general. But if my bootdrive were to fail right now for instance, i'd lose 3-4 hours of coding work + i'd lose quite alot of time getting a new drive and installing all my software & setting everything just right. Some days i could live with such a setback, but other times (a little closer to deadline) this would not be so forgivable. I'd like to have the 0 downtime that raid-1 can offer (unless my whole computer gets fried ofcourse), but forking out another 180€ (+-200$) for an extra raptor is a bit much. Maybe i should get a regular 7200rpm 80gig and have a speed penalty, or maybe i shouldn't be so uptight with my money... Ah decisions decisions
  2. Simon

    Raid-1 on different drives

    Thats what i feared... But i just don't feel like 'wasting' a perfectly good raptor on a raid1 setup, its just a bit too costly for that. Should i not be so paranoid about data loss? Raptors should be alot more reliable than most desktop least thats what it says on the tin. I do make regular backups to another drive, dvd and i upload my most important files to my webspace. I was just considdering raid-1 so i would not have to reinstall my OS & all the apps & documents in case of drive failure. Is there a way to set my raid controller to just mirroring my boot drive to a secondary drive, without reading from this secondary drive? Or is there another sollution to my problem? thanks
  3. Hi all, I'm looking into the option to raid-1 my boot drive for added data security. It is a 74gig Raptor and i'm thinking of adding a regular 7200rpm 80gig drive. My question is if this slower 80gig drive will at all influence my raptor's speed in a bad way? Thanks for your time, Simon
  4. Ah thanks...that is indeed the easiest sollution. Why didn't i think of that
  5. Hi all, I'm running apache on winxp and I was wondering if i could make softlinks on it like you can on linux boxes with "ln -s". I know shortcuts, but they don't work outside explorer i think. Practically i want to build a shared code library for my PHP work. So i want to link to that library from within every separate project without having to copy the map. For obvious reasons. Is there a way? Thanks
  6. Simon

    Dell's 24" LCD Wide Screen

    Yes, i've seen reports that it is bright indeed. You can tone it down to at least acceptable levels though. At night screens can be too bright, but imagine an afternoon sun that hits the screen a little. Then a bright screen comes in handy.
  7. Simon

    Dell's 24" LCD Wide Screen

    I've been thinking of getting one myself. Although with recent promotions with dell its possible to get two 20" lcd's for the price of one 24". I'm trying to decide wich option to pick. 2x 20" would give me more viewable screen area, but on the other hand one 24" would be less awkward to work on compared to two screens. And if the 24" proves to be too small in the future, i can buy a second one (if i ever do need it). Could anyone weigh in their pro's & cons to this situation? I'm using my computer mainly for (web)development i.e. photoshop, flash, coding, video editing, ... so gaming shouldn't be a deciding factor. Thanks, Simon
  8. I'm surprised to see that you are getting help from some people on this forum buddylite. After all your ... idiotic misconduct and claims that this forum was for losers i would have thought otherwise. Maybe its time for you to behave now or to stop using this forum all together. I should know better than to reply to this cause i pretty much know what preteen reaction i'm going to get from you, but some things need to be said even if its feeding a troll.
  9. Oops, i kind of lost track of this thread. What i will be using it for is almost exclusively for web, and on the rare occasions i will need it for print, huge resolutions won't be necessary. I like crisp macro shots with a very shallow depth of field. For such pictures i need a large aperture and a rather large focal length. The dilemma is that if i go for a non dSLR camera, i don't have manual control over my apperture, but i do have the large focal length range. If i choose a dSLR camera, i have all the control i need, but i would most likely need to buy an additional telelens. Wich would make the total cost about 3x that of a regular prosumer camera. Problem is that i'm bothered by the poor image quality of normal prosumer cameras compared to even the cheapest dSLR. Maybe a canon powershot G6 or a sony v3 could get the job done for me, but i'm not sure about their quality...
  10. Thanks for the replies... been reading up on for a while now, indeed seem to be solid reviews. I think i'm going to go for the sony 717. Mostly because the 25x optical zoom and the forum claims that it is very good at macro's...the swivel thing will probably come in handy too. It seems the sony 828 is better at fast action shots, but that is not my primary use for it and i'd have to fork out another 200€ more ...
  11. ...some of the specs are in dutch, but its not too hard to decrypt i recon
  12. Hi all, Are there any digital camera enthousiasts / professionals about on these forums? If anymore could direct me to a quality site and or forum on digital camera's that would be great. Ofcourse i'm looking for storagereview standards, and not the likes of pcworld or something ...I might as well give it a go on these forums on the off chance there's someone with some expertise on the subject: Wich camera would pack the most punch for the bucks ;p. Its a short list and i know there are possibly better alternatives around, but i'm pretty much bound to this one store's list because i get insane discounts there. Being good at crisp macro's shots is a big plus by the way... NIKON D70 met lens (28-80) Kit 6.1MEGAPIX €1238,64 CANON EOS-300D 6.3Mpix - 32MB CF - With Lens €1092,00 SONY DSC-F828 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar T*®-lens (12 elementen in 9 gr... €1022,00 SONY DSC-F717 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® lens, 25x optische zoom, 10x ... €826,00 SONY DSC-V3 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar® lens, 4x optische zoom, tot 19x... €772,00 CANON Powershot G6 7.1Mpix - 32MB Compact Flash - 4x Optische Zoom €735,10 PENTAX Optio 555 - Digital camera - 5.0 Mpix - optical zoom: 5 x - sup... €680,29 CANON PowerShot G5 5.0Mpix - 32MB CF - 4x Optische Zoom €678,15 FUJI FinePix S7000 6.0 MegaPixels, 16MB, 6X Optical ZOOM €662,29 SONY DSC-P150 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®-lens, 3x optische zoom, maxim... €520,00 CANON PowerShot S50 5.0Mpix - 32MB CF - 3x Optische Zoom - 4x Digitale... €517,00 SONY DSC-T3 (3 x optische zoom, maximaal 12 x Smart Zoom, 6 x digitale... €517,00 SONY DSC-F88 (Roterende Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®-lens, 3 x optische z... €493,00 CANON IXUS 500 4.0Mpix - 32MB CF - 3x Optische Zoom €442,00 CANON IXUS 430 4.0Mpix - 32MB CF - 3x Optische Zoom - €412,15 SONY DSC-P100 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®-lens, 3 x optische zoom, maxi... €397,00 SONY DSC-W1 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®-lens, 3 x optische zoom, maxima... €396,00 CANON PowerShot A80 4.0Mpix - 16MB CF - 4x Optische Zoom €395,00 SONY DSC-L1 (Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®-lens, 3 x optische zoom, maxima... €366,00 HP PhotoSmart R707 Dig Camera/NL FR EN 5.1Mpix 36bit 24xzoon Sound & v... €358,10 SONY DSC-P93 (3 x optische zoom, maximaal 12 x Smart Zoom, 6 x digital... €325,00 CANON PowerShot A85 4.0Mpix - 32MB CF - 3x Optische Zoom €294,42 Thanks! Simon
  13. He's right. Putting stuff at the start of the drive will only give you higher throughput per second. Thats pretty much a non issue in 99% of the pagefile cases. More important is the time it takes for the drives heads to get to the pagefile and how they have to seek back & forth from pagefile to other files. So its better to put your pagefile geographically on the drive around the places where your other files are that are being used. It probably doesnt make a whole lot a difference anyway. Just install windows, update it, then set a fixed size pagefile and then fill up the drive with other stuff. What makes a greater difference however is putting extra pagefiles on different drives. This way windows will page only to the drive that is least busy.
  14. Ahaw, i got something. I used filemon to monitor what the drive was doing (its from the same company that makes diskmon (thanks for the tip balding ape)). I had to put it on advanced output though. Everytime i finish a task, like, say loading a webpage in my browser. My system makes short, small writes to: 22:56:13 System:4 IRP_MJ_WRITE* C:\$Mft SUCCESS Offset: 0 Length: 4096 22:56:13 System:4 IRP_MJ_WRITE* C:\$Directory SUCCESS Offset: 4096 Length: 4096 22:56:15 System:4 IRP_MJ_WRITE* C:\$BitMap SUCCESS Offset: 8192 Length: 4096 22:56:16 System:4 IRP_MJ_WRITE* C:\$LogFile SUCCESS Offset: 50315264 Length: 8192 Now i don't know exactly what those mean, but i'm guessing its windows internal traffic... logging and what not. Funny thing is i never noticed it in all my time with windowsxp. ...must be that nasty silentpcreview bug i have :@ Thanks for the help all
  15. Well i don't really care so much as to performance, but the noise just bothers me. If it pages, why would it page in small steps with 1-3 second intervals? Just to annoy people? It seems likely that it is paging though, because when the noise stops when i let it idle long enough and i open another browser window and start idling again, the noise returns. In any case, i'm sure its not spyware or a virus. I check for those. Is there a program that monitors disk activity and shows what file is being written to / read from? If i had that, then there'd be no more guessing Thanks