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  1. I've got an older "internal" Syquest Sparq IDE removable hard drive, like a Zip or Jazz drive. Anybody know if these work with USB enclosures? Thanks!
  2. I recently received a 40GB 7K250 drive as an RMA replacement for an older IBM drive that went bad. I promptly installed it into my Linux firewall/server not realizing that the drive would emmit the dreaded "meow" every 10 or so minutes. I thought it would be tolerable, but I can hear the drive meow in spite of the fact that I've got 3 PCs running in a relatively small room. Does anybody know if changing the AAM setting using the Hitachi "feature tool" will cure the "meow"? If not, I'll likely replace the drive, can anybody recommend the most quiet/silent 7200 rpm drive available? I don't need the fastest drive (heck I don't think my Celeron 1000 and Intel 810 could take advantage of the fastest drive), the box needs to be quiet more than anything else being a machine that's on 24/7. Thanks!
  3. f2racer

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    Sounds like the newer firmware don't have the cat's meow... Is there any way to upgrade the firmware on these drives? Thanks!
  4. f2racer

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    I just got a 7K250 (only a 40GB) which replaces a 60GXP which I RMA'ed back to Hitachi (although it was an IBM drive, it was still covered under warranty by Hitachi which was nice) due to the large number of bad sectors which developed on the older drive over the course of the last year. I'm getting the the "meow" sounds like everyone else. Not unbearable, but I made the mistake of installing the drive in my 24/7 Linux server/firewall/router... I've also had two IBM notebook hard drives fail. As far as I'm concerned, I'm gonna stay away from anything with the IBM/Hitachi name on it for a while. I've had much better luck with Seagate, Maxtor/Quantum and Western Digital drives. Heck I even have an ancient WD 850MB drive from about 8-9 years ago that hasn't missed a beat yet. BTW, what's the official word from Hitachi regarding the "meow"? I'll likely swap the drive over to the kids PC, but I'd still like some assurance that the drive won't crap out within a year...