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    180GXP 120GB w/ 8MB when?

    They are selling now in the UK / Europe at Komplett.
  2. In Europe all electrical goods must have 2 year warranties.
  3. Many people say they never have porblems with GXP75 but in the end they learn that within 4 years they WILL fail. Anyway the drive doesnt get any better I found that it will bet worse so backup your stuff FAST and ditch that drive its going to die.
  4. pericom

    120 gxp story (rambling, sort of)

    Could it be somthing to do with the glass platers unblanced and causing this noise ?
  5. Thanks Ill give it a try!
  6. I wanna backup my Windows XP and stick it onto other versions of windows so I have a nice DVD-R. Does anyone know how to extract the bootable portion from the CDR and put it onto the DVD-R with other files ?
  7. I dont know but I have created a DVD-R that was bootable before.. all I need to do is extract the bootable section from the XP disk then stick: win2000 winXP win98 etc All one DVD-R so I dont have to swap looking for my CDs heeh It can be done.. cmn peeps someone must know!
  8. Also has some reviews. Anyway I would get a "-" writer because the disks are so cheap! I know a lot of people trying to get you onto the + format but dont.. its not as compatible and is more expensive as they are trying to control the market.
  9. pericom

    120GXP owners: is this normal?

    Cos hes a sucker... ehehh
  10. pericom

    CDR Media quality

    TDK are one of the poorest media around ask anyone in the cdr newsgroups. Mitsui & Verbatim are kings of of media.
  11. pericom


    Why are there hardly any Turn-based RPGS on the PC ? PC games developers do nothing but dish out first person after first person ...
  12. I got a better idea.. why not buy an X-Box.. and get it chipped ? Its got a 733 P3, Geforce 3 1/2, DVD drive. Plus it has native Widescreen, Pal60 and Dolby 5.1 plus remote to handle your DVDs. A divx player has been released for it...but its currently in beta.. but I think that it can output a picture better than any TVout card due to its video encoder/decoder chips. Also its small, cool.. and is currently getting hacked to bits!
  13. pericom

    What is best to decrease compile time?

    1.4Ghz... I can tell you I have compiled Linux kernels and MAME.. and they are LARGE.. most of the time its in the CPU that does most of the work... so another vote for a 2Ghz CPU.
  14. pericom

    New disk benchmark software -- opinions?

    Feature request: Do you think you can make it test DVD-R disks ? Or if someone knows of any to benchmark my drive Pioneer 116.
  15. I ordered stuff from A while ago they are one of the cheapest in europe! Another vote from me for komplett!!
  16. I just watched / from they say they demoed a hacked X-Box in the UK. The death of the X-Box like the Dreamcast or the start of Bill Gates console domination ? What do you think real or fake ? (Who is the masked man ? Bill gates or a Sega Chief )
  17. You can not play X-Box games on a PC. That is the only reason that matters. I think a High Level Emulator like ULTRAHLE.. which played Mario 64 very well.. would work good on a PC.. as the X-Box is a 700Mhz Celeron with a Geforce 4.... surely no match for a 2.4GHz P4 with a Geforce 4 4600 ?
  18. Yes I would... I havent ruled out buying one.. just yet for its price the X-Box is very good value.. but its too chunky... the games suck. If Sony developed games for it then I would.
  19. pericom

    xbox hacked!

    Yeah its dup of this thread here: 8)
  20. I agree with you there.. X-Box games all suck. There is only 1 game that interests me DOA3. I prefer the PSX2 at least the JAPs know how to make games.. bill gates should continue to make lame OS thanks to his 1980s purchase of source code
  21. pericom

    Yet ANOTHER writable DVD format?

    But you know the wont as thats the whole reason the invented it: so they dont have to license any DVD stuff.
  22. pericom

    DVD Writer Comparisons
  23. pericom

    Death to America? Death to Palestine?

    No one has made this statement, or made this claim except for you. This is known as setting up a "straw-man". No ONE hmm didnt HMTK.. who I was talking to. And this is where you go on to draw a false conclusion based upon the "straw-man" you set up in the first quote. All of which is standard fare for debates, but as usual scores no points. It was a nice try though. No this is where u spout stinker and come to conclusions which are wildly off the mark. You was talking to HMTK not you.
  24. pericom

    Death to America? Death to Palestine?

    If you feel that thread has racist overtones by all means post your feelings over in that thread. It's completely off topic here in this thread. and who made you moderator ? He posted a valid reply. Does this mean that you have never made OT posts in threads ?
  25. pericom

    Death to America? Death to Palestine?

    Damn HMTK got here before me.... If the argument that people who are Pro-Palestine i.e. mostly Europeans and the Rest of the world.... are Anti-Semitists. Then the US/UK and Isreal are Racists.. and will ALWAYS support cacasian nations and white skinned people. Just turning the whole thread upside down. Damn fine posts HMTK!!!