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    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    hi there i bought the hitachi drive, with 160gigs and 8mb cache last week in vienna, i read on some page that europe drives are different. The Installation of the drive was no problem.. i set it as slave on primary IDE- Channel, master is a old Seagate drive 20GB. Bios accepted the Hdd. there was a little problem with my win2k servicepack 4... i had 128 gbs instead of 160 i searched the web for a solution and found one, a simple reg key... before the hitachi drive i had an older.. even older then the seagate drive... a maxtor 10 gb. after hdd change i though my computer is powered off.. i didnt here my computer at all. also there was no meowing sound, until something like 4 days.. my drive also start meowing.. but that sound isn't something bad for my hdd is it ? a friend of mine told me i should try this for him... but i read alot of articles of the gxp series, also my friend had one, which died in 6 months or something like that... yesterday he told me that 2 drives.. exactly the drives that i have died... @ reliability Survey... No i am afraid that, my hdd could crash early..., but i knew that the gxps series were not good... i have a bad feeling about this, but everything works fine, except the meowing sound. .., i think the speed of the hdd is very good, but my system is booting up very slowly, maybe my seagate disk is my system brake.. but i dont really know.. very well, the hitachi drive is very silent... even with case open btw. can you guys tell me if slow drives makes the system slower, even with a second fast hdd.. hitachi =slave, but the os is on the slower drive cYa TimmyX