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  1. Not according to the temperatures. It's only ~40-45 degrees C.
  2. Thanks guys! Is there a way to RMA without getting a refurb?
  3. Hi, I've had my Raptor 74GB since August, and since day 1 it's been giving me weird freezing problems. I thought it was to do with RAM and my shuttle SD31P compatibility but today when having the problem for a while I swapped out the Raptor and the computer is fine. SMART on drivei s fine, and WD DLG tools don't pick anything up. I wonder what can be wrong? The computer freezes every 1 in 10 or so until i shake it and repower on at POST. Sometimes it freezes inside Windows. When it freezes the HDD light stays on indefinitely.
  4. opq

    Soldering Jacks?

    I have a pump. But according to someone Apple has used Silver-based solder. When I heat it with my iron, it just bubbles but doesnt come loose. Is the boiling point of these solders higher compraed to traditional lead based sodler?
  5. Hi, I'm doing a soldering replacement for my Apple PowerBook's headphones jack. I ordered a broken motherboard of the same PB off eBay and saw that it has 5-6 soldering points like - - - - - - With capacitors, I heated one side and pushed the rest out, but that won't be possible with this, right? How would I go about doing this? Thanks! (P.S. my existing one has a bad sensor that makes my PB mute because it thinks headphones are plugged in even if they arent and Apple is asking for US$500 + $100 labor for replacing the board).
  6. opq

    RAID Chipsets

    Hi, just wondering, I know that if I plug a single HDD onto my Socket 370 MSI motherboard's RAID controller, format it and use it on a standard IDE channel, it won't read. This is because of the manufacturer independent code, right? But say I have a Promise onboard controller, and if I do a RAID 1, and the onboard controller fails, what can I do to get my data back? Can I use a PCI Promise controller? would those have the same algorithms for RAID?
  7. I've set up a 450x20 computing news ticker with flash to cycle the latest stories from our website, and was wondering if anyone's interested in using it for their website... Thanks!
  8. Hi, I have a 570 3.8GHz P4 Engineering Sample that lets me change the multiplier from anywhere between 14x and 19x (2.8GHz and 3.8GHz) - Do I save power and lower temperatures by clocking it at the slowest?
  9. opq

    Enabling DMA

    Wow, lots of replies.. Thanks for the effort guys! > Try a new 80 pin cable and retry your suggestions.. Perhaps your cable is bad, and your computer is automatically knocking your xfer rate down because of this. I've already done that. I've tried the box ASUS cable, and others that I know work. > Did you try NONE or CDROM yet? I've tried auto and CDROM for the device type, and UDMA 4 and Auto for the UDMA setting. > Strange. There appears to be an Application Accelerator for i915 from january 12 2005. If it doesn't install you should try the site of the mobo manufacturer or start complaining iif they don't have working drivers. Whether it's IAA 2.x, IAA RAID 4.x or Intel Matrox 5.x, none of them are compatible with my board according to the error I get when I run it. > I was trying to emphasize the multiple reboots between each change, because I found that necessary to make the change actually work. I always reboot in between each step. And for the last part by George, I've set it to Standard IDE, and enhanced support mode is set to SATA. Onboard IDE operate mode is set to Enhanced. Hmm what else cant here be?
  10. Article Source: http://www.pcnx.com/view.asp?685
  11. opq

    Enabling DMA

    Mockingbird/ericq, I've tried both your suggestions. No luck =( BIOS has been set to AUTO and UDMA before...
  12. opq

    Enabling DMA

    The Intel App Accelerator doesn't work for 915 chipsets and their Matrix storage utility won't install on my P5GD2 board. I already have those drivers installed. XP says 'Use DMA if possible' but it still uses PIO. I've tried reinstalling the DVD drive in Device manger.
  13. opq

    Enabling DMA

    I currently have a 915 board with a HDD attached to a SATA channel and a Pioneer DVD writer attached to the PATA channel. My question is, how do I enable DMA for my DVD drive? Nero's infotool reports it as being in PIO mode and transfers are extremely slow with 100% CPU usage. When I go into the Control Panel > Device Manager > IDE Controllers, only the channel with the hard drive shows the advanced tab that shows me the status with an option to turn on DMA. Oh and I am using XP MCE 2005
  14. Hi, is there any way to stretch a 16:9 video so that it fits and uses every pixel on a 4:3 resolution screen in Windows Media Player 10? I know you can do this with Gabest's Widnows Media Player Classic, but that program lags whenever I try watching something that's been burned to a DVD or CD (whereas WMP does not)>
  15. Nope, you can tell... not been thought out well at all (I can't even remember what I set the limits to :\) All details are given when you sign up for a free basic account (http://my.pcnx.com). Free service has always been available! You can sign up from the myPCNX page! I'm just prepared to give away more flexible account options to those who participate at the PCNX forum more Ripped straight from inside the Image Hosting panel: - Our basic image hosting plan that includes 15MB of disk space (100KB maximum per image) and 100MB of monthly bandwidth. This plan costs you nothing. - The Basic Plus! hosting plan includes 100MB of disk space (200KB maximum per image) and 500MB of monthly bandwidth for just US$4.95/month. - The Deluxe plan includes 200MB of disk space (500KB maximum per image) and 1000MB of monthly bandwidth for just US$9.95/month. - Need a top-notch service plan? The Premium plan includes 500MB of disk space (500KB maximum per image) and 2500MB of monthly bandwidth for just US$18.95/month. The latter 3 can be free if you are a regular at the PCNX forum As such a small community, I doubt we'd be able to compete with other peoples hosting. But what you get is friendly service, a simple ad-less myPCNX interface, a dedicated server that's hardly used with a 100Mbps connection... Oh and to answer your question: - i.e. not by replying here I was actually prepared to give it away for life, but you just made me thinking; it should be relative to how much one has contributed... I guess if you are always there, it'd be for life.