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  1. Oh, forgot to mention, the two drives that don't low level format and are the same Firmware revision are built with different chips and came from different sources. One uses agere, the other Lucent for the larger chips showing on the underside. Just thought I'd mention that. The one that is working fine uses agere. I took a Fujitsu MAJ 36GB out of the closet and it worked flawlessly in this system. It low level formatted and FDISKed without any problems.
  2. Update The drive that would low level format but kept giving me a divide by zero error in FDISK now has started working in FDISK. ??? It seems to function perfectly now and I am doing nothing different and cannot replicate the error that I replicated 100% many times in the past two days. System has not changed. The two drives that would FDISK fine, but would not low level format are still acting in the same manner. Of interesting note however, they are both the same Firmware revision (020K) which is different than the drive that works (020W). Think that might have something to do with it? Can you upgrade the firmware on a SCSI HDD? I can't find any info on it at
  3. Lurker

    Atlas 10KIII noise difference

    Forgot to mention one sort of related thing. I know different size drives in the same family will sound different sometimes (my 18GB 36LZX drives were much louder in higher pitch than the 36GB 36LZX drives.) Doesn't apply to you since you said both were 18GB though.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I should have done that...I guess I was just too lazy to look up the jumper placements. I'll go do it now. I don't remember seeing that option, I'll look for it. Thanks for the links, but it looks like wipe.exe is just a simple data overwriter. It says it writes zeroes to every sector on the disk, but only up to 8GB. I did try a different cable. Same exact problems. I've never had a drive that wouldn't low level format though...why wouldn't a drive do that? It seems indicative of a problem to me, but I'm just guessing.I'm using the terminator block on the end of the LVD cables.
  5. Lurker

    Atlas 10KIII noise difference

    Haven't even gotten to the point where I can comment on reliability. My drive "issues" :
  6. I just bought three Atlas 10K III 36GB drives. Two from one source and one from another. I cannot get any of them to work completely as I expected. I doubt all three drives would have problems so I'm probably doing something wrong. If anyone can advise, I'd be grateful. Motherboard - Asus P2B-S (onboard Adaptec U2W, UW, W) RAM - 3x128MB CPU - Celeron 566@850 (100MHz FSB) This system has run flawlessly with around 10 SCSI drives over the years (Seagate Barracuda, Seagate Cheetah, IBM 36LZX, etc.) Currently it is running just a single 36GB IBM 36LZX. The first drive I attached at SCSI ID=6 and tried to low level format it with the SCSI Disk Utility (Ctrl-A during bootup). As mentioned in another post, I received this error: Unexpected SCSI Command Failure Target SCSI ID: 6 SCSI CDB Sent: 03 00 00 00 0E 00 SCSI Controller Status: 00h - No SCSI controller error Target Status: 02h - Check condition Sense Key: 05h - Illegal request +Sense Code: 26h +Sense Code Qualifier: 02h I went on to fully Verify it in the SCSI Disk Utility! It also handled an FDISK partitioning, Win98SE Format, and Win98SE Thorough ScanDisk without any problems. Still, the low level format error made me think I had a bad drive. When I got the next Atlas 10K III in, I put it in the same setup at ID=6 and happily found it would low level format without error. I then unhappily found it would not verify in FDISK, kept halting with a runtime divide by zero error. So I put the third Atlas 10K III in the comp and unhappily found it would not low level format, giving me the same error listed above that the first drive did. This one, like the first one, would fully Verify in the SCSI Disk Utility (Ctrl-A) as well as work in FDISK. However, it has an NFTS partition, that I cannot remove in FDISK. All of these operations were performed with the drives mounted in the built-in vertical drive bracket on an Addtronics case. I then tried troubleshooting by using them horizontally, using a different LVD cable, and finally trying them as the only drive on the chain and in the ID=0 position. Same results every time. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Lurker

    Atlas 10KIII noise difference

    I have two Atlas 10K III 36GB drives that are noticeably different in noise levels also. I'm also having issues with them so my experience may not be reliable.
  8. I'll give them a call at lunch, just wanted to update with some more weird info on the drive. The GTLA is KW36J011. I had sent an email to Maxtor a few days ago when I first got the drive because I thought it didn't make sense. The "J" in there is the code for SCA 80pin, but the drive is most definitely a 68pin version. Maxtor just responded saying the GTLA is for an Atlas III SCA drive. ??? The label on the drive says 10K III, not III, and the connector is 68pin. I'll post again after talking to Maxtor about this confusion.
  9. Yes, ship back to manufacturer. Sometimes buy retail online, usually buy from sale forums like here at
  10. When I try to low level format my new Atlas 10K III, I get this error instantly: Unexpected SCSI Command Failure Target SCSI ID: 6 SCSI CDB Sent: 03 00 00 00 0E 00 SCSI Controller Status: 00h - No SCSI controller error Target Status: 02h - Check condition Sense Key: 05h - Illegal request +Sense Code: 26h +Sense Code Qualifier: 02h The drive is set as ID #6. Only one other drive on the LVD ribbon, an IBM 36LZX at 0. The chain is connected to the U2W connector on an Asus P2B-S (onboard Adaptec). The other SCSI devices at the moment are a Plextor CDRW (1), a Pioneer DVDROM (2), and a 2GB jaz (5)...all on the Wide chain. The Atlas is mounted on its side. I -can- verify the drive in the SCSI Utility section, but cannot low level format it. I -can- FDISK it in DOS. I -can- Format it in Win98SE. And I -can- store data to it. Why can't I low level format it though, this has me worried and I can't figure out what this error means. Thanks.
  11. My two RMAed Seagate drives (a Barracuda and a Cheetah) were both refurbs.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess I was getting worried over nothing. I thought my three 36GB Atlas 10K III drives made my system too taxing on the power, now I know it's nothing special. Ha ha!
  13. Forgot one question about Term Power for the last ID in the chain....what if all the device IDs are under 7? Is 7 considered the last ID in the chain then? Is 0 the start or 7? I thought the chain built out from 7 in each direction, but that would imply two ends to the chain which isn't right.
  14. I'm not talking about the SCSI ID jumpers of course, just things like Delay Spin, Stagger Spin, and Termination Power. Power Usage Consideration points: Should I stagger spin/no spin the Atlas drives somehow? I do that for just the two data drives and not the boot drive, right? If so, do I just set the SS or NS jumper and everything else is automatic? Which is better in my case, just DS or DS and SS? Should I bother with the Term Power jumper or is that just if you have gobs of drives on the chain? Do I have enough PSU?
  15. If you use the Ultimate Hard Drive Cooler, the hole is completely covered by the blue aluminum heat sink...tight, flush against the drive. Is this a design flaw?