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    Athalon XP on A7V?

    My Asus A7V is the first revision. I tried a Duron 1.3 on it and it wouldn't work. My BIOS was only 1007 though. Can you tell me the revision on your board? Thanks man. I really want to buy a new chip this weekend.
  2. dutd33

    Windowsupdate being strange

    Did you purchase the whole article?
  3. Hi, I was askes this question on an exam, and I was wondering if the smart people here could give it a try and answer them: 1. A computer on a network is not obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server. There is no problem with the networking from the backbone to the gateway of the subnet that it's currently on, and all other PC's on that subnet are getting IP's. Assume that the PC hardware is fine and that it is running Windows XP Professional. What could be some causes of this?
  4. dutd33

    Athalon XP on A7V?

    It really depends on your board revision. Check out this link: http://a7vtroubleshooting.com/info/cpu/index.htm
  5. dutd33

    Good deals?

    Someone on another bulletin board posted this and I am quite interested. What do you guys think? Fs: Dell P4 & P3 Cheapie Systems Dell Optiplex GX150 Pentium III 1000Mhz 256M SD-RAM PC133 20G 7,200R HD Intel Video Intel Sound Floppy 3Com 10/100 Nic Samsung 48x Cd-Rom Dell "no screw" Case Keyboard Optical Mouse $375 or Dell Optiplex GX240 Pentium 4 1.5Ghz 256 SDRAM PC133 20G 7,200R HD ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra GL Samsung 48x Cd-Rom Floppy Intel AC'97 Sound 3Com 10/100 Nic Dell "no screw" case Keyboard Optical Mouse $450
  6. Database as in this bulletin board?
  7. I was wondering, is there a HUGE performance gain with WD's 8MB cache version of it's 7200rpm drives versus it's 2MB cache drives? Thanks.
  8. I was wondering, if I had a dual-processor system, or perhaps even an n-processor system (where n => 2), wouldn't a process be completed faster (i.e. response time decreased) on that n-processor system when compared to the same process on a single-processor system? I mean, is it possible for the process to be split up and worked on by the n-processors? I am writing this because I had an argument with a proff. about this last week, thanks!
  9. dutd33

    IE Patch doesn't work.

    What's a "rollup's kb article"? I just tried installing MBSA. It detected that the updates that were installing but not being recognized as "errors" and then instructed me to install them. MS products like to make me go in circles, sigh. I think during my spring break, I'll just do a clean-format of my OS.
  10. dutd33

    IE Patch doesn't work.

    What's a "rollup's kb article"?
  11. dutd33

    Norton System Works 2003

    Nice, thanks for your opinion! I also heard that it consumes a lot of CPU power, so I don't think I will be installing it any time soon.
  12. In the product description of Norton System Works 2003, one of its key features is that it helps dial-up users keep that internet connection. Right now, my SO is using dial-up because she only uses it to check e-mail and to do research. I was wondering, does this feature of NSW2003 actually work and should I install it on her computer? Thanks. P.S. How does a software program actually help keep a dial-up connection alive?
  13. Hi, I often make personal audio cd mixes for my car, and I was wondering, which burning software do you guys use most and why? I am currently using Nero and sometimes EasyCD Creator 5. What's the best way to make the best sounding cds? Is it to uncompress them first into a wave file?
  14. dutd33

    Kazaa Lite?

    Do any of you guys use Kazaa Lite? I notice there's been a HUGE slowdown in server performance, what's going on? The bandwidth on most of my searches are REALLY slow, like around 40s, where I used to get 500's and 900's. OUCH!
  15. dutd33

    IE Patch doesn't work.

    Tried that already. The same problem occurs.