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  1. Hi there. I have a dell 4550 with 533FSB (I belive) and two WD 160GB 8MB drives. I'd like to know if I'd see a big improvement if I set it up with raid. I'm mostly using this pc to access the internet as well as do some project with Visual Studio.net and do some video conversion (avi to dvd, etc). If it'd be an improvement, then please answer the following: 1. How big of an improvement? (for the things I do) Has anyone done any metrics for seq read/write speeds? 2. What raid controler card would you recomend? 3. Is there a way to use a norton ghost (dos or win version) to ghost windows after it has been installed on raid? And if so, is the process any different from standard ghosting? Anything different when re-applying the ghost image? 4. Currently I have WinXP on one 160GB drive, which I intend to use for raid. Is there a way to create raid without (low) formating this drive and re-installing windows? I also have a ghost image of this OS. Is there a way to set windows up on raid from this ghost image (created of a single 160gb drive/partition). 5. Instructions or a link on how to setup raid (for dummies) would be greatly appriciated. Thanks a lot!
  2. LeeM

    WD120GB platter size?

    However, other threads I found indicate that LBA # 234441648 is a 60GB platter size. This drive was manufactured August 30, 2003. thanks
  3. P/N WD120JB-32EVA0 According to some older threads it's an 80GB platter size. Is that true? Why would they use 80GB platters on 120GB drives? thanks
  4. I corrected the original post
  5. Ok, I tried Win03 recovery, but still same results. When I select Win03 it just reboots. On the recovery console I typed in "bootcfg / rebuild", which is scans the drive, finds the partitions and then rebuilds the boot.ini list. Any other ideas? thanks.
  6. Yes, I can see both partitions just fine from XP. Good point about 03 recovery console. I'll definatly try it first. My XP is on extended partition, 03 is on primary, however it seems like 03 is on E:\ drive and xp is on C:. I guess it's this way because I installed xp first.
  7. xp cd. I didn't try win03 yet.
  8. hi there. I've posted the following topic (link below), but didn't get any replies yet. I guess most of the users read this forum at work http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?act=ST&f=2&t=12107 I would like to know if having two separate drives with an operation system on each of them is better then partitioning a single drive. Better in a scense of safer. I want to make sure I will always be able to boot from it. I'm assuming that if in this setup I physicly or via bios disconnect one of the drives I'll still be able to boot from another one. Am I correct? What's the best approach to set them up? Would it be better to disconnect the other drive during setup? As you can see I don't know much about this whole process, how boot sector works and what the first 8mb is for.... But would be interested to know, a good explanation or a link would be greatly appriciated.
  9. Hi there. I have used Partition Magic and installed WinXP on logical partition and Win03 on primary. ( I don't remember why I didn't create to primary partitions..) I did this about 4 month ago and it all worked just fine, both windows were booting from "C:\". However now, I'm not able to boot from Win2003 anymore. When I select it the system just reboots. I install Windows Recovery Console, which saved my ... in the past, but this time it doesn't. It displays two partitions, lets me select them, but doesn't fix it. What can I do to fix it? I remember there was some problem using Partition Magic on Win03, but I managed somehow to get it to work. I don't remember what the problem was. I ddin't install/uninstall anything, except for Norton Antivirus and installed Windows Recovery Console, just to see what it is. Most likely it's a coinsidense, but seems like after one of these installations it stopped working. Is there a way to fix it? thanks
  10. Hi there. My local store sells two kinds of these drive, with 4 & 6 heads. I don't know what the platter sizes are, but the seek time on 6 head is <9.1, while <9.4 on 4 head model. Also, according to the label the 6 head model has 1yr warranty, while it doesn't say anything on a 4 head one. I'm assuming these drives have the same number of platters, just different sizes. Althouth I'm questioning what platters they use in these drives and which one is better. Thanks
  11. I've partitioned my drive into two partitions and installed WinXP on one and Win.Net (candidate release) on another one. My Win.Net was booting from E:\, not C:\. After that I ghosted my WinXP partition, used partition magic to fix the letter problem for Win.Net and replaced Win.Net with Win03 (standard edition). Yestarday I had some problems with WinXP and decided to apply my WinXP ghost image. Now, for some reason my WinXP is much slower then it used to be. Same programs would sometimes take longer to launch and others would sometimes just hang. All the programs I'm using now are the same programs I had installed before. Some of them were ghosted, others I had to re-isntall. Any ideas? Could there be a problem because I messed with the other partittion and probably (I guess) with MBR? Or could it be just simply because Norton Ghost doesn't copy all the files. I have noticed in the past (version before 7.5) that the restored image would take less space then the original which was ghosted (swap file was either dissabled or moved to a different drive)
  12. LeeM

    WD vs Hitachi vs Maxtor

    My 120JB was manufactured in April03, but it's using 40gb platter. (according to an earlier thread here, which helped undentify the number of platters based on a SN or something). My DM+9 is also 40gb platter so as my 180GXP (again, according to a thred here). Is the platter size really that sugnificant?
  13. My mistake. DM+8 uses an 80-gigabyte platter utilizing just one side.
  14. My mistake. DM+8 uses an 80-gigabyte platter utilizing just one side.
  15. It seems like most people prefer WD JB drives over maxtor & IBM. I owe a WD120JB, Maxtor DimondMax Plus 9 & 180GXP. I haven't unpacked wd yet, but according to the "performance database" head to head comparassion IBM is the winner, followed by Maxtor. Am I missing something?? I haven't done any benchmarks myself to compare the drives, but if this source is reliable why should I? Agan, am I missing something here?