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    WD Blue SSHD 4TB Review

    Does this have write caching on the nand? thx
  2. What is the model number for the 3TB? thanks
  3. Any updates on where its being sold. Thx
  4. Where to find SFF-8784 adapter to SATA for the WD WD5000M13K sshd? thanks
  5. has anyone seen this in stock in brick and motar store in toronto? thx
  6. When will the 4TB be released? http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=15_1086_210_212&item_id=064981
  7. What is the model numbers for the "Seagate Desktop SSHD", can't find them, could only find laptop ones.. thanks
  8. Is there a HDD that has voltage monitor? (kind of like the motherboard voltage monitors?) SMART only monitors the PLATTERS, but not the logic circuits.
  9. What program can support testing if the BIOS supports LBA48? There's only the intel one (Win9x only) and the hdinfo 1.0 freeware, but its useless since it need full version to show it thanks
  10. So is there any 'reliability' reviews at this site that also mentions how the circuit board is protected? For example, I can find reviews of 'good' ATX power supplies, ie: they would have pictures of the capacitors, and their amount, etc, to prevent surge, filtering etc.
  11. Any Internal HDD that does not have the PCB exposed? Is there such a thing?
  12. Nowadays notebook hd in laptop, ssd hd, sound cards, video card, motherboards, car engines, all have covers. I don't know why 3.5 inch drive does not. I had 2 hard drive that died because of mishandling. One caught on fire, the other one I think the smooth chip got shorted and then the head keep clicking. They were all prefect in the SMART status.. As to Seagate Barracude IV 80GB, you mean like this? (I briefly searched google but could not find anything much) Its hard to find pictures of the pcb side of the HD. I guess it has to be 'server/industrial' grade for the pcb to be protected..
  13. Sometimes the SMOOTH chip burns out due to surge..
  14. Hi what is the best notebook hard drive in terms of waranty?
  15. I have a few 2gb hd I want to use one that is the fastest, without installing an OS or using linux only (I don't run windows) how to test the hd speed? also, for erasing drive (to sell it) under linux, is dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs= etc, enough? or do I need commerical app? Thanks