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  1. kid98

    Western Digital Caviar WD800JB

    Nice article, now its time to scrape up some cash and buy one of these drives. Kid
  2. kid98

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    Gotta be patient man, these guys have lives beyond this website. Most of the conclusions can be drawn from the data that is already available in the Database section. Kid
  3. kid98

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    But on the front page of StorageReview it says something about only having 27 gigs per platter. Is it not as simple as 120gig model = 6 heads, 3 platters, 40 gig per platter vs 80 gig = 4 heads, 2 platters, 40 gig per platter?? (those numbers came from the western digital homepage) This drive is the right size for my needs and if the performance is as good as the 1200JB, I am gonna order right away!!! I have been checking back every few hours to see if the review of the 800jb has been posted. BTW Keep up the fine work here, this place is awesome!!! Kid