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  1. rockker

    WD20EARS with slow sectors

    Hmmm - interesting, there is a bit of slop in cable connectors to mboard ports, so I ordered some new cables with the latches. Thanks.
  2. rockker

    WD20EARS with slow sectors

    WD Diags both short test and long test report there are no issues.
  3. rockker

    WD20EARS with slow sectors

    And just looked at the HD Tune Health tab. Warning for Ultra DMA CRC Error Count. Bad?
  4. New drive, with some slow sectors, return to get a new one or live with it? I'm writing zeroes to it now in hopes maybe some of these sectors fail and get relocated(?) Also, I ran the test twice and get the same sectors showing as slow, if that makes a difference.
  5. rockker

    Overheating CPU

    I use the following HS and fan: SVCompucycle You can order Artic Silver 3 compound and the YS tech 48cfm/39dBA fan as options, get them they are worth it. Arctic silver 3 can reduce temp 2-3C as compared to normal white paste, use it sparingly - more is not better like this. The beauty of this HS is the 80mm fan, move alot of air at low noise - surprisingly the heatsink is aluminum (not copper) which makes it lighter. The best thing is it is very inexpensive (base price $7). I get 39C (idle), 42C (loaded) on my AMD 1800+, Win98SE without any of the CPU "slowing" software. You can also go into the bios and undervolt the CPU - most AMD's can benefit (temperature wise) from undervolting. I am undervolting mine .10 volt. I run it at 1.65 instead at 1.75, which is the default. Saves a couple of degrees. ----------Warning Opinion follows---------------------------- I chose this method because the temp difference between idle and load is only a few degrees. With the CPU "slowers" there is a much greater difference in temps from idle to load and I feel the disparity between the high and low temps could cause heat cycling issues with the chip itself. ----------End opinion----------------------------- I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I am just a satisfied customer.