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    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    That's it! AAM was on by default and as SR did in their reviews, I've used the Hitachi drive tool to disable it. Now it works perfectly Thanks for the discussion/suggestion!
  2. star_wars

    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    Sorry, what's AAM? Nope, not a bad cable. Tried a lot of possibilities with relation to hardware and I can't seem to find the reason. Sisoft Sandra?! That's crap I'm using HD-Tach, at least that's all I can get hold that is similar to that used in the reviews. Yes, my other drives have reasonable access times and tranfers as well. Sorry to post here, but I wish to query how did the reviewers obtain such good or normal access times when I've tried two drives from the retail and both give me crap results. This is a very low-level test I'm doing and if it can't give me the results I need, something is wrong. I agree that I might not feel the difference, but it helps to assure that I'm running optimally so that it does deliver the speed when I most need.
  3. star_wars

    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    Hi, I got hold of the drive recently, mainly for video editting needs. But before putting it to use, I decided to 'test' a little but to my horror, the access time is 21ms!!! This is going to affect all my transfers for sure. How did your drive manage 14ms+ ?? Used HD-Tach versions 2.5/2.6 and even tried a 2.7 from a friend. Using 2GHz P4 on a Granitebay motherboard with a SATA controller card - forgot what brand, but it is defintely not a controller issue since it didn't work with an 875 mobo using on board SATA (still 20+ms). so I've swapped controllers, platforms, OS, drivers and I still can't get my seek time similar to your review or anywhere remotely to it. Oh yes, I've even RMA'ed the drive for another one. It's a completely differen serial no. and manufacturing date too, but I still can't solve my seek problem. What's the issue here?