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    Power Failures

    Arghh! I drove to the offcie, but nobody was present due to Government closure rules. I can't log into the server either. Actually, I am not a drinker. I do not recall ever consuming vodka, but someone was offring me a bottle from Russia.
  2. LOST6200

    opinion on 8MB cache drives

    Disk cache amount and firmware may affect intradisk data transfer to a greater extent than interdisk data transfer. The increase in cache from 2 to 8 MB reduces seeking back and forth between read and write areas.
  3. LOST6200

    400 GB Hard Drives

    When will we see the next generation of hard drives? This summer has been very boring and platter density has not increased much this year. Will we see 400 GB drives this year, or will it be another 9-12 months? I am so tired of juggling a dozen "small" drives. TIA
  4. LOST6200

    What's in your CD player right now?

    It's not exactly music, but does Drive Image count? Honold: You are are still rather young. 40s going on 50 is another story. The last time I purchased an album it was on vinyl. Bettis
  5. LOST6200

    256 GB lImit

    Well, he was trying to proview, after changing the 1 in Arrgh to !. Sometimes the board has a mind of its own. Don't know how the four versions of partition were created either; it must be random typog errors due to the affected mental functions. Anyway, tanks for the responses that indicate PM is the problem. The question is still whether I can format the entire drive by some other means. Is it possible to do this in a DOS window, assuming run from another drive? And yes, I had to use the NTFS, but performance is very slow compared to FAT32. Nothing has been so slow since the old DM 60.
  6. LOST6200

    I see trouble on the way

    Because so many other members have also suggested what appears to be similar nonsense. Trinton comes to mind.
  7. LOST6200

    MP3 Audio Players

    Are there any smal MP payers that use CF cards? I don't want any of those iPAD or others with th hardo driev. Basically anything that would work with 1 GB or 2 GB Tye 1 CF cards and standard AA or AAA cells would be nice. Bettis
  8. LOST6200

    MP3 Audio Players

    Yes, that is a good possibility. Unfortunately it is not available in the US.
  9. LOST6200


    What happenned to hte board? All I sse is InVIsion and no header, not FAQ or seach etc. icons. Is this a new Wave?
  10. LOST6200

    Looking for oddball rack/tray

    Install the same type of removable rack system in an external Firewire case. You may need to remove the front piece, but it will work.
  11. LOST6200

    HD Tach Fails on a Mixed System

    No! That is not the correct way to obtain the WB 99 transfer rate graph. Under edit, test settings, disk inspection, select the transfer rate test and save bitmap file. Convert this file to PNG (never JPG) and post.
  12. Wrong. WinBench 99 is used only because it is an old industry standard.
  13. LOST6200

    Number of Insertions

    I am concerned that excessively frequent insertions will damage my unit. How many times can I repeatedly insert the drive connector? TIA
  14. LOST6200

    Booting from USB Flash Drive

    Unfortunately if the computer will only boot from a USB floppy and not a USB ZIP or HD, there are few choices. I have not been able to find a source for one of the only floppy bootable devices known to work. Are there others?
  15. LOST6200

    Number of Insertions

    Well of course the pins on the power connector should be looser, to prevent damage to the drive-side connector, which is the important part. In my system each drive will be repeatedly installed/removed from an inexpensive drive carrier - one that could easily be replaced.
  16. LOST6200

    Recommend me a new Hard Drive

    1. Check the Database and read the reviews. 2. Technically, only the Matxor drive is ATA-133, but that is unimportant here. 3. If two drives on the same channel are not being accessed concurrently, there will be no performance hit. onsider which combination of devices will most often be used together. Many users would prefer one HD and one optical drive per channel. Bettis
  17. LOST6200

    Number of Insertions

    Shouldn't this kind of bragging be in the Bar & Grille? Oh, you guys are too much! My "unit", as you would say, has not been used in over 15 years, so there is little chance of damage.
  18. LOST6200

    Number of Insertions

    I should have stated that the concern was over the IDE connector. I did not think to be concerned about the power connectro, but that would inserted/removed an equal number of times. I do have removable drive trays, but they are bulky and add weight. I prefer to remove the drives from the trays when tramporting them tofrom/ work.
  19. LOST6200

    Computer Case

    I have the 1080SEX (don't know what the differences are between AMG and SEX), a goo case for my purposes. The stock 430W Truepower was fine for eight hard drives, but there were occasional startup problems with nine drives. You might want to get a 550W supply up front if many hard drives are in your future.
  20. LOST6200

    Secure Digital MMC Memory Card Error

    Uh, would logic not dictate there is something wrong with the camera itself? Have you tried to reformat the card in the SD reader? If that works then it is RMA time for the camera.
  21. LOST6200

    ATA-133 Adapter BIOS

    Are there any ATA-133 PCI cards without a BIOS or that have a BIOS which can be disabled? I need to prevent a PCI ATA-133 card from trying to boot, as only storage drives are attached. Please don't suggest switching the adapter order; that is not a viable solution. TIA
  22. LOST6200

    ATA-133 Adapter BIOS

    Well, my mainboard (KT333) only has options for booting from southbridge IDE, internal RAID, and SCSI. There is no way to select between multiple bootable PCI cards (true SCSI and IDE). Although it is possible for the computer to boot by rearranging the cards, the drive order at the hardware level is then different from Windows so the DOS applications, run from VFD, are confused. It would be nice to upgrade my system with a new mainboard, CPU(s) and RAM. However, the PC3200 is not available yet, so I must wait for a few months at least.
  23. LOST6200

    Where's all the Raptors?

    Sure, I understand your point. Unfortunately I have purchased 10 drives in the last year (15 over 2 years) for a single computer alone, so it is not feasible for me to participate in the reliability database. I just cannot remember when I purchased and resold which drives. For example, there are five of the exact same drives in my system, so it is difficult enough to remember which drive contains which data. Although I replace drives annually to increase capacity and/or performance, this also increases reliability to some degree. The only drives older than a year are DM D540X drives (favored for being cool and quiet) and the Barracuda ATA IV (favored for being nearly silent).
  24. LOST6200

    Where's all the Raptors?

    How many entries do you expect? There are several possible reasons for low response rates, such as: The WD360 drive has only been available for a few months. Some people prefer the high-performance, proven 15K SCSI technology. Some people believe the database to be inaccurate and do not enter data. In any case, it will be months or years before meaningful reliability information is available, unless the WD360 turns out to be a total disaster. In that case, one would expect many discussions on the topic.