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    Which 19" Monitor?

    Thanks. I would love to buy a 21" monitor, but they are too large for me to handle. Even the 19" size will be a struggle due to the bulk and >50 lbs. weight.
  2. LOST6200

    Reality is insane

    This should treat many of your problems.
  3. LOST6200

    Morpheus - Supid Question...

    Who is Amy and how is she involved?
  4. LOST6200

    Compact Flash Speed

    What is the base speed rating for CF cards? Is it the same as for a CD-ROM, which is based on 150KB/sec.? TIA
  5. LOST6200

    Reliability Database

    Where is the data base? Was it lost during the "MBR" of last month that was the undoing of this web site?
  6. LOST6200


    Trinton Azaleth wrote: Can you grasp the fact that humans are not rational or logical? They like to watch others doing it. Get over yourself.
  7. LOST6200

    Defective Hard Drive Repair/Replacement

    Which drive is it? I submitted a 20GB 30GN.
  8. LOST6200


    If you have no pornography, then why be so paranoid? Something is fishy here. Is this guy just in denial or does he have a real problem?
  9. LOST6200

    WD1200JB = Fast

    How is the noise level? Does the WD1200JSE sound 4db louder than the IBM drive during idle?
  10. LOST6200


    Perhaps everyone does not have as much as you think. Some of us are still using modems, have no MPEG capability, and are not willing to give the credit cards to unknown sleazos.
  11. LOST6200

    120GXP Noise?

    Have any of you purchased one of these drives? I am especially interested in the noise level of the 120GB drive compared to other recent drives. TIA
  12. LOST6200

    Audigy Firewire Question

    FWIW, my Firewire scanner connected to the Audigy works well.
  13. LOST6200


    522! Exactly how complicated can the reason be that you have so many?
  14. LOST6200

    120GXP Noise?

    Is nobody using this drive yet?
  15. LOST6200

    Has anyone else received this SPAM?

    Yes, I received the same message.
  16. LOST6200

    IBM 40GN

    Does anyone know when these drives will be available?
  17. LOST6200

    IBM 40GN

    That link is for the Travelstar 48GH, a 48GB, 12.5 mm 5400 RPM drive. I am seeking the Travelstar 40GN, a 9.5 mm 4200 RPM drive.